A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

The beloved American classic about a young girl's coming-of-age at the turn of the century, Betty Smith's *A Tree Grows in Brooklyn* is a poignant and moving tale filled with compassion and cruelty, laughter and heartache, crowded with life and people and incident. The story of young, sensitive, and idealistic Francie Nolan and her bittersweet formative years in the slums of Williamsburg has enchanted and inspired millions of readers for more than sixty years. By turns overwhelming, sublime, heartbreaking, and uplifting, the daily experiences of the unforgettable Nolans are raw with honesty and tenderly threaded with family connectedness -- in a work of literary art that brilliantly captures a unique time and place as well as incredibly rich moments of universal experience.
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The Night Before Christmas

Who's that peeking out of the sleigh? As St. Nick and eight tiny reindeer descend through a brilliant night sky onto the roof of a Victorian house in a snowy New England village, the famous Christmas poem begins. The father of the family narrates the words just as Clement Moore wrote them, and artist Jan Brett captures the spirit in brilliant illustrations that reflect this memorable night. Visually she extends this favorite Christmas story for children, who will delight in watching the two mischievous stowaways from the North Pole enthusiastically exploring the sacks of gifts on the roof while St. Nick, unaware, journeys down the chimney... until the toys spill down onto the lawn and he turns with a jerk! Antique toys and exquisite ornaments frame the borders in which sometimes the father, St. Nick, or the family cat and dog look on, as the story unfolds. A unique and beautiful edition to be cherished for years to come by all the family, especially the youngest, who find the night before Christmas perhaps the most exciting night of the year.
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Maggie Now

Betty Smith, the beloved author of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, weaves a riveting modern myth out of the experiences of her own life in this rediscovered classic. In Brooklyn's unforgiving urban jungle, Maggie Moore is torn between answering her own needs and catering to the desirous men who dominate her life. Confronted by her quarrelsome Irish immigrant father, the feckless lover who may become her husband, and others, Maggie must learn to navigate a cycle of loss, separation, and hope as she forges her own path toward happiness. With characteristic warmth, compelling insight, and easy, conversational prose, Betty Smith's Maggie-Now poignantly illuminates one woman's struggles and successes as she grapples with timeless questions of desire, duty, self-sacrifice, and the quest for fulfillment. Maggie-Now is an unforgettable masterpiece from one of the twentieth century's greatest talents.
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Chicken Soup for the Soul

It's Canada's 150th anniversary and a great time for these 101 stories about everything Canadian.These true personal stories are like love letters to this vast and beautuful country. You'll read about winter snow and summer cottages, hockey and national spirit, wilderness and wildlife, the cultural mosiac, that famous Canadian hospitality, and everything else that makes Canada unique.
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A Modest Proposal for the Parliament of Canada

This short satirical work proposes that backbenchers be removed, benches and all, from the Canadian House of Commons, in the interests of modernity and efficiency for both the backbenchers and the rest of the House of Commons.This short work proposes that backbenchers be removed, benches and all, from the Canadian House of Commons, in the interests of modernity and efficiency. A special “Backbencher’s Heaven,” can be set up not far from the Parliaments buildings. There, backbenchers could spend most of their time in up-to-date offices dealing with the voters in their ridings. At the same time, the rest of the Members of Parliament (the ones that really matter) could have the space to install and use current data collection and display systems (built into their desks), the better to debate bills with the facts at their fingertips. A giant leap in productivity is predicted.
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Fine and Fierce and Free: Canoe Poems for Spring

18 poems about canoeing in spring, about the joy of watching ice turn to snow and catching the flow of waters at their best.These 18 poems express a love for canoeing at a season when canoeing’s barely possible. I look out the window and the breaking away of frozen waters stirs my heart. Then, finally, the first excursions into river and lake.
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Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont: A Short Play

In this short play, the ghosts of the Métis leaders of the 1885 rebellion in Canada talk about their lives and deaths.“Could have been worse,” Gabe commented as they sat beside a heatless phantom campfire one day, “We coulda gone to Hell.”“And just how would that be worse?” Louis asked darkly, in his one hundred and sixteenth year of ghosthood. As a practicing Catholic, he had a good idea of how much worse it could have been, but he didn’t always like to admit it.“I think,” said Gabe. “that in Hell I’d have been forced to listen to your story of what you should have done at Batoche, over and over until the end of time.”“You want to hear it again?” the Métis leader asked.“No thanks.”***1885. Manitoba, Canada. Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont lead a second rebellion against the Canadian government.Present day: A lot wiser, the ghosts of the two men talk about the rebellion and their lives, and talk about the fame Riel eventually achieved.
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How to Dance Naked in the Moonlight

22 poems about the ceremony of dancing naked in the moonlight.How to Dance Naked in the Moonlight is a book of maybes. Maybe it contains the key to traveling to a magical and powerful sphere as practiced for millennia by Celtic priestesses. Maybe it is just a cheeky romp in the moonlight by bare-assed bad boys. Maybe it contains the recipe for the exhilaration of stepping out of boundaries into the only freedom we have left: the unadorned experience of self in the lonely moon-lit night. Maybe it will help you see aspects of the brief human journey in ways that will change and transform you. If these verses make you wonder, smile, tearily respond, or long to explore the un-mapped terrain that pulls your blood as the moon does the tides, then the skeptic and the pagan have reaped the moon--- and are satisfied. This cheeky little book manages to combine mysticism and mischief. Great for hearth or moonlight reading!Katherine L. Gordon lives to write in a secluded river valley, where she is free to dance unseen in a midnight moon-lit stone circle, following her Celtic Pagan traditions. Lenny Everson is a country boy currently living in the city. As a result we suspect he’ll eventually be found on some moonlit night running through the suburbs, pursued by the local Esthetics Police.There are 22 poems in this book.
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Point of a Pencil

Do we really need to buy twenty-four pencils? a student asked. -No, not just twenty-four pencils, but rather twenty-four sharpened pencils, the lecturer replied.Point of a pencil, is a short story about a creative writing class, in which the lecturer tells the students that she requires each of them to arrive at the class with twenty-four sharpened pencils. The students question this number, but soon the point she made is brought home to the class, when those students that did not follow her instruction begin to run out of ink, break the point of the only pencil they've brought with them, or lose the lead out of their clutch pencils.Its just a short story about how a lecturer can inspire a class to write more interestingly and use their imaginations.
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Final Pas De Deux

Nina begged Phillippe not to reveal her identity before she danced on stage for the people at the village. He agreed, providing they ended both of their dancing careers by performing one final pas de deux together.In the end this performance proved to be a fitting ending to both of their dancing careers, as they felt they could now move on with their lives, hopefully still as a couple.This is a love story about how two people who were once ballet dancing partners, meet again under unusual circumstances, while working at a retirement village.To begin with they feel awkward and don't communicate, since they had parted after a silly quarrel. But once they realize that they have moved on and that they still love each other, they decide to put aside their former grievances and to dance one final pas de duex together.The performance takes place on New year's Eve at the retirement village and this proves to be fitting finale to both of their dancing careers.Note: A Pas de deux is a partnership between two dancers.
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Thesis Revised: A Short Story

Joella gets more than she bargains for while researching the reclusive cougar for her thesis, in an old mining canyon.A burned out drunk on the verge of death is saved by an alien scientist who wishes to use him as a host to study the human race. He is given a new body with enhancements with such features as telescopic, microscopic, infrared, and x-ray vision. His new improved brain allows him to invent new products and write computer programs which make him very wealthy. The alien helps him transform his body and assume a new identity and live out his dream of being a singer and attracting females to his private fan club,His new life doesn't not go unnoticed. A female journalist investigates rumors that he is using his fan club as sex slaves. Also, a detective comes to investigate his possible involvement in the murder of his former self. The detective brings a black cocaine whore to keep him company while he does his investigation.Once he has learned to use his new enhancements, the alien adds a Time/Transport Bubble to his body. To familiarize himself with the abilities of this amazing device, he does a few test trips in current time and in the not too distant past. For example, he travels to North Korea to steal the virginity of the dictator's new bride and wreck his new weapon of mass destruction. He also uses his abilities to save a famous woman who was unfairly accused of being a spy during World War 1. These are only two of the many adventures the new time traveler experiences.
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Sandra's Christmas Memory Box

What would you do if you payed mother a surprise visit at Christmas and discovered all the gifts the family had sent her over the last five years displayed on her dining room table, - all unused and with the wrapping paper close by.Hopefully you'd handle the situation with care the way Leanne did and not turn the situation into a screaming match that would get your mother's back up.Sandra has a secret that her daughter Leanne finds out about when she pays her a surprise visit just before Christmas. To Leanne's surprise, she finds out that her mother has never used any of her gifts over the last five years, but rather re-wrapped them and kept them in her memory box. A box that she opens again each year at Christmas and the re-wraps the gifts again until the following Christmas.Later, Sandra tells her daughter that she has been doing this ever since the rest of the family moved to Australia and left her to fend for herself. Leanne gets cross because it was Sandra's choice to remain behind and they had often begged her to come. But she also knows that as she needs to take her mother back home with her now, she will have to handle the situation with care, -and not mention the gift episode or any of Sandra;s neighbours complaints to them about her mothers behaviour. This is why Leanne makes up her mind to tell Sandra that she won't mention the gift episode to the others, -as long as she returns to Oz with her. But in the end she doesn't even need to do this, as Sandra makes up her own mind to go back to Australia with her.A happy Christmas story that is based on a true story.
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My Mother, the Spy Part 1 of series

Susan's mother tells her that she was once a spy for MI6 during the cold war and that she believes her life is now in danger, as she has recognized a man lurking around in the village. Susan finds this hard to believe, but after she realizes just how scared her mother really is, she decides to do whatever it takes to keep her mother safe.When Susan's mother's secret life as a spy for MI6 during the cold war, spills over into Susan's life, she is unprepared for the devastating effect this has on their lives for many years to come. To begin with, her mother tells her that she suspects that her life is in danger. then she says she has seen an old enemy from the cold war lurking around in the village. she also says she thinks other men might be involved as well, due to the number of enemies she made during that time. Susan questions why they'd come after her mother so many years later, but her mother assures her that they are men who have huge grudges against her, for what she did during the cold war.her mother then places five encrypted emails on her laptop, and tells Susan that if she receives a certain sms from her, she must send off the emails immediately. But as Susan doubts if anything will come of this,she is surprised one morning to receive an sms giving her the 'send' instruction.after she has sent off the emails, she gets into her car and drives to her mothers house, but on the way there, she finds her mother sitting at a bus stop down the road from her house. when she asks her what she is doing there, she realizes her mother is in a terrible state and unable to talk about what has happened to her.Susan then drives up to the house and finds that the police are already there, while at the house, there are signs that a terrible battle took place.The police tell Susan they have discovered three bodies and that there is plenty of blood all over the place. they also say that MI6 will be taking over the case and that they will possibly have some answers for her. the police then try to persuade Susan to get her mother to talk to them, as they are convinced that she must have seen what happened, but they soon realize that her mother is not in a fit state of mind to give them a statement.When MI6 arrives, they tell Susan her mother was definitely involved, due to the manner in which she cleaned up after herself and by the measures she took to ensure that the local police did not suspect her involvement. They then go on to explain what her mother once did for her country and Susan is amazed that her kind, gentle mother, could ever have been such an incredibly brave spy.MI6 later takes them to a safe house, but after a time, Susan and her mother decide that they will be better off if they leave England and hide out elsewhere. they decide to make their way to a small Greek island, where they become absorbed into the local community.Susan later marries a local man called Jorge and they have two children that her mother dotes on. for the most part they are happy and they live pleasant carefree lives, but once in a while,Susan begins to feel edgy and starts to imagine seeing suspicious looking men lurking around in the village. At these times, she remains at home in hiding, until the feeling has passed. then one day when she has a conversation with her mother about her suspicions, she realizes that her mother still feels afraid that someone will come after her, even now..So on days when things do not seem quite right with their world, Susan stations herself on a rock far out in the ocean, where she fervently prays, as she watches the waves while they wash onto the pristine white shore. then only when all her fears for their safety have been washed away, does she return home to her family.
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Death on a Small, Dark Lake

Win Szczedziwoj is a would- be escapee from society for a few days. Just him and his canoe. But his solitude comes to an abrupt end when his fishing line comes up with a boot - with a body still in it.Win Szczedziwoj, a man known for photographing subjects in the rain, is on a vacation. Just him, his camera, his canoe, and a small, dark lake well away from civilization.That solitude comes to an end when his fishing line drags up a body from the lake. It looks like the usual canoeing accident, but the police suspect murder, and Win is suspect number one (I mean, what are the chances of actually snagging a body with a fishing line?)But Win wants to know why the dead guy was hired as a guide by a couple of men who shouldn't really have needed help. And why everybody at the nearest lodge is so reluctant to talk about anything.Suddenly a remote little lake gets to be a very busy place.
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A Small Town Affair

"A delightful Cornish romance" about starting over—in life and love—from the author of Soul Searching (Holly Kinsella, bestselling author of Uptown Girl). Wealthy hotel heiress Georgie Hetherington is tired of having her life dictated for her. So, armed with a new identity, she rejects an arranged marriage and begins her journey of self-discovery in Cornwall, a small coastal town where she hopes to have nothing to worry about but tea and scones. That is until she starts chatting to the gorgeous man who hangs around the café where she works . . . Jay Jacobs is dark, brooding, and intent on sweeping Georgie off her feet. He is a welcome distraction from her mounting money worries, and as time goes by, this seaside romance starts to turn into something much more serious. It appears Jay could be the answer to all of Georgie's problems, but the warning bells ringing in her ears will make her choose between trusting...
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