The Path to Peace

Life in Alpha World has been a blessing for Alburet, more than he had ever thought it could be, and still more then he thinks he deserves at times. With allies and friends all around him, and the love of three beautiful, unique women he knows that this might be the best life has to offer. But all of life has complications and his are many and varied. A quest from the Overlord, that requires he level as quickly as he can for the ‘End Game’ or risk losing all the happiness he has found. While that is difficult enough more issues keep showing up. The open-ended contract by the Assassins’ Guild on any member of Alpha Company is testing the bonds of those who have joined. Add in the background movements of the Noble Houses to that list to make things even more annoying, but that is still not the end of the troubles. Not the least issue seems to be, the machinations of the vague old evil that is stirring again, with its own plans. With all these issues starting to bear down on Alburet and Alpha Company, he must fight to accomplish the goals needed to keep his loves, all while dealing with his own mental issues. Welcome back to Alpha World. (This book contains adult themes. You’d think I could stop with these disclaimers but even this far into the series people are shocked by the content. This book contains a Polyamorous relationship, with one of the four people in it being a Succubus. You’ve been warned.) **
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Life Bonds

Sean discovered that words do indeed have power, and Agreements are binding in this world, where the Queens of the Fey rule. Fleeing the burning village of Oakwood, with Feline Moonbound pursuing them, Sean, Fiona Mithrilsoul, and Myna Mooncaller will have to find a way to coexist as they cross the wilds to distance themselves from the atrocities behind them. The uncertainty of what will come constantly gnaws at Sean. Fiona is with him, now Bonded for ten years, but Myna has been Life Bonded to him. Trying to sort out his mixed-up feelings, Sean worries what might happen with the woman he loves and the friend he pulled back from death’s door. (This work contains adult situations, that some might find offensive, not least of which is graphic sex. This book is about an Overpowered MC, and contains a harem, you’ve been warned.) **
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Having accepted the love of both Myna Mooncaller and Fiona Mithrilsoul, Sean discovered happiness he hadn’t ever thought he would know, and began to acknowledge how different this society was from his old world. Everywhere they went, they ran into trouble. First had been bandits, which actually proved to be fortuitous, with Ryann Cullin entering Sean’s service after that attack. The sudden harsh blizzard had been the worst trial they had to endure. Cold that even Sean couldn’t withstand had nearly stopped them in their tracks, but they managed to reach Flento. Once the storm had passed, they were finally on their way to Hearthglen. Sean was hoping to use the city to settle down and learn more about what he could do. However, that would require finding a way to make a living, which meant Sean would have to make a name for himself. That was always something he hadn’t wanted to do; it might earn him some friends, but the enemies he would certainly make might very well be his undoing. (This work contains adult situations that some might find offensive, the least of which is graphic sex. This book is about an Overpowered MC, and contains a harem. You’ve been warned.) **
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