Season of Bliss

Jester has arrived on Sasha’s world on the eve of the Bliss, a madness that is both overwhelming and necessary for the survival of her people. But Jester is ignorant of not only the Bliss, but also to the meaning of the one word that binds Sasha's people together. If Sasha can't make him understand, it could mean the end of her life.When Jester came to Sasha’s world, their lives changed forever.Jester belongs to one of the many colonies of humanity that spread across the galaxy eons ago. His people merely wish to reach out to Sasha’s people in friendship as fellow descendants of humanity.But Jester has arrived on Sasha’s world on the eve of the Bliss, a madness that is both overwhelming and necessary for the survival of her people. The changes she experiences, changes they experience every two years, draw her to Jester in ways that both excite and terrify her. For Jester is ignorant of not only the Bliss, but also to the meaning of the one word that binds Sasha's people together, a word they always thought was a part of humanity wherever they may be.As Sasha shows Jester how the descendants of humanity live on her world, she feels a gnawing in her soul. If she can teach him the meaning of the word, she’ll know a happiness she has not felt in years. If not, it could mean the end of her life.Season of Bliss is a science fiction romance short novel.
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The Jaguar's Bride (The Necklace Chronicles Book Five)

Wanting to help her down-on-her-luck sister, witch Thea Greene plans to concoct a spell to help her find romantic happiness. The problem is that the one ingredient she doesn't have is a flower that blooms solely during the full moon. There's only one place the flower can be found, so she dons her hiking boots and heads out to locate it.Jaguar shifter Savage Bayle is a marked male. Unable to secure a bride on his own, he's now facing his people's traditional Mate Hunt, which occurs during the full moon. As part of a matriarchal society, the females are the ones who chase the males during the Hunt, and any male caught must mate the female or face punishment. One female in his prowl has set her eyes on him – the cold, cruel daughter of the queen. The last thing he wants to do is spend the rest of his life mated to her. Hoping to ride out the Hunt and escape unmated, he heads into the woods with his fingers crossed to find a place to lay low until the Hunt is over at...
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Kali's Children

Crash landing on an uncharted world is bad enough. Losing most of the crew as the ship sinks to the bottom of an alien ocean is even worse. And that’s just the beginning. Ragged and terrified, the last few survivors—-a fireteam of battle-hardened marines and an inexperienced civilian advisor—-search for a way to contact the nearest inhabited system for rescue. But as they encounter the denizens of this world, they learn something remarkable. From the red reeds that cover the land to the ferocious predators that fear nothing, every living thing on this world is highly intelligent... and utterly hostile. Violence is a normal part of life. Murder and war are nothing more than a means to acquire food. Kindness is unimaginably alien. For the survivors, escape is not enough. They must also keep their technology out of the hands of the barbaric monsters around them. For the planet’s natives have learned that it is possible to leave their world, and out there among the stars is the most prolific source of food they have ever known: humans.
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The Sun Emperor

The true heir to the Sun Emperor has fled. His brother has unleashed the power of the Goddess putting the world to the torch. Emmy and her friends must find the lost prince before it's too late. Mantos Tiboli has disappeared. Twice dead and twice revived he has chosen to flee rather than face his destiny as the Hand of Nunako. Tiboli now sits on the Sun Emperor's throne with the power of the Goddess Dorai running unchecked through him. lt must enter the heart of Masvam territory to search for Mantos and return balance to the world before all is lost forever.
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Auden (Were Zoo Book Seven)

In the tradition of their people, owl shifter Jessica Thompson's parents have chosen a mate for her. On the way to a celebratory hunt to meet her arranged mate, a group of hunters spies them and she's separated from her nest among the flurry of bullets. Injured and disoriented, she crash lands in a zoo.Wolf shifter Auden James has lived at the Amazing Adventures Safari Park his whole life and loves working on the VIP tours they're hopeful will bring soulmates to the shifters who live in secret underground. When he takes a shift as a security guard, he hears something crash in the lion paddock and rushes to the scene, where he finds an injured owl. As the owl slowly changes into a beautiful female, Auden knows he's in the presence of his soulmate.But Jess's nest isn't about to let her go without a fight. When a betrayal puts everyone in danger, will Jess and Auden survive?
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Having Hope (Ashland Pride Book 11)

After graduating from college, mountain lion shifter Hope Parkins accepts a job at Ashland Elementary School. She heads to Ashland to stay with her best friend, Treasure, a fae-dragon hybrid. When she arrives in town, she’s greeted by not only her bestie, but three mountain lion males who she and her cat recognize on sight. They’re her mates, and she knows her life will never be the same.
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Tempting Treasure (Ashland Pride Book 10)

A dragon king believes Treasure is meant to be under his rule, and demands that she join their clan. Brian and Kevin aren’t about to let anyone take Treasure from them, but the temptation to be with her own kind may be too great for her to ignore. Will she stay in Ashland with the two males who have captured her heart, or join her own kind in the fae realm?
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Tayme (Were Zoo Book Eight)

Bear shifter Tayme has called the Amazing Adventures Safari Park home his whole life. He and his family, along with the members of his sleuth, live underneath the park in secret. The fact that shifters own and run the park is a well-guarded secret from humans, who don't know about their existence, but it makes for some pretty lonely shifters. Tayme's hoping to find his soulmate someday, but he doesn't know where to look. All he can do is rely on fate and keep his fingers crossed that she'll show up sooner rather than later.Red fox shifter Rory is an oddity, an orphan living with the owl shifters who killed her family. When her best friend Jessica is injured during a flight and winds up in the arms of her soulmate, Rory is the only one in the entire nest who supports her. On a trip to visit her bestie, she's carted off into the woods by a huge male, and she knows she's found the one male on the planet meant for her.While Tayme's family and sleuth welcome her with...
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Dancer's Fated Mate (Arctic Shifters Book Six)

An invitation to spend Christmas with her cousin and her family is too good for Gabriella Fitzpatrick to pass up. When she awakens in the early morning hours and can't go back to sleep, she walks into the front room and faces a polar bear, who miraculously changes into her cousin's husband.Declan, the second position on the sleigh team, has been waiting forever to find his fated mate. Five of his friends have already found theirs, and he knows it's just a matter of time before he finds the one female on the planet for him. Just before dawn on Christmas Eve morning, he answers a call in the security office. One of the shifters who lives in the human world shifted in front of a human and doesn't know what to do. Mrs. Claus tells Declan to use magic to wipe the human's memories.When Ellie wakes up, she vividly remembers watching a bear become a human. Declan promises she wasn't hallucinating, and that he can also change into animals, including one of Santa's...
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The Moon Rogue

Emmy looks strange, labelled a Moon Rogue, a demon. Her days as an apothecary's assistant to Madame Krodge are filled with hard work and abuse. Left on Krodge's doorstep as a youngling, she knows nothing about where she came from. All her life she's wondered, who am I? Only friend Zecha is a male who wants to do what females do, and no one will accept him. Charo, a former slave, was discarded by her owner and left to die. No one under the Arc of the Sky wants them. All they have is each other.In the Masvam Empire, Prince Mantos Tiboli doesn't want to be the emperor but younger brother Bamdim does. Bandim plays with the dangerous magic of the Dark. He'll stop at nothing to grasp the crown in his bloody claws, even if it means unleashing the power of the Dark on the world.Even if it means killing his only brother.When the Masvams attack their home, Emmy loses her home, her mistress, her life, but the changes bring more knowledge about her strange heritage than she ever dreamed of knowing. From humble beginnings, Emmy, Charo and Zecha must rise above prejudice to survive and claim their places in the world. Zecha must fight to be accepted. Charo must learn to trust again. Emmy must accept the strangeness of her true nature. Perhaps she is a Moon Rogue after all.Mantos, unwilling to rule the empire but unwilling to hand the crown to his brother, faces an impossible choice: command or be killed. Bandim must decide whether or not to embrace the power of the Dark.All must answer the question, who are you?
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Holding Honor (Ashland Pride Book 9)

Mountain lion shifter Honor Parkins is in trouble. After a meeting in the woods with sexy brothers Holden and Jackson, the ancient curse all female mountain lions are under has been broken. She knows that they’re her mates. When her all-female pride discovers she’s not like them anymore, they keep her locked up. Missing her mates is driving her and her mountain lion crazy.
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The Bear's Reluctant Mate (Uncontrollable Shift Book Three)

When paranormal romance author Juliette Parson's latest manuscript is billed by her editor as being too "unrealistic," it's suggested she contact a shifter group for advice on her storyline. Writing about shifter romances is one thing, but meeting with a person who can change into an animal at will isn't something Juliette ever thought she'd do. But if she wants her book to be believable, she needs to find someone to talk to about shifters.The last thing alpha bear Cruz Miller wants to do with his free time is chat up a human writing a smutty story about shifters. But when his brother points out that their clan could angle the interview for some much-needed promotion for their shifter bar, he decides to give the author a chance to tell him how much she doesn't know about shifters. What he doesn't expect is to take one look at the curvy redhead and explode into his shift. But he's in the fur and she's petrified, so what's an alpha to do? Bide his time until he can shift...
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