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This Family of Ours (Raine #6)

*This is the final installment in the widely popular Raine Series I once read a quote on a greeting card, “Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you no matter what.” I never knew its true meaning until I met all of the people who may not be my blood, but are in fact my family. There isn’t a single thing I wouldn’t do for my family. From the moment Madison Raine came struttin’ into my life, I knew with one hundred percent certainty that my life would be forever changed. He introduced me to a world that I never even knew existed outside my stupid naïve bubble that I had lived in for far too long. He brought into my life a slew of characters that I most likely would have never associated myself with, but each and every one of them wormed their way into my heart, and became my brothers and sisters. And when I brought my best friend Cami into the mix, I worried that she wouldn’t mesh well with everyone, but to my surprise, everyone gelled together in a chaotic yet loving way. Over the last couple of years our lives have been turned upside down, inside out, dropped on its head, and even tortured a time or two, but the bond that this family of ours has, has never wavered. No matter the situation, no matter whether or not it was life or death, our bonds only strengthened. We leaned on one another no matter what the consequences may be. I finally came to the realization that I was worthy of love, but not only that, I found myself being capable of loving somebody in return. I live my life with zero regrets, and this chapter in my life is no different. Just knowing that I have a wonderful man by my side to face the day with, and a gorgeous, extremely loving little girl whom I cherish more than words can say, I feel full. My heart is exploding with so much love that I can’t possibly fathom being capable of obtaining any more. But you know what they say, everything happens when you least expect it. And none of us expected what was about to be thrown at each and every one of us.
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Misguided Trust (Misguided #2)

Their love was raw and passionate and the thing that most fairytales were made of, but love doesn’t always guarantee a happy ending in life. Aston’s only family was Shelby, so when her best friend calls her with devastating news, Aston is quick to drop everything and run to her best friend’s side, no questions asked. Except her life isn’t just hers anymore, and the distance between her and Sloan begins to prove to be too much to handle. Sloan changed his entire life for Aston, not because she asked him to, but because he finally found the one person he wanted to change for. Although their life up until now has been pure romance and undying love, Sloan is finding it hard to still be the man Aston knows him to be, and the man that his father’s company needs him to be at the same time. With so much distance between them, issues and certain people are starting to test their relationship in ways they were never prepared for. Will love still be enough to conquer it all? Or will it burn out and fizzle to ashes? **
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Misguided Heart

Aston Boyd has always put everything into her work. She has never needed anyone in her life and has survived on her own since she was 18, never looking back. When she gets her dream promotion and becomes the new editor at one of the biggest publishing houses in Arizona, she thinks she has finally figured it all out.But, when Aston receives an invitation to her first love's wedding, she starts to re-evaluate just how much she has given up for her career.With a mission in mind to try and win back the one she let go, she never took in to consideration that what she might need, or even want, could be right in front of her.Will she be willing to put her heart out there to get back the life she could have had, or will she try for something new?Sloan Holden is the quintessential bad boy trying to cover all that up with his good boy act. He has spent the last 9 years trying to prove to his over bearing father that he can change his ways, and one day run his publishing house. The only thing standing in his way is the slew of fast women and his wild lifestyle, which he just can't seem to give up. He doesn't do relationships and always vowed to stay single forever.A lot can change when the one person you thought you would never fall for worms their way into your heart, but will the feelings be returned?
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Simple Lies

After meeting a tall, dark and handsome stranger one night at a bar while out with her best friend, Hadley Smith spews out one tiny white lie that would normally never affect her life, but this time is different.Hadley has been in a three year relationship with Ryan Tate, a successful attorney who would give her the world if he could. She knows it's getting serious, and with an impending engagement on the horizon, Hadley feels on top of the world. That is...until her mysterious stranger shows up at her engagement party. Now her small harmless white lie could ultimately ruin the only good thing she has ever had.Relationships are tricky, but deciding between a life you have always wanted, and the life you wish you were brave enough to live, can prove to be unbearable.
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The Light of Day

Cora Whitley and Jake Ferrari both have one thing in common: at twenty-two, they're learning to live again.Cora, who was met by many in Beyond the Horizon as Mia's adventurous, somewhat reckless cousin, has returned four years later with a hell of a past, and a desire to overcome it. A year out of rehab, Cora says goodbye to her safe life living with her cousin, and moves home to the city she left behind four years ago, with the determination to build a life for herself, while making amends with those she hurt when she left the first time.Jake is introduced as we enter into Ryan and Mia's wedding (Beyond the Horizon 1). A baseball playing, literature loving, dangerous looking man, Jake is now sidelined with an elbow injury that has cost him not only his baseball career, but his identity. One look at Cora Whitley is all it takes to make him believe there might be something else worth living for in life. When he learns that Cora is moving out of state and starting over he tags along, because worse than staying in Arizona and bearing witness to his replacement is the idea of feeling empty for the rest of his life. One thing Cora has made him do is feel, and he's ready to hold onto that.Follow Cora and Jake as they battle personal demons, and discover new passions that just might change their lives.
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The Secret About Christmas

Her name had garnered more attention than she ever wanted growing up, only fueling her already established disdain for the cheerful holiday. It wasn’t until she started her temporary job at Santa’s Workshop that she realized that her last name held more meaning than even she knew. While weird things begin to happen in her already chaotic life, the last person she thought she could lean on, would end up being the one person she could trust. With so many secrets between the two of them, will they ever be able to uncover the truth, and give into the holiday spirit before it’s too late?**
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