Love's Portrait

Newly appointed art curator Molly Goode is committed to diversifying her museum's collection. When Georgina Wright, the museum's aloof benefactor, asks for Molly's help in identifying the provenance of a 19th century portrait of social activist Josephine Brancaster, Molly welcomes the opportunity, even if it means spending time with the standoffish financier. But passions soon flare as the women uncover the heartbreaking story of doomed lesbian love behind the watercolor painted by Josephine's lover, Edith Hewitt.As their love blossoms, Molly is determined to display Edith's portrait of Josephine and to tell their story in the museum, but she needs the influential Georgina to help convince the board. When an unforeseen twist in the painting's provenance forces Georgina to confront her own painful past, will history repeat itself, or can Molly and Georgina's love prevail?
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Moonlight Avenue

Finley Knight, ex-cop turned private investigator, lives a lonely, solitary life. She uses her downtime to reflect on the past and wonders what could have been.Detective Dee Woodard transferred to Corpus Christi nine years ago to put distance between herself and her ex... an ex she was still in love with. A murder investigation leads her to Moonlight Avenue and Finley Knight.Rylee Moore left the windy plains of Amarillo in her rearview mirror, hoping to start over in this city by the bay, only to find employment hard to come by. Finley Knight wasn't hiring either, but Rylee's begging and pleading—and not taking "no" for an answer—finally lands her a job. Not as an apprentice, as she wanted, but as the lone employee at Moonlight Avenue Investigations—receptionist.When another murder hits close to home, Finn ignores the police directive to stay out of it and goes on a search for the killer... reluctantly taking Rylee along for the ride.After a...
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The Falls City Five

Life is going well for two of the FBI’s most accomplished Agents. Agent Max Prescott is well-respected in her field, with a stellar reputation and six years of service under her belt. Agent Dani Prescott’s reputation is almost on par with her wife’s, although she’s only been with the agency for a few years. Despite their Superior’s concerns about having married couples work the same assignments, Max and Dani have proven themselves as an elite team.When five teenage girls go missing from a small Oregon community, Max and Dani are called in for an undercover operation like none they’ve executed before. The devoted couple has portrayed themselves as everything from sisters to rivals, but this case is different. This time, they’ll be passing themselves off as mother and daughter.While Max finds herself teaching, and studying, a High School English class, Dani is chosen to join the students. Parading around with a bunch of seventeen-year-old’s is not how Dani envisioned spending her first wedding anniversary. Within days of their private celebration, a girl she’s befriended becomes the sixth to go missing. Determined to find, and stop, whomever is responsible for the disappearances, Dani delves into the strange world of teenagers.Will Max and Dani be able to locate the missing girls and return them to safety? Or, will Dani become the seventh victim of a diabolical mastermind, hell-bent on purging the town of the sins of youth?
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The Neighbor

When Laura Fry returns to her childhood home to care for her mother, she hopes the writer's block that has swallowed her writing career will disappear. She doesn't plan on turning into a "yard girl," but her mother's long neglected lawn beckons her to return it to the lush and colorful display it had been before her mother's accident. Laura also doesn't plan on making friends with the "nympho lesbian" next door—but she finds it impossible not to watch the parade of playmates that show up at her neighbor's pool.Cassidy Anderson likes pool parties and female company. And while the pool remains the same, the female company changes nearly every weekend. As her mid-forties approach at an alarming speed, she's still searching for the love of her life. When she finds herself seeking out the company of the cute tomboy next door, Cassidy starts to think that maybe she's been looking in all the wrong places. Could it possibly be the neighbor who holds the key to her heart?
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Proxima Five

Geologist Dr. Leah Warren wakes after extended cryogenic hibernation to discover she's crash-landed on a foreign planet. The sole survivor of her crew, she struggles to piece together what went wrong. Leah ventures from the ship in search of signs of life only to be captured by desert raiders.Keegan, a clan warrior, discovers Leah, weak and barely alive. Her kindness and affection for Leah seem in direct conflict with her tough and emotionally remote façade, and Leah's attraction for the reserved warrior grows. Unfortunately, Tiago, the clan's volatile chieftain, is a tyrant who wants Leah for himself. Keegan will have to relinquish Leah or challenge Tiago. Will love give Keegan the strength to defeat him?
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Marine biologist Tess Hansen has left her high-tech lab at Evergreen College and returned to Washington's northern coast to take care of her aging parents. Although her new job studying orcas in the Pacific excites her, she finds life in the small town where she grew up to be stifling and boring. Until she meets Brittany James..Chemist Britt James has made the move from a hectic city to the rural coast as well, but she embraces the isolation. She's looking for a way to reconnect with the environment and make amends for the damage her chemical company has done, and Tess's center for orca research is a top contender for her endowment. .Change has become an unwelcome part of Tess's life and a desperate hope for Britt. Can these two women find a place of refuge with each other?.
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The Confessor

A serial killer torments the small town of Falls City, Oregon. Dubbed The Confessor, due to a penchant for withdrawing confessions from their victims, the killer has eluded capture for fifteen years.Detective Cordelia Weston and her partner, Gibson Price, learn of the killer's existence, after a twelve year lull in activity. A search for similar crimes, in neighboring towns, reveals that their killer hasn't been inactive at all.Delving into the investigation, Cordy is dismayed to find that there is no physical evidence, at any of the crime scenes, to point her in the direction of the killer. When the FBI joins the investigation, Cordy is surprised to learn that the assigned Agent is an old friend of her wife.With the help of the Agent's psychological profile of The Confessor, Cordy's investigation begins to take off. Unfortunately, the investigation begins to take a personal turn, and Cordy is conflicted about the leads she uncovers.Torn between what the evidence is telling her, and her own feelings, Cordy is faced with a dilemma. Can she solve this case, knowing it would mean exposing the most painful events of a friend's past?Or, will the investigation take yet another turn, and lead the decorated Detective to a harrowing revelation about someone else she knows?
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The Locket

Danielle Stevens is Hollywood's "next big thing" in a long line of next big things. When she goes to Dallas to prepare for a role—shadowing Detective Harper Jeremiah—she's not only running from her fame... she's also running from a stalker.Harper Jeremiah wouldn't recognize a Hollywood actress even if she bumped into one on the street. The last thing she wants to do is to get pulled from her current case to have an actress follow her around. But the perceived babysitting gig quickly turns into a protection detail as the threats against Dani escalate.The two women form a bond as secrets are shared, trust builds, and the stalker turns into a hunter. As the stalker's pursuit becomes relentless, Harper becomes even more determined than ever to protect Dani at any cost. But could that unwavering conviction get them both killed?
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Under the Mistletoe

Samantha Evans, popular lesbian romance author, has writer’s block and a book due by New Year’s Eve. When she signs up for a writing retreat in an attempt to overcome her lack of creativity, she expects a single-occupancy cabin and plenty of silence for crafting her new book.What she doesn’t expect is a roommate. A gorgeous, woman roommate.Gia Torres is an aspiring novelist eager to break into the publishing world and leave her horrible day job as a barista behind. She travels to a Colorado retreat to finish her very first novel, not expecting to find beautiful Samantha waiting for her there.The only problem? The two women hate each other.How will they overcome their first impressions and let Christmas sparks fly?This short novel contains blizzards, snowbound lovebirds, Christmas lights, steamy romance scenes, and a happily ever after.
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In My Heart

“Dorothy leaned in, her velvety lips touching mine…” It’s the spring of 1958 and amateur guitarist/songwriter Alice Johnson feels like a stranger in her small Southern town. Everyone knows her business and is pushing her to settle down and marry like all the other young women in town. Only Alice’s love of music provides an escape from the stifling expectations of family and society. One night, Alice hears the mesmerizing voice of up-and-coming country singer Dorothy Long and is immediately entranced. Dorothy becomes Alice’s muse, inspiring her to write songs for Dorothy—even though she never imagines that Dorothy will hear them. But then she finally meets Dorothy and her life turns upside down. Soon Alice finds herself on the road, and not just sharing the stage—but sharing a hotel room—with her idol. Now what is Alice going to do with the unexpected desire that seems to consume her?
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Strings Attached

Success. Riches. Music. Passion. It's a life most can only dream of, but stardom comes at a cost.Rock star Nikki Razer has worked hard to achieve her dreams and she finally has everything she ever wanted—except true love. She's ready to find someone who can love the woman she really is, not just her rock star persona. When the band comes home for a break, she sets her sights on beautiful music teacher Drew McNally. But Drew is happy running her father's music store and she definitely doesn't want to date a celebrity—no matter how attractive she is. Her mother's obsession with fame destroyed her family and Drew's not going to let it happen again.Nikki thought she would do whatever it took to win Drew over, but she can't abandon her band and give up on her dreams. When it's time to face the music, will the price be too much to pay?
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Another Mother

Average suburban mom Sarah is suddenly rocketed into the glitzy world of film when her daughter Emma becomes an actress. The strangest part is seeing gorgeous, glamorous Katie Days pretend to be Emma's mother. Sarah is a normal person and Katie is a celebrity, yet they find common ground in the little girl. Could Emma's fake mom become her other mother?
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Hit woman and thief Reed Gable works for the highest bidder, no matter where the job takes her. An orphan of circumstance, Reed knows the streets of Las Vegas better than anyone. Growing up rough has gotten her to the top of her profession, and she plans to stay there. Accountant Brinley Myers, a recent hire at the Moroccan Casino, discovers a money laundering operation orchestrated by the New York mob and suddenly her life and the people in it become collateral damage. Reed has Brinley in her sights and is ready to close the contract when she sees Brinley’s son in the car with her. Even hard-hearted Reed can’t kill a mother in front of her child. Before Reed can come up with a plan to finish the job, she’s double-crossed. It’ll take all her street smarts to keep herself, and her surprisingly beautiful mark, alive.
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