The Sapphire Lounge

Marinna has returned to The Sapphire Lounge on her comeback tour. It was where she met her husband and she's determined to put her marriage behind her once and for all. The saxophonist Saul is ready to help her start living again, but then her ex turns up with an astounding offer. What will Marinna do - choose the new hottie or return to her old love?"To End All Others" is a short compilation of stories about World War I and the terrible struggles of humanity within that horrific war. It opens with "Another Dream," a poem which mirrors a work by Siegfried Sassoon, the decorated British veteran and conscientious objector of the war. The poem reflects the lasting, harrowing effects of the Great War on the men who sacrificed their boyhood for their nation; while the battles end, the war lives on for untold years in the minds of its veterans. Next, a father strives to make the world see reason as Europe descends into the abyss of war. The man mourns as a patriotic son embraces the nationalistic craze and eagerly joins the army. Throughout the following years, his thoughts and aching heart are shown through poignant letters to his wife. Yet, "An Era Recalled, a Sorrow Relived" displays that peace is not always fulfilling and seldom brings relief. Finally, "The Mandate" reveals a tale about the knights of the air, the Great War's pioneers of aviation. The French hero Georges Guynemer struggles to reconcile his humanity with his duty amid the furious skies over France. All told, "To End All Others" provides a fitting tribute to the millions of men whose lives were ended amid the mire of the trenches, the expanses of the air, and the flowing depths of the oceans. Perhaps, in some small way, it will ensure that we never forget their sacrifices.
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In Love with a Star

Leny was just sixteen when she was left alone after the departure of her beloved cousin Emily and her best friend Chris in search for luck in the movies world. Seven years have passed since then and Leny’s live is now a downfall to the abyss after she lost her job and she left her boyfriend, while the two most important people in her life have become two Hollywood celebrities. Just when everything seems lost, the famous Emily Keys and Chris Hailen come back to their home town. Will Leny, Emily and Chris be able to overcome those long years of distance and meet again? Will Leny succeed in confiding in her cousin and in finally declaring her feelings to Chris?
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