Big Foot

It was the first camping trip for the Trail Blazers and little did they know they would be hiking directly into a battle between a dangerous bear and the mythical Bigfoot!It was the first camping trip for the newly formed, Trail Blazers club; little did they know that due to poor planning, they would be hiking on the first day of hunting season. The ill-equipped parents and their bullying children march into the den area of a female bear, bent on protecting her cubs at all costs. The mother bear attacks the Trail Blazers and when all seems lost, the mythical creature Bigfoot appears!Big Foot is a humorous theatrical play that deals with bullying and family issues.
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Half-light and Other Poems

Half-Light & Other Poems brings together the most important and enduring poems by this neglected writer, one of Russia's great 19th century poets. In a new translation by Peter France, the philosophical, social and literary struggles of Russia under Tsar Nicholas I are brought to vivid life in dazzling, often fantastical fashion.
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Alamut takes place in 11th Century Persia, in the fortress of Alamut, where self-proclaimed prophet Hasan ibn Sabbah is setting up his mad but brilliant plan to rule the region with a handful elite fighters who are to become his "living daggers." By creating a virtual paradise at Alamut, filled with beautiful women, lush gardens, wine and hashish, Sabbah is able to convince his young fighters that they can reach paradise if they follow his commands. With parallels to Osama bin Laden, Alamut tells the story of how Sabbah was able to instill fear into the ruling class by creating a small army of devotees who were willing to kill, and be killed, in order to achieve paradise. Believing in the supreme Ismaili motto “Nothing is true, everything is permitted,” Sabbah wanted to “experiment” with how far he could manipulate religious devotion for his own political gain through appealing to what he called the stupidity and gullibility of people and their passion for pleasure and selfish desires. The novel focuses on Sabbah as he unveils his plan to his inner circle, and on two of his young followers — the beautiful slave girl Halima, who has come to Alamut to join Sabbah's paradise on earth, and young ibn Tahir, Sabbah's most gifted fighter. As both Halima and ibn Tahir become disillusioned with Sabbah's vision, their lives take unexpected turns. Alamut was originally written in 1938 as an allegory to Mussolini's fascist state. In the 1960's it became a cult favorite throughout Tito's Yugoslavia, and in the 1990s, during the Balkan's War, it was read as an allegory of the region's strife and became a bestseller in Germany, France and Spain. Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, the book once again took on a new life, selling more than 20,000 copies in a new Slovenian edition, and being translated around the world in more than 19 languages. This edition, translated by Michael Biggins, in the first-ever English translation.
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The Burning of Moscow

As soon as Napoleon and his Grand Army entered Moscow, on 14 September 1812, the capital erupted in flames that eventually engulfed and destroyed two thirds of the city. The fiery devastation had a profound effect on the Grand Army, but for thirty-five days Napoleon stayed, making increasingly desperate efforts to achieve peace with Russia. Then, in October, almost surrounded by the Russians and with winter fast approaching, he abandoned the capital and embarked on the long, bitter retreat that destroyed his army. The month-long stay in Moscow was a pivotal moment in the war of 1812 – the moment when the initiative swung towards the Tsar’s armies and spelled doom for the invading Grand Army – yet it has rarely been studied in the same depth as the other key events of the campaign. Alexander Mikaberidze, in this third volume of his in-depth reassessment of the war between the French and Russian empires, emphasizes the importance of the Moscow fire and shows how Russian intransigence sealed the fate of the French army. He uses a vast array of French, German, Polish and Russian memoirs, letters and diaries as well as archival material in order to tell the dramatic story of the Moscow fire. Not only does he provide a comprehensive account of events, looking at them from both the French and Russian points of view, but he explores the Russians’ motives for leaving, then burning their capital. Using extensive eyewitness accounts, he paints a vivid picture of the harsh reality of life in the remains of the occupied city and describes military operations around Moscow at this turning point in the campaign.
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Portraits without Frames

Isaac Babel, Dmitry Shostakovich, and Anna Akhmatova star in this series of portraits of some of the greatest writers, artists, and composers of the twentieth century."We stopped and Shklovsky told me / quietly, but clearly, / 'Remember, we are on our way out. / On our way out.' And I recalled / ... the wall of books, / all written by a man / who lived / in times that were hard to bear." Lev Ozerov's finest book, Portraits Without Frames comprises fifty intimate, skillfully crafted accounts of meetings with important figures, ranging from fellow poets Anna Akhmatova and Boris Pasternak, to prose writers Isaac Babel and Andrey Platonov, to artists and composers Vladimir Tatlin and Dmitry Shostakovich. It is both a testament to an extraordinary life and a perceptive mini-encyclopedia of Soviet culture. Composed in delicate, rhythmic free verse, Ozerov's portraits are like nothing else in Russian poetry.
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Sold to the Biker: A Dark MC Romance

A young woman gets sold to a biker in exchange for her father's life... Weakness. Hot, dominant Rocko can't stand it. But how can he resist the piece of sweet cherry pie who offers herself as an alternative to pummeling her gambling father’s ass? When Lena meets Rocko, a fire ignites between her legs. The rugged, tattooed, muscled biker is too damn delicious...and the sex? Explosive. All it took was one stolen kiss…and Lena was addicted. But when she discovers that Rocko’s life is on the line, will he trust her or push her away? Lena and Rocko face the most important question of their lives—will they embrace danger for love? Note: Sold to the Biker is 31k of sexy, passionate romance between a hot biker and an innocent young woman. It features 1 exclusive 50k bonus biker romance novella, Biker Outlaw's Virgin Princess!
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Wed to the Russian Biker: A Mafia Romance

The biker needs a wife. She needs to save her brother's life. Griffin Prentiss, the bad boy biker, needs a wife to secure his leadership in the motorcycle club mafia. When he comes across innocent Leah Rawlins, he knows she's the perfect woman for the job. "Good Girl" Leah Rawlins will do anything to save her brother's life...even if it means marrying a bad mafia biker. When Leah marries Griffin, she realizes just how dangerous her decision really is... Griffin's dark, sexy nature flips her world upside down...and she might just like it. Note: Wed to the Russian Biker is 49k of hot, steamy scenes between an innocent school teacher and a mysterious mafia biker, with one exclusive 50k bonus mafia story, Mobster's Revenge Baby!
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