Family Growing Pains

Although Kayla and her wives have experienced some strong negativity within their families for their lifestyle, they have mostly been blessed with a strong support system. Falling in love with and deciding to add Jaime and Symone to the family will cause Kayla and her wives to suffer the loss of family and friends, and Kayla’s career will be compromised.Having to travel east for a dance performance has everyone on edge because of Symone’s father’s threat to kill Kayla if he ever sees her. A huge gathering with friends and family to celebrate the birth of their twins will bring new friendships and plans to bring the tribes closer together.Events and people from the past will resurface, bringing a mixed bag of joy and opportunities, but mostly devastation that will impact the entire family.
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Breaking New Grounds

With Madison and Sam graduating college, the family sits poised to support them as they pursue their own careers and hope to become pregnant.Circumstances will allow them to share their blessings and uplift their families and friends in their own ambitions. A tragic meeting of chance will bring a painful loss from the past to their present, bringing the situation full circle with a bittersweet ending. New friends and colleagues bring new drama and promises for a better future.While struggling to balance work and family, Kayla feels a tug in her spirit to do more for her tribe, which will be echoed by her elders, challenging her to get more involved in the indigenous community.
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Building the Family

A dangerously seductive and addictive lesbian romance with a fresh twist. Can one wild weekend really be more than just a fun time? Can it lead to a loving and lasting relationship? When Kayla starts college in love with one girl she’s never been able to have a relationship with, and nursing her broken heart after being dumped by her girlfriend, she lands in the lap of a beautiful girl – a girl who could either fill the void in her heart, or open her heart for a life she only briefly dreamt of as a possibility. Some say its only possible to be in love with one person at a time, but Kayla learns the “one love” rule doesn’t apply to her.
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