Kill Them Wherever You Find Them

The Israeli spy agency, the Mossad, has uncovered actionable intelligence regarding an daring terror strike against the State of Israel and large Jewish population centers in major cities around the world."The Project," already in development for several years, will be Israel's response to this newest and most deadly of threats to its very existence.WARNING TO READERS:If you're anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-Muslim, pro-terrorism, a bigot, pro-hate, anti-Mormon, expect sex scenes and vulgar language for "realism;" don't read this book, you won't enjoy it.But if you love great sci-fi/espionage books and are generous enough to overlook errors (the author is partly blind), you will enjoy this exciting story. Please note that in some instances the writing is altered to reflect how Russians today, and Civil War era American Southerners of the past actually speak. (For example: In the Russian language the indefinite articles "a," "an," and "the" do not exist.) This is to provide an extra measure of authenticity to the characters and story line. (While he speaks several languages, the author is a native English speaker with an extensive vocabulary and textbook grammar.)DESCRIPTION:The Israeli spy agency, the Mossad, has uncovered actionable intelligence detailing a daring and highly organized, well-funded, strike against the State of Israel and large Jewish population centers in major cities around the world. Terrorists have obtained, modified and weaponized two biological pathogens secreted from a Level Four Bio Research Lab outside Moscow.A former Special Ops scholar from the U.S. is recruited to work with "The Project," an ultra-secret program. It is anticipated that a drastic and last ditch response to the attacks, utilizing advances in technology, will thwart the terrorists from executing their plan of annihilation.Before exploiting this extraordinary scientific discovery it must first be field tested in as controlled an environment as possible with measurable, history altering results. A violent and racist family, with criminal roots dating back to the American Civil War, has been identified for the first phase. The objective: Eliminate the sociopath patriarch of this family and carefully measure the time-line 'ripple' effects that could adversely affect the current timeline.The American Operative, Jeff Stauffenburg, is sent to Civil War era Virginia where he is taken prisoner during a surprise Confederate raid to capture fleeing slaves and their sympatizers. Critically wounded during the raid, Jeff finds himself facing death from a leg wound that is going septic. Should he survive that he still faces the hangman's noose as a northern spy.Without the successful completion of this first critical phase, the second phase comes to a halt even as the terror leaders continue to strengthen their presence with sleeper cells inserted within Israel and strategic cities worldwide. Should they prevail the terrorists will succeed in wiping Israel off the face of the map, guaranteeing that no survivors of world Jewry will be able to rebuild their country. Millions will die in abject agony.In Los Angeles one of the bio-agents is released early, by accident, in an apartment building killing the residents within minutes of its dispersion. This crises brings in the full weight of the United States counter-terror units, FBI, CIA, and the Centers for Disease Control; even as a Mossad agent monitoring the the foot traffic and conversations of the 'safe house' of two known leaders of the terror network, learns that this accidental release half a world away has moved the scheduled strike date well ahead of schedule.The story interweaves the lives, hopes and differing perspectives of the main characters who are well defined, leaving you to feel toward some as you would a friend while pitying and perhaps loathing others. The thrilling conclusion leaves you hungering for the next two books as you become emotionally invested in the lives and unfolding stories of the people in the trilogy.A complete story in and of itself, the exciting book takes you through twists that are at times expected, sometimes completely unanticipated and surprising - even shocking. As a bonus the first several chapters of the second book in the "Pendulum of Time" are included at the end of you
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The River Why

The classic novel of fly fishing and spirituality, originally published in 1983.Since its publication in 1983, THE RIVER WHY has become a classic. David James Duncan's sweeping novel is a coming-of-age comedy about love, nature, and the quest for self-discovery, written in a voice as distinct and powerful as any in American letters.Gus Orviston is a young fly fisherman who leaves behind his comically schizoid family to find his own path. Taking refuge in a remote cabin, he sets out in pursuit of the Pacific Northwest's elusive steelhead. But what begins as a physical quarry becomes a spiritual one as his quest for self-knowledge batters him with unforeseeable experiences. Profoundly reflective about our connection to nature and to one another, THE RIVER WHY is also a comedic rollercoaster. Like Gus, the reader emerges utterly changed, stripped bare by the journey Duncan so expertly navigates.
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Secret World War: Il Macabro

A limited edition ebook version of some of the most popular stories from the Secret World Chronicle podcast, Secret World War: Il Macabro tells the dark tale of the creature that moves among the Italian forces in World War Two, inciting terror in the soldiers in one small town. One of four official Secret World War short stories from the authors of the Secret World Chronicle.Too tired to remember, too painful to forget? Do you really want to let go? Only Dr. Than removes unwanted memories. If you could erase a painful memory, would you? Meet Michael and his nightmare. He would give anything for a good night's sleep.
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Strange Future: A 23rd Century Guide for the 21st Century Cynic

Thomas Gordon's life was going just fine, until a chain of inexplicable mishaps results in Thomas getting fired. Fed up, he starts the search for a better life. Along the way, he meets a group of scientists with an intriguing escape route: human cryogenic preservation. Thomas and his 2 companions emerge in the 23rd century, and quickly discover it isn't exactly the "better world" they expected...Abby refuses to marry the monster to whom she is betrothed. As she flees, she meets a mysterious stranger at a wayside inn. His startling proposition will either save her, or leave her mired in scandal.
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Echo Classified: Gravity

From the classified files of Echo come the stories of those metahumans who survived the Thulian invasion. Gravity looks at a sadly typical post-Invasion day where Echo Ops must face the cruel reality that Atlanta has become. Originally released through the Secret World Chronicle podcast.Rape Day Wednesday is an action – adventure love story. General Madid is about to receive a visit from his worst nightmare – Jimmy West. Dear Air Rescue I am Jackie Cots, a nurse for an International Medical Rescue in Somalia. I am writing this letter on behalf of Aisha Hulow, a Somalia woman who lives in the Village of Coato. The lady wants me to tell you about the death of Mary Johnson, who was attacked by soldiers in her medical clinic, repeatedly raped, then shot and left for dead. When the soldiers left, Aisha dragged Mary into her hut where she died several hours later in her arms. Her dying words were to tell Jimmy West, that she still loved him and had never forgotten him. Please find attached a one dollar bill. The lady insists on me sending you the only thing of wealth, she owns. She hopes that you can help her hire someone who can save her little village from these soldiers. It appears that every Wednesday morning, a Renegade General Madid allows his soldiers to come into the village and rape all the women and girls as a treat for loyalty.Please pass on this letter to Jimmy West. Yours truly,Jackie Cots for Aisha Hulow
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The Scorpion Nest: A Short Story

Newlyweds Joel and Sonnet have just wrapped up a housewarming party in Suburban Phoenix. Custom-built on the site of a meteor crash a half century ago, the young couple received everything they wanted in their dream house. Unfortunately, Joel and Sonnet also got what they didn't want: thousands of unwelcome, venomous guests.Newlyweds Joel and Sonnet have just wrapped up a housewarming party in Suburban Phoenix. Custom-built on the site of a meteor crash a half century ago, the young couple received everything they wanted in their dream house. Unfortunately, Joel and Sonnet also got what they didn't want: thousands of unwelcome, venomous guests. Despite a clean inspection report, the house is crawling with more scorpions than your average infestation, leaving husband and wife to avoid the pests' numbing and potentially fatal sting.On a night that will forever alter their fates, Joel and Sonnet are forced to uncover the mystery of the scorpions' origins. What they find challenges their greatest fears as well as their love for one another.
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The Ice Queen

Once there was a legend.Long ago, in a time the world of men no longer remembers, an evil was born in the lands of Sul. Shadows came into the world; ice and snow covered the earth in eternal, damnable winter. A prophecy was laid down: a messiah would be born to the Witch Queen of Sul, a child who could destroy the Dark Lord who arose in the West. A price would be paid, a life for a life.I was there. I remember when darkness came into the world, when it unleashed a plague of damnation upon the races to which the world was given. I remember when the unholy heir of darkness was born, and when her father fell.A second war begins. The cold grip of death stretches over the world in ice and winter, for the heart of evil and the heart of the world are bound to one another. The heir of darkness rises as her father, and blood flows in rivers upon the frozen earth. A prophesied messiah rises to stand against the gathering dark. The tears of the fairies fall for the world that is frozen.
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The Brothers K

Duncan took almost 10 years to follow up the publication of his much-praised first novel, The River Why, but this massive second effort is well worth the wait. It is a stunning work: a complex tapestry of family tensions, baseball, politics and religion, by turns hilariously funny and agonizingly sad. Highly inventive formally, the novel is mainly narrated by Kincaid Chance, the youngest son in a family of four boys and identical twin girls, the children of Hugh Chance, a discouraged minor-league ballplayer whose once-promising career was curtained by an industrial accident, and his wife Laura, an increasingly fanatical Seventh-Day Adventist. The plot traces the working-out of the family's fate from the beginning of the Eisenhower years through the traumas of Vietnam.
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Through the picture window

An old man yearns to die after an unexpected encounter that nearly took his life. Unable to accomplish the task alone he decides to make an offer with a caretaker that has been stealing from him, enticing her with something she would never refuse.Mayenta has returned once again to the land with no recollection of where she had gone. All she knew was, every time she returned to the vale, she returned lying in the same spot underneath a dogwood tree growing high upon Honor Mountain--and, as usual, she returned naked. What did it mean that she left Paigorya without warning? Where did she go? WHY did she go? And, most importantly, who was she?The Dogwood Tree eBook short story includes a free excerpt from Laurie Y. Elrod's novel, Blackridge-Book One of the So'ladiun.
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Agents of Change

Calvin, a young corporate manager, acquires the abilities of shapeshifting and telekinesis after joining an agency charged with spreading the world's good karma. After he's framed for murder, Calvin must elude the authorities while also defending the world against the machinations of the agency's wayward sister organization."...a fast-paced exploration of corruption and exciting story packed with twists, disasters and suspense." — Emma Hunneyball, In PotentiaAn amiable corporate manager by day and a matchmaker whenever he can get around to it, Calvin Newsome’s new dream job falls into his lap when he’s recruited by a secret worldwide organization whose agents use uncanny abilities to empower and influence everyday downtrodden individuals. Disaster strikes, however, when an elaborate scheme leaves Calvin as a prime murder suspect...and his new employer is presumably to blame.With the authorities on his heels and his life left in ruin, Calvin uses his new powers to blend in until a journey for freedom becomes a quest for peace. As the agency’s complementary organization threatens the security of all of earth’s inhabitants, Calvin teams up with unlikely allies and battles startling enemies hellbent on unleashing their power in a twisted version of justice, innocent lives be damned.
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