Luther Cross, Volume 1: The Reckoning

Luther Cross has been through Hell—literally. Born of a mother he watched die, conceived as part of a demonic ritual, and raised by monks after being saved by a mysterious, murderous individual, Cross now makes what living he does through confidence schemes…and the death of demons.Pro Se Productions goes to Hell and back with the debut of its newest Single Shot Signature Series. Author Percival Constantine introduces readers to the enigmatic, inexplicable Luther Cross.Luther Cross has been through Hell—literally. Born of a mother he watched die, conceived as part of a demonic ritual, and raised by monks after being saved by a mysterious, murderous individual, Cross now makes what living he does through confidence schemes…and the death of demons. What led to a school shooting in a small town, and why is there a mystic component involved? The spirits of the victims call out for help, and only Luther Cross can answer their cries.
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The Tomorrow Man

A time traveler from the future has arrived with one goal in mind—prevent an impending alien invasion! And his targets…are Vanguard? Who is this mysterious Chronos, how is he connected to the creation of the specials, and why does he believe attacking Vanguard will preserve the future?
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Hammer of the Gods (The Myth Hunter Book 5)

Mjolnir. Hammer of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. One of the most formidable weapons in all existence, capable of granting unimaginable power to whomever wields it. And now, it’s fallen to Earth, just within reach of a ruthless dictator. Elisa Hill and her allies must locate the weapon before their enemies. If she fails, she will be at the mercy of the Hammer of the Gods!
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Atlantis Rising (The Myth Hunter Book 6)

When what appears to be the skeleton of an ancient being is discovered, it triggers a chain of events that could very well lead to the end of the world. Now, Elisa Hill is the only one who can prevent the rise of an ancient evil, but is this too big even for her? The Myth Hunter epic concludes here!
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Dragon Kings of the Orient (The Myth Hunter Book 2)

Elisa Hill is a myth hunter, an adventurer who seeks out the truth behind the legends of the past. When a former ally requests her help to defend the mythical Dragon Kings of China, Elisa must journey to the far east. Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, has been released from centuries of imprisonment and only Elisa and her allies can stand against him before he exacts revenge on his jailers. For if the Dragon Kings fall, the oceans of Asia will erupt in chaos, threatening to swallow the continent whole!
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Shadow Brokers (Infernum Book 5)

Virgil was thought dead. He used that to his advantage, spending years discovering a way to destroy the Agency and their masters. And now he is ready to execute his plan and get revenge on not only the Cabal, but also his former partner—Dante!
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Skinheads were dead, man. Phased out. Home had never appealed. All his life he had dreamed about a plush flat somewhere in the West End of London. So now he would make the leap from poverty street into the affluent society. In one gigantic jump. Fresh out of stir after kicking a police sergeant's head in, former skinhead Joe Hawkins is heading for the big time - a job in a firm of stockbrokers, a swanky flat and (hopefully) plenty of money. A whole new style is called for - so Joe becomes a Suedehead. The hair is a few millimetres longer, the uniform a velvet-collared crombie coat, bowler hat and neatly-furled umbrella - with razor sharp tip. For while Joe might be playing the establishment pet, he remains the unrepentently vicious, cunning hooligan from Skinhead, intent on pulling women, stealing and putting the boot in. It's not long before he finds some other Suedes willing to commit mayhem under cover of respectability... but can Joe and respectability ever really get along?...
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Sixteen-year-old Joe Hawkins is the anti-hero's anti-hero. His life is ruled by clothes, beer, football and above all violence - violence against hippies, authority, racial minorities and anyone else unfortunate enough to get in his way. Joe is a London skinhead - a member of a uniquely British subculture which arose rapidly in the late 1960's. While other skins were driven mainly by music, fashion and working-class pride, Joe and his mob use their formidable street style as a badge of aggressive rage, even while Joe dreams of making a better life for himself. Lacerating in its depiction of violence and sex, often shocking by today's standards, Skinhead is also a provocative cross-section of urban British society. It doesn't spare the hypocrisy, corruption or excessive permissiveness which, the author believed, allowed the extremist wing of skinhead culture to flourish. Skinhead, first published in 1970 and a huge cult bestseller, is now available for the first time in ebook form,...
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Zarim and the crew of the airship Excalibur were simple pirates, performing any job so long as the price was right. Until the day they were tasked with retrieving the mysterious Soulstones—legendary artifacts rumored to be the source of all life on the planet, and holding the promise of granting vast power to the person who gathers all five. Their quest will take them to the far reaches of the planet, from pirate havens to the realm of the dead, from the land of faeries to a tribal society of cat-people. All while trying to stay one step ahead of the forces of the empire, led by an extremely powerful and twisted sorcerer who wants the stones for his own malicious purposes! From Percival Constantine, Pulp Ark Award-nominated author of The Myth Hunter, comes an epic sci-fi fantasy set in a world of magic and adventure!
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