Bloody Rain - Murder, Madness & the Monsoon

Bloody Rain is a short story set in the 1880s on the sailing ship, Queen Charlotte, in the Hoogly River off the Calcutta and in the Bay of Bengal - a tale of murder, madness and the monsoon.Bloody Rain is a short story set on a sailing ship in the 1880s. The Queen Charlotte was anchored fore and aft off the Calcutta wharves in the Hoogly River, waiting for cargo. She was a fine, three masted iron bark; trim, low and fast on a reach - in all respects, the perfection of the shipbuilder's art. If she had a single great flaw, it was on her quarterdeck in the man that the owners had chosen as captain.Captain John McPherson maintains absolute control over his ship and those who sail upon her. The only one that he cannot control is himself, slipping into murder and madness in the face of the relentless monsoon.
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The Master of Appleby

The summer day was all but spent when Richard Jennifer, riding express, brought me Captain Falconnet schallenge. Twas a dayfall to be marked with a white stone, even in our Carolina calendar. The sun, reaching down to the mountain-girt horizon in the west, rilled all the upper air with the glory of its departing, and the higher leaf plumes of the great maples before my cabin door wrought lustrous patterns in gilded green upon a zenith background of turquoise shot with crimson, like the figurings of some rich old tapestries I had once seen in my field-marshal scastle in the Mark of Moravia.(Typographical errors above are due to OCR software and don't occur in the book.)About the Publisher Forgotten Books is a publisher of historical writings, such as: Philosophy, Classics, Science, Religion, History, Folklore and Mythology.Forgotten Books' Classic Reprint Series utilizes the latest technology to regenerate facsimiles of historically important writings. Careful attention has been made to accurately preserve the original format of each page whilst digitally enhancing the aged text. Read books online for free at --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
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Letters to Mrs Hernandez

It is 1942 and young Ben Hutchinson has found himself uprooted from wartime England to the Pampas of Argentina. There he finds a sense of belonging and an unlikely love in the beautiful and headstrong Setsu. As the war pulls them apart, only the letters that travel across the miles can sustain them over time as they strive to reunite at the war's end.He looked at the address: To Miss Setsu Kimura, Escuela Internacional, Buenos Aires.The handwriting was his best and he had flourished the capital letters to make sure that his effort was emphasised.“Here goes something, or nothing,” he thought, as he smoothed the envelope again and moved toward the letter box with trepidation to post the letter, allowing himself a lingering grip before finally dropping it through the slot.With the guiding hand of matchmaker Vero Hernandez, Ben and Setsu's letters somehow find their way across the miles. From England to Argentina, then on to New Zealand and Japan, a secret love is kept alive against the odds for two young people who find themselves on opposing sides of the turmoil in the dying days of the war in the Pacific.
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The Man Who Couldn't Sleep

Ten adventures started by a midnight excursion in New York, which move along in a lively, easy manner, with many ingenious and clever features.
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Calum's Sword

CLAN - Season 1: Calum’s Sword. Episode 1 of 13 A rip-roaring adventures following a true hero in a time of war - Inspired by the great Bernard Cornwell's Sharp stories"A edge-of-your-seat Saturday matinee!"Now in the hugely successful Bitesize Read format - a 1-hour read.Calum Maclean is a sword-for-hire and a thorn in the side of anyone who sets himself up as Authority.CLAN - Season 1: Calum’s Sword. Episode 1 of 12 rip-roaring adventures following a true hero in a time of war - Inspired by the great Bernard Cornwell's Sharp adventures. "A edge-of-your-seat Saturday matinee!"Now in the hugely successful Bitesize Read format - a 1-hour read.Calum Maclean is a sword-for-hire and a thorn in the side of anyone who sets himself up as Authority. He returns to the Highlands from the war in Flanders where he fought for the English, for a price, to find Bonnie Prince Charlie has arrived and war with the English is inevitable. Everyone thinks Calum will obey the Pretender. Everyone is wrong. Calum Maclean tips his hat to no man. When his former love asks him to fetch her man from the English army, he accepts without hesitation. It's a noble cause, and Calum can't resist a noble cause. Even if it might cost him his life.The journey has begun! _______________________________A wee note: Clan was inspired by the great Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe stories. Though historical accurate, it’s not a Historical Novel, it’s a roller-coaster adventure in 12 1-hour episodes. Each one a complete story with a beginning, middle and end. And a cliff-hanger, in the true tradition of the Saturday Matinee genre.Reviews:“A series of Saturday matinees! Brilliant! Pure escapism, and great fun.”“If you enjoyed following the adventures of Richard Sharpe and his sidekick, Partrick, then you'll enjoy Calum and Big John.” “Looking forward to reading the rest of this series. Would recommend it to anyone interested in this time period of Scottish history!”“OK it’s not Bernard Cornwell, but it never said it was – it’s just a great read I highly recommend”“Great!”“Good fast read with plenty of tension. Look forward to the next episode. Have got the next three episodes on kindle.”“Can't wait to read the next one - Hope there is more to come in the series and life of Calum Maclean”
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The Chaos Gate

For thousands of years, The Chaos Gate has sat unopened and ignored by all but those who dream of it. It was meant to stay this way for the rest of time, but in the brewing war between the Underland and the Harvest, mistakes are bound to be made.For thousands of years, The Chaos Gate has sat unopened and ignored by all but those who dream of it. The world behind them is one that Graziella would rather not discuss, but when Alice starts dreaming of them, she can avoid the topic no more.Meanwhile, the Harvest witches are more than a little perturbed that one of their own has gone over to the dark side and demand action from their leaders. While they enlist an old face with a grudge to enact revenge, Cerise and Moira decide to take a trip to the Underland and get her back themselves. Unfortunately for Cerise, Moira has an agenda all her own.
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Secret Service; or, Recollections of a City Detective

First published in 1864 by the author of "The Private Detective".
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The Necromancer Whole Book

Now Richard III's body is found this book is FREE. The greatest ‘locked-room’ mystery of all time solved.What happened to the Princes in the Tower?Part I is the story behind history. Parts II and III are what has been done about it; love against magic, to confound the darkest forces of English history.The Whole Book resolves the loose ends and sets our world back to where it should beIn a conveniently short form here is one of the greatest stories of England.If you live in any part of the English speaking world or in many places beyond, whether you know it or not, the subject of this book has affected your World profoundly.In 1483, before Columbus sailed for America, History was falsified and the World set on a dangerous course. It was done to satisfy the ambitions of Louis XI of France and the English Margaret Beaufort.What was done was hidden, in this book it is revealed and, by our belief, can now be made right.Part I puts right the historical record and clears the name of Richard III.Parts II and III create what should have been and go on to open the eyes of the World.Along the way are links to the complete texts of books of History and books of Magic. Along with these are an understanding of how Magic works and realities are created, for this is a book of psychic investigation and psychic action.
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Wanted—A Match Maker

First edition. Illustrations by Howard Chandler Christy (Reed 94). Paul Leicester Ford (1865-1902) was an American bibliographer, historian, and novelist. He is noted for his bibliographies of the works of many American founding fathers (Ford papers, MssCol 1043, New York Public Library). Decorations by Margaret Armstrong. Frontispiece and four tissue-protected black and white illustrations. Decorations two-toned. Dust jacket tanned and chipped at edges. Gift inscription on front free endpaper.
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The Young Railroaders

ONE KIND OF WIRELESS When, after school that afternoon, Alex Ward waved a good-by to his father, the Bixton station agent for the Middle Western, and set off up the track on the spring’s first fishing, he had little thought of exciting experiences ahead of him. Likewise, when two hours later a sudden heavy shower found him in the woods three miles from home, and with but three small fish, it was only with feelings of disappointment that he wound up his line and ran for the shelter of an old log-cabin a hundred yards back from the stream. Scarcely had Alex reached the doorway of the deserted house when he was startled by a chorus of excited voices from the rear. He turned quickly to a window, and with a cry sprang back out of sight. Emerging from the woods, excitedly talking and gesticulating, was a party of foreigners who had been working on the track near Bixton, and in their midst, his hands bound behind him, was Hennessy, their foreman. For a moment Alex stood rooted to the spot. What did it mean? Suddenly realizing his own possible danger, he caught up his rod and fish, and sprang for the door. On the threshold he sharply halted. In the open he would be seen at once, and pursued! He turned and cast a quick glance round the room. The ladder to the loft! He darted for it, scrambled up, and drew himself through the opening just as the excited foreigners poured in through the door below. For some moments afraid to move, Alex lay on his back, listening to the hubbub beneath him, and wondering in terror what the trackmen intended doing with their prisoner. Then, gathering courage at their continued ignorance of his presence, he cautiously moved back to the opening and peered down. The men were gathered in the center of the room, all talking at once. But he could not see the foreman. As he leaned farther forward heavy footfalls sounded about the end of the house, and Big Tony, a huge Italian who had recently been discharged from the gang, appeared in the doorway. “We puta him in da barn,” he announced in broken English; for the rest of the gang were Poles. “Tomaso, he watcha him.” “An’ now listen,” continued the big trackman fiercely, as the rest gathered about him. “I didn’t tell everyt’ing. Besides disa man Hennessy he say cuta da wage, an’ send for odders take your job, he tella da biga boss you no worka good, so da biga boss he no pay you for all da last mont’!” The ignorantly credulous Poles uttered a shout of rage. Several cried: “Keel him! Keel him!” Alex, in the loft, drew back in terror. “No! Dere bettera way dan dat,” said Tony. “Da men to taka your job come to-night on da Nomber Twent’. I hava da plan. “You alla know da old track dat turn off alonga da riv’ to da old brick-yard? Well, hunerd yard from da main line da old track she washed away. We will turn da old switch, Nomber Twent’ she run on da old track—an’ swoosh! Into da riv’!” Run No. 20 into the river! Alex almost cried aloud. And he knew the plan would succeed—that, as Big Tony said, a hundred yards from the main-line track the old brick-yard siding embankment was washed out so that the rails almost hung in the air....
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Hayslope Grange

Hayslope Grange - A Tale of the Civil War is presented here in a high quality paperback edition. This popular classic work by Emma Leslie is in the English language, and may not include graphics or images from the original edition. If you enjoy the works of Emma Leslie then we highly recommend this publication for your book collection.
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The Towers of Adrala - Book One, Part One: Saranoda

When magic leaps from fairy-tale to reality at the tips of every person's fingers, chaos unfolds in the world of Adrala. Four unlikely but steadfast friends; Eris, Pird, Zook, and Sye, have their loyalty to one another tested when they find themselves at the center of a conspiracy three-thousand years in the making.In the days before civilization, the days when dark things combed the landscape, three races of people fought for control of their lands. Among them were the elves, smart and blessed with the gift of magic. Their greatest foes, even more hated than the ferocious creatures that preyed upon living flesh, were the dwarves. Steeped in honor and tradition, the dwarves felt that all magic was black magic. Warriors by nature, the cleansed the lands of the monsters and yet the elves looked upon them as little more than animals themselves. Eventually there was war.Caught between the aggressive dwarves and the scheming elves, the humans tried to broker a peace and bring about a society in which all three races could coexist. Some say their ideas were unrealistic . Others feel they were downright foolish. Either way, the idealistic nature of the proposed treaty was mocked by both the dwarves and the elves.Mocked, but not dismissed.While the dwarves laughed at the idea of peace, the elves dissected the humans' proposal bit by bit. A Constitution, they called it. Indeed, there were sensible ideas. But much better to have the elves in charge rather than the soft hearted humans. The elf leaders got together under one banner and formulated a plan. Bringing the full power of their magic to bear against the other two races, they brought the war to a swift conclusion.Some called it peace. Others called it subjugation. A new version of the Constitution was given to all the people of the three races. It granted rights to the dwarves and other rights to the humans and still other rights to the elves. Mostly, though, it brought forth four tenets.All dwarves are created equally.All humans are created equally.All elves are created equally.All people are not created equally.Over the years and decades and centuries, society evolved. Amendments were made to the Constitution. Dwarves, humans, and elves found their places in society. With their combined efforts, the monsters of the world were all but eradicated. But with the long lifespans of both the elves and the dwarves, old grudges remained. While the elves ran civilization and dwarves fed it, it was the humans who drove it. Blessed with no outstanding physical attributes, they were the Earth's best innovators. The telegraph, the radio, television, and computer were all constructs of human innovation. Guns, bombs, cars, and trains all came about from human ingenuity. But for all their creative ability, they held little control or wealth. It was the elves, always the elves, with the keys to the kingdom.Owen Keefe is a policeman who has done his best to keep his place in the human controlled department. When a late call takes him into an unlikely and dangerous situation, his life is changed and he starts down a dangerous and slippery slope that may ultimately shatter the castes forever.
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Kepsteno Rotwo

In the village of Pokot in Kenya, traditional father, Felix struggles to cope as his daughter Matilda decides to reject one of the oldest rituals of their community.It is Christmas 1914. As Europe descends further into the Great War, Christopher Flyte is sent home in disgrace from his school. He returns to the sleepy English village of Alton. It is here that he meets the mysterious traveler, Bailey - a master storyteller who fills the boy's head with stories of King Arthur's time. The more Christopher hears, the more he suspects that Bailey's stories are more than just simple myths. Soon, Christoper is a pawn in a game that has been playing out for centuries....
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Stormy Seas: Rogue Persuasion Book 1

Kira is a beautiful redhead who lives on the docks of England, and dreams of a better life for her and her father! Her experience with vile men of the sea has taught her to trust no one. But when she is kidnapped by vicious pirates, her whole world comes crashing down! Her only choice is to trust the one man she hates more than the pirates, the man who bought her from them!Kira is a beautiful of a redhead who lives on the docks of England, and dreams of a better life for her and her father! Her experience with vile men of the sea has taught her to trust no one. But when she is kidnapped by vicious pirates, her whole world comes crashing down! Her only choice is to trust the one man she hates more than the pirates, the man who bought her from them! Is Kira right to despise a man who would pay to possess her, or will this chaos-filled tale end in true love?Marcus O'Hare is a dazzling man of the world, a Nordic-looking sailor in the Naval Fleet and a dashing rogue. He's brought more than a few women to their knees, but now it's a certain redhead that's causing him trouble. Will Kira's time on Marcus' ship spell the end of her virtue, and her future? Or will their battle of the wills lead to something else entirely? This romantic kidnapping story leads them from the dark streets of a dilapidated dock to the sparkling halls of the Royal Palace.
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