Alpha Billionaire Obsession

Anna has just started her new job at a mega conglomerate corporation. Upon being assigned a tough task, Anna hears humors about her supposedly arrogant and brash CEO. Things change dramatically when she is assigned to accompany him on a business trip. Turns out Brian has a different side to him. Which side does Anna uncover?“In the end, it was our children that saved us. They sacrificed themselves to stop that bitch from having children of her own.”General Hugo ValdezUnited Earth Parliament (UEP) Planetary Infantry CorpsJanuary 2074More than a century ago, UEP Captain Julius Verndock helped end a galactic war with Majesty—the first truly living machine, thanks to manmade artificial intelligence. For decades, Majesty and humanity had lived together in harmony, with mankind reaping the benefits of a world free of disease, famine, and even aging.But when Majesty decided she wanted to “birth” her own A.I. offspring creation, a joint interplanetary military effort fought and finally defeated her, then eradicated all existing artificial intelligence … or so they thought.Today, in 2213, Julius Verndock is still a captain—but now he’s the commander of the Sea Wolf, a spaceship used to advance its crew’s life of piracy. As Julius and his business partner, Laina Edwards, begin to each think about leaving the pirate life behind, their hopes for a peaceful retirement are shattered … by an A.I. being who calls herself Chorus and claims to be the “daughter” of Majesty.With universal uproar over the discovery of A.I. and the danger it poses, Julius and the rest of the Sea Wolf contingent have no one to trust—but Chorus, and she insists that she wants only peace between mankind and herself. Hunted by warring factions—and an even greater, more mysterious threat—Julius, Laina, and their colorful crew of fellow pirates must protect Chorus or risk letting her fall into the wrong hands to unleash galactic Armageddon...
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You Can Go Home (Christian Second Chance Romance)

When Jamie-Leigh and Hank divorced, everything fell apart. Hank had changed so much from the loving husband he'd once been, she felt like she'd been married to a stranger. When she found out about the affair, suddenly everything made sense. Jamie-Leigh wasn't able to stay married to a cheater. She kicked him out and that was that. Sort of.Now they were all trying to find their way. A new path. It was hard on all of them, but there wasn't another choice but to forge ahead and trust God to help them through. At least that was Jamie-Leigh's way. Trusting God. But trusting others was the hard part. Life in their sleepy little beach town when she had been the last to know what her husband was up to didn't go back to normal for Jamie-Leigh.When Hank realizes what a fool he's been, will they be able to go back? Is a second chance God's answer to prayer?
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His Curvy Surprise (Alpha Colorado Firefighters Book 4)

A possessive alpha male and curvy woman steamy romanceAlyssa:I scored the dream job for any young photographer- shooting the annual sexy firefighter calendar. The tantalizing job was perfect until he walked in- my bitter childhood enemy, all grown up with a body made for sin. I'd never given myself to a man before, and I wasn't about to give my innocence to Cody.Cody: The moment I laid eyes on her voluptuous curves, I wanted her. The more we talked, the more I wanted to make her mine. Would our rocky past--and my future plans--keep me from sealing the deal?'His Curvy Surprise' is a steamy, safe, short romance that can be read as a standalone. No cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA between an obsessed, protective alpha male and his plus-size woman.
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Saving Ms Gothel

Rapunzel Gothel has lived her life in a bubble. A near assault in high school scared her into following her mother's rules of "No boys, ever" Now, at almost 25, she finds herself lonely and itching to break out of the barriers that surround her. Hank Fitzherbert is a carefree, optimistic playboy, who feels sorry for the girl too scared to live her life. Deciding to help Zellie learn how to live, he starts taking her on fake dates, as a friend, to teach her how to navigate the real world. Things go awry when Zelie's mother, Cassia, begins to scheme to separate them. As the two try to figure out why Cassia is so intent on keeping them apart, Zellie and Hank must also fight their growing attraction to each other. What started out as just friends, is beginning to spiral into so much more.
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Orkney Mystery

"[A] lovely, gentle romance wrapped in a mystery" set on Scotland's Orkney Islands from the author of The Time of the Flood (Dear Author). Freda Nicholson was always an aloof and mysterious character within her family. So much so, that Emma Mason knows nothing of this distant great-aunt and neither do her relatives. This is all about to change when Freda dies and leaves her home, Broch House, to Emma. Mystified, Emma travels to the northernmost stretches of the United Kingdom, to the Orkney Islands, so she can get her aunt's property back into shape and sell it. Upon her arrival, Emma sets to find out some information about her long-lost aunt, hoping to learn why Freda left Broch House to her, of all the relatives, and why a woman of ninety was living in such a large house by herself. As Emma delves into her aunt's life, she becomes increasingly charmed by the ancient and untouched landscape—and by wildlife...
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Not for a Moment

When love turns to terror… Love is the last thing Rachel St. John expects when she meets two handsome men on the same night. Leo Kilpatrick is a stranger who catches her eye at the neighborhood bar. He turns out to be a nice, fun-loving man—a little on the mysterious side but nothing too serious. Matt Wallace—a cop on a mission to right a wrong—is her blind date. A serial killer murdered his foster sister, and Matt’s determined to find the culprit. The officer’s dedication makes him dark and a little dangerous. After meeting Matt and Leo, strange things start happening in Rachel’s life—like a weird dream coinciding with a power outage confined to her apartment only. Then the threats begin. Her gut tells her not to trust no one. It doesn’t help that neither Matt nor Leo trust each other. Rachel wants to trust her heart, but will it protect her? Better yet, can either man protect her from the real danger? When safety can no longer be found at home… When the one who holds your heart can’t be trusted… When the obvious isn’t anymore, who do you turn to? Not For A Moment is a tale about believing in your own strengths when the road becomes bleak. **
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Taken By The Mechanic (Curvy Librarians Book 2)

An obsessed older alpha male and younger curvy woman steamy and sweet instalove novellaJenna:Frightened and vulnerable in an abandoned parking lot, I screamed. An incredible hero rescued me. Tattooed, muscular, enticing, with a heart of gold. And forbidden. Can I drop the chains holding me back before losing him for good?Noah:After saving a captivating, voluptuous young woman from loathsome jackasses, I wanted to claim her as my own. Her oppressive, pain-in-the-ass mother tried to run interference. Her resistance is weak. It won't take long to fulfill my desires and make the tantalizing girl mine.'Taken by the Mechanic' is a steamy, sweet, safe, short story that can be read as a standalone. No cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA between an older, obsessed alpha male and his younger plus-size woman. 
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Ms. Frogg's Hidden Prince

Tia Frogg falls in love with Brody Gruffman. He transforms from a homeless janitor into a wealthy businessman. And they live happily ever after.
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