Launch Pad

A science park creates synthetic life to repopulate the oceans, but to ruinous effect. A local retelling brings the tragic story of Sweeney Todd to colonial Singapore. And a far-future heiress falls in love with an alien life form and must make an existential decision."In this gem of a short story collection, Shelly Bryant explores the trajectory of Singapore as a launch pad—a bridge between worlds, a crossroads—taking the reader on a journey of discovery from the earliest days of Singapura to the far future. It is a journey into our past, present and future, one that seems at once astonishing and yet totally real, totally plausible." –Tina Kanagaratnam, from the introduction
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A Book of Lives

No wonder Edwin Morgan was Scotland's best-loved poet. His poems teem with lives and loves and are marked by an unusual love of the present and the future. He finds forms for themes and ideas just out of reach. In this collection poems both profound and witty are to be found: occasional verse that transcends its occasion, explorations of the human condition conducted with a virtuosic lightness of touch. A Book of Lives draws together the themes that inform his poetic world. The largest vistas of human history, from twenty billion years BC to 9/11 and the 'war on terror'; Scotland from Bannockburn to the opening of the Scottish parliament; portraits -- of Rimbaud, the emperor Hirohito, Raeburn's skating Reverend Walker... Poems for birthdays and elegies celebrate friends; a dramatic dialogue about cancer sets personal experience in a wry evolutionary context. At the heart of the collection, a major sequence, 'Love and a Life', affirms the inextinguishable energies of love and art.
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When lowly order processor Adrienne Carrera discovers the powerful new VP has a crush on her boss, her own heart sinks... particularly when chance throws them together to prepare for the annual department holiday party. Still, the nights are long in winter, and anything can happen when two Cinderellas go to a ball! A F/F meet-cute office romance.
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Mindtouch (The Dreamhealers 1)

Seersana University is worlds-renowned for its xenopsychology program, producing the Alliance's finest therapists, psychiatric nurses and alien researchers. When Jahir, one of the rare and reclusive Eldritch espers, arrives on campus, he's unprepared for the challenges of a vast and multicultural society... but fortunately, second-year student Vasiht'h is willing to take him under his wing. Will the two win past their troubles and doubts and see the potential for a once-in-a-lifetime partnership?Book 1 of the Dreamhealers Duology.
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In Extremis

An Eldritch Ambassador began the regeneration of a dragon, a regeneration that nearly ended in the harem of a Chatcaavan worldlord. Rescued before he could die, the Emperor now faces the nearly impossible challenge of assailing an empire intent on conquest while reconciling the life he lived before with the person he's becoming. He can't do it alone.Sediryl's impending capture by pirates inspired her to a daring gamble, one that landed her in the confidences of their megalomaniacal leader. That this has placed her perfectly to pass intelligence to her allies is a stroke of luck, one that ties her to the very heart of the Empire and the fragile link that holds them all together.That link is dying.Neither the Chatcaavan Empire nor the Alliance will recover from the titanic clash toward which they are accelerating... and the only thing standing between them is a frail network of rebels and spies, of allied Eldritch and Pelted and...
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A Rose Point Holiday

With the Eldritch civil war over, a castle to renovate, and a wedding to prepare for, the last thing Reese is thinking about is taking a break. But the new year is coming and the Eldritch take their holidays very seriously, so Reese decides it can’t hurt to observe the local proprieties. Who knows? Maybe it’ll make good practice for what Felith is calling the wedding of the century. Of course, that was before Reese realized it was going to involve gifts. And decorating. And a town full of recalcitrant Eldritch tenants who have no reason to trust her...A Rose Point Holiday is a short, pastoral novel set during the last days before Reese becomes Theresa Laisrathera Eddings, lady of Rose Point Castle and the surrounding lands of Firilith. The Eldritch have never seen a holiday quite like this one!
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A Bloom in the North

The Stone Moon empire is ascendant... and so brutal it is forcing its own people into dissent. But when imperial enforcer Pathen Ures-emodo turns fugitive, he finds himself inheriting a decimated rebellion with a missing leader. There’s no winning a war against the Stone Moon with the two hundred Jokka he has left. His only choice? To hide his people in plain sight as dutiful members of the empire… and maybe, just maybe, transform that empire from within. He has a narrow window of opportunity: the emperor of the Stone Moon is on a ship with his most steadfast enemy, sailing north in search of an answer for the mind-death. Can Pathen and his House of dissidents survive until they return? What mysteries will Roika and Thenet uncover in the north? And will the Stone Moon still reign supreme over Ke Bakil when it’s over?The final book of the Stone Moon trilogy concludes the story of Thenet, whose love for a woman started a rebellion that would change the...
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A cozy new adult science fiction adventure!Jahir and Vasiht’h have spent five years together in practice on Starbase Veta, and their life is everything they’d hoped: their practice is fantastic, their social standing great, and their domestic life a blissful routine. So when Vasiht’h discovers his partner has “accidentally” accrued enough continuing education credits to become a licensed healer-assist after deciding against that path in college, he can’t help but wonder… are they on the wrong path?Since Jahir himself isn’t talking, Vasiht’h decides someone needs to make some decisions. If those decisions lead them to the Alliance’s foremost resort planet, where the licensing exams are being held, well… surely they could use a beach vacation. Jahir sits his test, Vasiht’h has some purple drinks with umbrellas on the beach, and they both go home with a renewed sense of purpose.What...
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A Trifold Spiral Knot

Once upon a time the Jokka worshiped the three gods in their image: male, female, neuter. Years later, the worship of the trifold virtues—that all sexes have value and dignity—became the second-most dominant belief. But all religions begin with an idea... and a prophet to speak them....
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