In the Suicide Mountains

Reprint of the 1st ed. published by Knopf, New York.
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The first and most terrifying monster in English literature, from the great early epic Beowulf, tells his own side of the story in a book William Gass called "one of the finest of our contemporary fictions." From the Trade Paperback edition.
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The Return of Moriarty

It is the turn of the century and, far from perishing during the struggle with Sherlock Holmes at the Reichenbach Falls, Professor James Moriarty is alive and well and about to realize his plans to establish crime syndicates in the major cities of the United States. But suddenly he is called back to London, where his vast criminal society has been overrun by a rival concern led by the shadowy Sir Jordan Jack Idell - or Idle Jack - a supposed gentleman hoodlum acting on behalf of criminal elements in France, Italy, Spain, and Germany. As Moriarty fights back - against both the unruly crime families and the forces of law and order - readers are thrown in among the lurkers, punishers, dippers, cracksmen, and other specialized criminals of the period, as well as the professor's elite guard. Moriarty lives again and revolts against those who attempt to oust him from his rightful place as king of all criminal endeavors.
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No Human Enemy

England, June 1944. Exactly one week after the D-Day landings came the vengeance weapons. It was the beginning of a period which, to the war-weary inhabitants of southern England, was psychologically much worse than the days of the Blitz. With Allied forces gaining a foothold after the Normandy landings, Hitler unleashes his most vicious weapon of war yet---the V-1 flying bomb. One of these new weapons lands on a Camberwell convent, killing three nuns. Suzie Mountford and her boss and secret lover Tommy Livermore are sent to investigate. When it’s discovered that one of the dead nuns is not what she seems, they find themselves in the middle of a complex, sinister plot. John Gardner spins a story spanning feuding families, the terror of Hitler’s new warfare, and a final Nazi plot to end the war in their favor.
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Death Is Forever

The end of the Cold War spawns a fierce new villain, in John Gardner's eleventh addition to the classic, best-selling James Bond series. Now that the two Germanys have united, a joint British-American intelligence network in the old Eastern Bloc has disintegrated, to the dismay of SIS and the CIA. But their efforts to make renewed contact with the network, codenamed CABAL, fail when the two original case officers are killed under very suspicious circumstances before contacting their undercover agents. Enter James Bond and his American counterpart, Easy St. John. Following leads left by the dead case officers, Bond and the aggressive Easy track down one of the agents, who dies on his way to a rendezvous with 007. Certain now that the entire network is marked for death, Bond and Easy race across Europe, hoping to save the others from the unknown killer, only to find that they too have become the targets of CABAL's old enemy: Wolfgang Weisen, the shadowy onetime director of East Germany's Security Service. On the run since the destruction of the Berlin Wall, Weisen still maintains a following of loyal, highly trained security officers with access to a wide range of sophisticated weaponry. By setting a trap for Bond, Weisen plans to "neutralize" the secret agent before undertaking his true mission; the destabilization of Western Europe through a single, savage act. Packed with harrowing chases, magnificent settings, and a dynamite finale, Death Is Forever is a rousing read by a master storyteller.
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Official, original James Bond from a writer described by Len Deighton as a 'master storyteller'. James Bond is on a mission that will become an obsession. It starts the night Flight 229 is torn apart at Washington airport, killing 435 passengers. But the victim who matters to Bond is the Principessa Sukie Tempesta: once his lover, still his friend. The search for Sukie's killers will turn out to be the most complex and demanding assignment of Bond's career. Across continents and through ever-changing labyrinths of evil, he follows the traces of clues into the centre of a fanatical society more deadly than any terrorist army. Its code name is COLD.
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A young girl's body is fished out of the Thames. Very sad but not so extraordinary. That is, not until Special Branch discover two unusual items. The only telephone number in the late Emma Dupre's diary was Bond's; also a new kind of credit card. Apparently legitimate, but unknown. Emma, well-connected, ex-junkie, had also been involved with a new religious sect - The Society of the Meek Ones led by the charismatic Father Valentine. The Society upholds traditional moral values and is harmless. Or is it? Why does Father Valentine have links with Vladimir Scorpius, the vanished international arms dealer? James Bond is called in to unravel the threads with the help of the beautiful Harriett Horner, in a labyrinthine tale which brings him face to face with the most sadistic and evil opponent of his career.
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Revenge of Moriarty

With riches accumulated from an American crime spree, Professor Moriarty proceeds to annihilate his enemies. He murders the leaders of Europe's underworld one by one and prepares his most hideous revenge for his arch-enemy. Will he destroy Sherlock Holmes by cutting off his cocaine supply?
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The King of the Hummingbirds and Other Tales

Four fairy tales featuring a stupid coppersmith's son, a witch unhappy in her profession, a gnome with power to change things, and a fat, bespectacled Jewish boy who hopes to marry a princess.
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Troubled Midnight

In 1943, The United Kingdom is alive with men and women making ready for the greatest invasion in history: preparing to assault Hitler's Fortress Europe. The skies are full of training aircraft, their engines merging with the throb of the RAF and USAAF bombers heading on round-the-clock missions against Germany. With fresh bloodshed on the horizon, the coming Christmas preparations seem even more poignant. But with just ten days to go, the seasonal mood is shattered in the quiet market town of Wantage in Berkshire by the discovery of two badly battered bodies. It seems that the victims were tortured before being beaten to death. Detective Chief Superintendent Tommy Livermore and DS Suzie Mountford, Tommy's right-hand woman and secret lover, are assigned to the case. The bodies are identified as Lieutenant Colonel Tim Weaving, an officer commanding a detachment from the Glider Pilot Regiment stationed at a nearby airfield; and Emily Burrage, wife of the town's hero, an officer with the Desert Rats who was awarded the Victoria Cross at Tobruk. As they begin to investigate the double murder, Tommy and Suzie are joined by Curry Shepherd, a representative of the Intelligence Services. It is possible that an enemy agent has interrogated Tim Weaving and as he was in possession of information concerning the plans for Overlord---the Allied plan for the invasion of occupied Europe---things become urgent. Suzie finds herself seconded to War Office Intelligence Liaison and so enters the secret world. This is a surprising, dark, and imaginative novel from one of Britain's best thriller writers.
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Gudgekin, the Thistle Girl, and Other Tales

A humble thistle girl, a wise old philosopher, a hapless woodchopper, and an unscrupulous king—these are the vivid protagonists of Gardner’s masterful book for children. Richly and humorously drawn, they face challenges at every turn. And in a realm where any one of these unconventional heroes might triumph, the reader will delight in expecting the unexpected!   Inventive and illustrative, entertaining and edifying, these four stories demonstrate the quirky challenges of distinguishing between good and evil and living happily ever after.
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No Deals, Mr. Bond

Between the Danish island of Bornholm and the Baltic coast of East Germany a nuclear submarine of the Royal Navy surfaces under the cloak of darkness. James Bond and two marines slip quietly from the forward hatch into their powered inflatable raft and set off for a lonely beach where they are to collect two young women. Planted to seduce communist agents to run for cover in the West, they have been rumbled by the other side. Bond little knows that this routine exercise is but the prelude to a nerve-racking game of bluff and double bluff, played with consummate skill by his own chief M against the East German HVA and the elite branch of the KGB, formed from Bond's old adversary SMERSH. The KGB is soon on the scene, but nothing is what it seems, and Bond finds he needs all his wits to negotiate the labyrinth of double-crosses that will lead him to a bewildering showdown in a remote corner of the Kowloon province of Hong Kong. There, with only the trusted belt of secret weapons specially devised by Q branch, he has to fight a terrifying duel in the dark, with all the cards in the hands of his opponents.
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Jason and Medeia

A mythological masterpiece about dedication and the disintegration of romantic affection In this magnificent epic poem, John Gardner renders his interpretation of the ancient story of Jason and Medeia. Confined in the palace of King Creon, and longing to return to his rightful kingdom Iolcus, Jason asks his wife, the sorceress Medeia, to use her powers of enchantment to destroy the tryrant King Pelias. Out of love she acquiesces, only to find that upon her return Jason has replaced her with King Creon’s beautiful daughter, Glauce. An ancient myth fraught with devotion and betrayal, deception and ambition, Jason and Medeia is one of the greatest classical legends, and Gardner’s masterful retelling is yet another achievement for this highly acclaimed author.  
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Mickelsson's Ghosts

An American novel —Gardner's final masterwork. — about a philosophy professor's messed up life.
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