Beary Guarded (Polar Bliss Book 2)

Curvy and scarred, polar bear shifter Riley Holland, the girl with the boy’s name, doesn’t want or need a man. Even if she did, her appearance, combined with her tragic past, have prepared her for a lonely future. When a gorgeous wolf shifter walks into Polar Bliss, her family’s coffee shop, Riley allows herself one second of hope…until her worst fear comes true. Wolf shifter, Nate McCallister, is the new, single sheriff in town, and he has no plans on changing his relationship status any time soon. His looks and job status have always kept him popular with women, but he gave up on dating a long time ago. The moment he sees the beautiful, curvy goddess behind the counter at the local coffee shop, everything changes. Riley would rather be alone than have a mate who finds her lacking, and when she meets Nate, she does the only thing that makes sense. She runs. Nate knows he messed up, but he’s not going to let Riley get away with running. Once he catches the sweet, guarded bear, she’ll understand exactly what it means to be mated to an alpha wolf. **
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Bunny Bear - Wild Bear 02

Gabriel Turner, bear shifter and owner of the Wild Bear bar, knows firsthand that fated mates don’t exist. If they did, he would be happily mated with a cub on the way, not drawn to the curvy, shifter-hating waitress he employs. Curvy girl, Michelle Larsen has been in love with her employer since the moment she stepped into his office looking for work a little over a year ago. Even though the bossy, workaholic made it clear he didn’t have feelings for her, she’d secretly hoped time would change his mind. After his cousin finds her mate, Gabe starts dating again hoping to find a woman who can make him forget about Michelle. When he does something crazy for a woman he just met, he’s forced to reevaluate his decisions. Michelle is crushed when she catches Gabe in a lie, but she’s devastated when she realizes he will never see her as anything more than his employee. In an effort to move on, she starts looking for another job, but Gabe won’t make leaving easy. When the truth is revealed, they both must decide whether to listen to their heads, or their hearts.
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Ethan (Blackbeary Creek 1)

Tegan Ryan is tired of being an outcast. Being the offspring of bear shifters, but lacking the ability to shift, keeps her detached from the shifter world; and living with bear shifters, and keeping their secrets, keeps her from fully connecting with humans. Her height, along with miles of plus-sized curves, doesn’t help the situation, and neither does the bone deep desire she has for her brother’s best friend.Ethan Brooks, a black bear shifter, and second-in-command for his small clan, has loved Tegan since the day she was born, but he never understood their connection until her eighteenth birthday. Unfortunately, Tegan’s feelings toward him didn’t change, and in an effort to save his sanity, he buried his longing and tried to ignore it.Realizing you’ll never truly fit in anywhere is devastating, but Tegan knows it’s the truth. When her alpha grants her permission to leave, she doesn’t waste time embracing her new life, but that doesn’t stop old threats from emerging. After years of unsuccessfully denying his bear, Ethan won’t let anything stop him from claiming his mate…but he’ll have to face one pissed-off alpha, a raving lunatic, and a skeptical curvy beauty that owns his heart, even if she doesn’t know it yet. He’s definitely got his work cut out for him. 
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