I Love You I Hate You

A short story about a wife who hates her job and has a dream of being a published author. Her husband does not support this dream at first. Together they must work through the complications.Ken Blowers has developed a firm following of readers from the first three collections in his continuing set of Short Stories. Now he entices old friends and new to the world of mystery and intrigue in perfect bite size pieces for ‘Smoko’. You can join Ken for ‘Smoko at East Seaham’ and be transported across time in a short space of time to tales of merriment, mystique and manslaughter!Yet again Ken entertains readers with a smattering of subjects across a smattering of suburban settings to take us on a short journey out of our humdrum day. This volume of short stories covers everything from the perils of online communication to touching insights of loving relationships and as usual, has something to offer everyone. All you need to do is be ready for the unexpected (like any good Scout!) and you will survive the rollercoaster ride of reading Ken’s latest offering.With ‘Smoko At Seaham’, your ‘appetite’ is assured of being well and truly sated as you keep up with Ken's next compelling volumes of short stories, with the next one coming soon…
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Something in the Water

Maine lobster fisherman Amos Coombs knows that German U-boats are hiding out along the coast by day and sinking American merchant vessels at night. Until one terrifying day, however, he is unaware that the enemy is quite literally in his backyard or that the presence of a Nazi submarine is about to change his life and those of his fellow islanders forever. More than just a war novel, this excitingly original novel presents a vivid portrayal of a community and a way of life.
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Not Quite Charming: A Secret Billionaire Beach Romantic Comedy (Once Upon a Time on Lavender Beach Book 1)

*Ellie* **I’m not looking for Prince Charming.** I don’t have time for a relationship, period. After my father died and left the family business to my awful stepmother, my life has gone to the dogs. Literally. Yup. Stepmommy Dearest inherited Dad’s successful pet store. I inherited all the work. **But if a sexy stranger were to wander into this sleepy beach town, I wouldn’t say, “no,” to a fling...** *Mac* Ellie Cooper is no damsel in distress. So why do I want to throw myself in front of a freight train to protect her every time I’m near her? **But there are some things I can’t protect her from.** **Namely, me.** You see, I’m the one behind the mega corporation that’s planning to buy her beloved pet store. Now all I need to do is **convince her that I’m her Happily Ever After.** Before the clock strikes midnight, and it’s too late. ***Not Quite Charming*** has... the happiest of HEA's billionaires adopting dogs no cheating or cliffhangers (ugh!) a modern day Cinderella retelling with no magic mice (sorry!) but a kicka$$ fairy godmother a sweet and sexy standalone romance that will keep you up reading *way* past your bedtime
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A Son For Christmas (West Coast Christmas Secrets Book 1)

Single mom Kendra Stevens has spent the past six years building the perfect life for her young son. Life hasn't been easy, but she's proud of what she's worked so hard to create. Her one fear–and the one thing that could take everything away from her–comes to life when her former boyfriend turns up as a new employee at her workplace. The gorgeous former military officer has no idea he's the father of her child. And she doesn't know how to tell him…Fresh out of the army, Shane McCarthy is ready to begin a new phase in his life and career, and eager to reconnect with Kendra. When he discovers the secret she's been keeping all these years, his initial fury leads to a desire to know his son. But the pain of Kendra’s betrayal and her reluctance to share parenting responsibilities threatens to dampen their love before it has a chance to reignite.Can the magic of the Christmas holidays help to heal old hurts and give Shane and Kendra the second chance they and their son deserve? 
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The Husband She Can't Remember (Southwest Secrets Series Book 1)

When Danielle Brinkworth gave up her acting dreams, she headed home to Colorado from L.A. with plans to return to teaching. But a car accident puts her into recuperation mode with no memories of her journey home from California–until a handsome stranger shows up at her door claiming to be her husband.Kyle Williams is the good-looking stranger who’s been trying to get his life back on track–both personally and professionally–and now finds himself with a wife who has no memory of him. Or the honeymoon that’s resulted in a pregnancy.Kyle’s determined to make Danielle fall in love with him again. But how will she react when she finds out their marriage started as a business deal?
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Bloodline (Paranormal Romance, Dark & Twisted) Saving Demons Series Book 1

Lucifer's sons have access to my mind, and I'm about to be attacked from within by malevolent forces. The Coven of Hallows wants my blood. Not to mention, Rune, Lucifer's sadistic son, has made a fetish of biting me. But I am not afraid(insert mental eye-roll)for I am a descendent of the most fearsome warriors this earth has ever seen. So, what's My plan? I'm gonna kick some evil butt!WARNING: Because of the abuse Luna endures and the demonic behavior of Lucifer’s sons, BLOODLINE and the rest of the SAVING DEMONS SERIES may be disturbing to most readers. If you are looking for a warm, fluffy read, BLOODLINE is definitely not for you!****What some people are saying about Bloodline:D.G. Colorado5 Stars "A very captivating and mysterious read. I read alot of books on health, finances, etc. I find myself picking up Shannon’s book to read a little first and I never get to my other books as I am drawn right into the story with a hungry anticipation of what's going to happen next....my heart even races sometimes I get so involved. I stay up much too late as I have to force myself too lay it down. Love the way each chapter goes to the characters lives, makes you feel as if you are truly involved yourself! Shannon has such a marvelous imagination!!! A MUST read!!!!"P.M., Alabama5 Stars "Oh wow! Took me to places I never imagined! I love the way the characters came alive with each new chapter. It was hard for me to put the book down. With anticipation waiting... waiting... to find out what's going to happen NEXT? A great read. 5 stars"S.W. ND, 5 Stars "I really like the story line. The way Shannon K Brown paints a picture by describing the sights, and feelings of the things happening to Luna is AMAZING!!!! I can really feel like I’m right there. I really like the struggle between Bane and Ashmodai for Luna’s soul. To me it really hits home with the struggle between good and evil that live in us all. I have really enjoyed reading Bloodline and cant wait to start book 2!!! Shannon K Brown is truly an AUTHOR!!!! 5 Stars"****Sure I fell in love with Lucifer’s son, but so what? Worse things have happened, believe me! Like the time my demonic father nailed my palms to a cross, or the time I shoved a dagger into my breast, sacrificing myself for The Coven of Hallows in order to save my best friend. Yup, worse things have definitely happened. But I’m here to tell you, loving Bane, one of Lucifer’s four angelic sons is not easy! Especially since he and his brothers are bound to The Coven of Hallows and the only way they can escape them is if the Lanchester blood runs dry. I just so happen to be Luna Lanchester, the last of my bloodline. And this kind of puts me in a predicament. Four immortal demons want me dead. This puts Bane in a predicament too. He has a decision to make. He can deny his love for me, murder me and be free from The Coven, or he can protect me from his hellish brothers, be forever bound to the coven, and suffer his father’s wrath. Because of the blood-tie that enables Lucifer’s sons to have access to my mind, I am about to be attacked from within by some pretty malevolent forces. The entire Coven of Hallows wants my blood. Not to mention, Rune, Bane’s sadistic brother, has made a horrible fetish of biting me. But I am not afraid (insert mental eye-roll), for I am a warrior. A descendent of the most fearsome warriors this earth has ever seen. I will kick all their evil butts!At least, that’s my plan, anyway
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Brotherhood In Blood

Jeannie Justice is a scared teenage girl, whose older sister Ava is missing. When she discovers their house in shambles, Jeannie runs into three strange men inside her house. Will she ever find her older sister Ava alive? Who are these three peculiar men? Does Jeannie find more than what she bargains for?This is an ambitious series of twelve novels told from three different perspectives. Each novel is told by three different women starting with Jeannie Justice, then Rosalie Ocean, and finally Ember Tucker. This series is mainly made up of vampires, fairies, and angels. There is a common thread between these three women. What could this thread be? Join "Team Enforcers" and show your support for your favorite group. Will these women ever find true love, happiness, and friendship? That remains to be seen. This is more like "Knights of the Round" meets the supernatural world.WARNING: THIS SERIES CONTAINS SEX, VIOLENCE, ADULT LANGUAGE, AND ADULT CONTENT MEANT FOR THE MATURE AUDIENCE 18+.
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The Resolution for Men

From the Back CoverWhile most men will die with deep regrets, others will resolve to live for what matters most.From the New York Times best-selling authors of The Love Dare comes a strong resolution of faith, family, and fatherhood that sets men on a course toward long-term success—the kind that breaks the chains of your past, earns the loving trust of your wife, wins the hearts of your children, and prepares a legacy beyond what your father could leave for you. With a clear resolution, you’ll be able to see exactly where you’re going. Straight ahead into a life marked by renewed faithfulness.About the AuthorStephen Kendrick is senior associate pastor of preaching and prayer at Sherwood Baptist Church. He is also a screenwriter and movie producer and co-wrote the New York Times No. 1 best seller, The Love Dare, with his brother, Alex. Stephen and his wife, Jill, have four children.Alex Kendrick is associate pastor of movie outreach for Sherwood Baptist Church. He is also an actor, writer, and director whose film credits include Facing the Giants and Fireproof. He and his wife, Christina, have six children.Randy Alcorn is founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries and a best-selling author whose books include Heaven and Safely Home.
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Swimming Across the Hudson

As a child, Ben Suskind wonders how his family came together. What if he hadn't been adopted by Jews, what if his brother, Jonathan, had been adopted by a different couple? He and Jonathan fantasize about being the secret sons of Sandy Koufax, of coming to earth in a spaceship. They make blood pacts and switch names. But while they imagine other identities, they search for ways to feel that they belong to each other, to their parents, to their home. As adolescents, even in the familiar and happy comfort of the Manhattan apartment where they live, their dreams of girls and rock stars are colored by these concerns. Now Ben Suskind is thirty years old, living in San Francisco with his girlfriend, Jenny, and her daughter. He still reflects on the questions of his youth; Jenny often has to pull his head out of the clouds. So when he receives a letter from a woman claiming to be his birth mother, he is unprepared, panicked, but curious. He tells his adoptive parents about the letter, and they fly him home to New York and reveal a secret about his past, one that turns Ben's whole world upside down. Without telling anyone, Ben embarks on a journey, risking his relationship with everyone - his girlfriend, his brother, his parents. He combs through the records of his family's past, trying to find the facts about who he and Jonathan really are, and in the process learns the price of the lies people tell in the name of truth and good intentions.
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Fairies of Light

This book starts off with Rosalie as a five year old girl. A social worker found her at the bottom of a closet as a baby. Due to tragic circumstances, she was reunited with her family as a five year old child. What happened to Rosalie as a baby? What happened to her parents? Will Rosalie ever find true happiness? Join us for the second book in the series.
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