Town Secrets - The Book of Adam 1

Mythical, historical and scientific secrets are hidden in a small prairie town, and thirteen-year-old Adam may be the only one able to protect the biggest secret of all.A centuries-old organization within the tiny town of Grayson protects many secrets - from unknown scientific discoveries to the truth about the mythical island of Atlantis, along with information that ties it to historical events from around the world.Thirteen-year-old Adam McTaggart and his wise-cracking friends have always assumed that Grayson is just another boring small town on the prairie, but the destruction of a nearby town and disappearance of all of its residents forces them to believe they might also be in danger.After listening to theories from one of the many unique townspeople, Adam and his friends begin a quest to uncover Grayson’s mysterious past. During their investigation they unlock a strange network of underground tunnels and find objects that seem straight out of science fiction magazines. When they discover the existence of the secret organization controlling everything in Grayson, the group soon understands that their boring small town is much more exciting than they had always believed it to be.But someone is coming, looking for an ancient power protected by the secret organization, and they are destroying towns as they draw near.Can Adam and his friends learn everything they need to know in time to protect their town, its people, and the biggest secret of all?If you enjoy a fast paced adventure full of humor and mystery with a bit of fantasy and science fiction, download a copy now!What Readers are Saying:"...I'm an avid reader and often get bored with the the same old stories over and over. This book was refreshing in its original plot. Was enjoyable to read." - Josh Hochman"...Excellent story / read from start to finish. good pace and characters. Best part is that there is closure at the end - even though this is a series." - Thomas DiMarino"...such a great story, not just for kids, but everyone. The characters are well developed and you get invested in their lives pretty quickly. Amazingly detailed and unique story! Definitely recommend this book, and I will go on to read the second one!" - Katherine
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Dan is a man for whom life has lost all meaning. Now nothing more than an unwanted burden, it is empty, shorn of love and full of sour thoughts. But a chance meeting with a stranger offers him hope to find a new purpose for his life; a purpose that will take him on a unique odyssey. With the help of others, Dan embarks on a journey that takes him into the very heart of Africa to a place that is only rarely visited and largely unspoiled. His journey is guaranteed to test his resolve and endurance, exposing him to a whole series of challenges he has never had to face before. Can Dan overcome the darkness and find his longed-for release?
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All Dark

Westly and Raider are coming to grips with the new world and the tremendous changes since the solar storm caused the nationwide power failures. The problems in the Flagg household seem to focus on a coming confrontation between good people, and those at the Crater of Diamonds. Wes, in the process of warning others of the danger, he realized sometimes in a world gone mad, doing the right thing for the right reasons is not good enough. Sometimes, he has to do the wrong things for the right reasons to fix what’s gone wrong. As Wes and his girlfriend, Jessica finally have their first date, Wes learns that not all of his friends are friendly. There are hidden agendas and ruthless power plays that make it difficult to tell friend from foe. Finding himself in a bind he can’t get out of, Wes needs to ensure he has the will to still survive with the consequences of his decisions, or risk losing his humanity.
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The Apocalypse Connection

A mole in a hole, or a man on a mission?Former F-16 pilot Brock Blount is dead certain he's trapped in an artificial reality, but how can he escape when even his beautiful sidekicks refuse to believe him?Winter is coming. If Brock and his three girls want to survive, they have to fight their way into their billionaire employer's hardened bunker.But they're not the only party of survivors scheming for a way inside.This 21,000-word  post-apocalyptic novella is the third and final episode of the Simulated Realities trilogy. To read in order:The Apocalypse Deception (Book #1)The Apocalypse Defection (Book #2)The Apocalypse Connection (Book #3)
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Grid Down the New Reality

  After the EMP - Building a FutureForced to leave Wisconsin or risk a civil war between his loyal subordinates and those of Major Charles Windham the third, the saga continues as our heroes and their families desperately struggle to survive the journey. Now, in a post-apocalyptic world, they must rely on their knowledge, training and instincts to escape destruction, disease and death.Battling their way up the Missouri, our stalwart group reaches the small town of Independence where they join in the town’s ten-year long struggle for security and prosperity. How far into history do communities have to retreat before they can move forward again?Praise for the Grid Down series“…highly recommend this book to anyone who is at all interested in 'SHTF' scenarios…”“The first book of this series, Grid Down Reality Bites, was on Amazons Best Seller Survival Fiction list for 8 months. Readers from around the...
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Grid Down Reality Bites

Three small groups of people trying to stay sane and survive in a world controlled by chaos. The remarkable feat of simply staying alive and free will grab your attention as they struggle desperately to survive in this unknown future. This is the Survival Epic you have been waiting for. The realness and startling reality that many may face in an End Of The World scenario. This book has them in spades. In a world gone mad, how would you survive? This is a Survival Blueprint with an exciting story line that you can't put down. From one adventure to the next where all seems lost, the strong will survive. October 7th, 2015 was the day the whole world changed forever. A must have for anyone who wants to learn how to survive an uncertain future. Just one tip from the book could save your life. Recognizing and avoiding dangers could mean the difference between surviving or not making it. What equipment should you...
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