Triumph (Wolves 0f Gypsum Creek Book 2)

A girl with a hidden plan…A boy with a guarded heart…Their chemistry is undeniable. But are their secrets greater than their love?With his fiery red hair and rosy blush, Danny stands out from the tough, brooding shifters that prowl the mountain. He’s even been called sweet on occasion. But if his enemies are dumb enough to be fooled by a smile, so be it. Few who’ve made that mistake are still around to tell the tale.When a woman appears in a broken-down car, Danny finds himself transfixed. She’s beautiful, lost, defenseless…and her deep green eyes dance with secrets. Danny smells trouble—especially when she claims to be looking for his reclusive friend. It’s time for her to leave, if she knows what’s good for her.But danger is circling, and Kara is not about to be run out of town by some sheltered country boy. She’s on a mission and she needs his help. It’s just too bad her mounting lies could destroy Danny’s trust forever, and spell disaster for them all.Warning: Adults Only.
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What Will Be...

After over-hearing news from some fellow pack members, werewolf Roxy makes a life changing decision. What will the repercussions of her actions be? Will she accept her fate or will she try and create her own?Who would ever have imagined that being a bicycle courier could be so exciting, dangerous and demanding? Ziggy Two Step is oblivious to most of what is happening around him even though he is often the cause of it. Follow Ziggy Two Step, courier extraordinaire, as he delivers urgent packages throughout Riverton.(NOTE: There may be a problem with the Oct 31/2012 revision ... for a more readable version, pick the version before that one. Sorry for the inconvenience)Please check out my other FREE stories as well.
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Polar Bear's Heart

Shea is a waitress at the Wild Animal Diner. She's one of the few humans living in Wild that know about the existence of shifters. She has a lot of responsibilities and isn't looking for a man. Then Logan walks into the diner, takes one sniff of her and calls her his. Then after an explosive meeting he leaves town. Is he coming back? Does she want him to? She isn't so sure. Logan is a polar bear shifter that happened to be told about Wild a few months ago by a breeding female he pointed back toward her destiny. He decides to see what the town has to offer. What he finds is his mate, but then he has to leave town. He has responsibilities of his own and is kept away longer than he intends. Will Logan and Shea become a happily mated couple with surprises from them both and a danger stalking them as they try to work out the difficulties of their merged lives? Or will there be something that keeps them from each other? Or someone?
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Danny (Wild Tinder Series Book 4)

Danny Carpenter is smart and cocky. Although he’s seemingly earned the right to be. Second only to Jackson, Danny is just as competent and often takes Jackson’s place during the low season. When it comes to women, he often keeps his cards close, knowing just how the others would tease him ruthlessly if they knew he’d only ever been with one woman. As a beta, he’s quick-witted, smart and self-assured. But as a man, he’s holding out for his soul mate.Rebekah Cortez is smart, with a wicked sense of humor and she’s always laughing. She’s often brutally honest and doesn’t shrink away when others are honest in the same tone. She notices that Danny seems to favor honesty, when they meet at a club and almost immediately she’s drawn to him.Can Danny trust Rebekah with his secret? Will he open himself up to the possibilities, or close himself off for good when things don’t seem clear between them?
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Jackson (Wild Tinder Series Book 2)

Jackson Pike is a fourth generation hotshot. He was hauling hoses when most boys were mowing lawns and his ego is big enough to prove it. He’s the crew leader and he doesn’t miss a moment to let someone, namely rookies, know it.Sarah Peterson is a third generation journalist, following in the footsteps of her mother and grandfather. She doesn’t shy away from tough questions and when it comes to a story that interests her, she digs in with everything she’s got.When a wildfire flares up and threatens homes in the Crescent Valley, Sarah finds herself trapped by the fire and up against the hard wall of egocentric Jackson Pike. Can Sarah show Jackson that he doesn’t have to strut his stuff constantly? Can Jackson learn to let his guard down without feeling as if he’s losing a vital part of himself?
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Steven (Fairplay Shifters Series Book 4)

What happens when a woman stumbles out of a dark and stormy night to upset the fragile peace that has finally come to the Brook’s ranch? Will her sudden appearance mean more trouble for a family who’s seen enough, or will she bring something far more powerful with her?Charlie is desperate to find her brother and sister who’ve disappeared, but she only knows of one place to look, Fairplay Colorado. When she arrives one stormy night, she has no idea what she’s set in motion, or that her quest for answers will lead to her question who she herself is and everything she’s believed in for her entire life.Steven’s relieved to finally have the ranch to himself, to concentrate on his dreams of the future, but a knock on the door one stormy night threatens to disrupt those dreams, to turn his life upside down. As he learns to trust the one person he’d sworn never to trust, he discovers that life is full both wonderful surprises and challenges that seem unsurmountable.Can Charlie and Steven learn to trust each other and save their fragile love, or will a stranger destroy their hopes and dreams for the future?Warning: Adults Only.
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