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Marriage at Any Price

When the black sheep of the Masters family buys himself a bride...who will pay the price?She lost her ranch to the Masters men, so why is Ally Kincaid now offering herself as Seth Masters's in-name-only bride? Because she'll get her land back, while Seth will get his share of the family fortune. Easy enough. But once they share a marriage bed, will Ally get her heart back in the bargain?
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Window on Yesterday

After a car accident, Alycia Matlock awakens in the year 1777. Much to her surprise, she meets a man who could be the double of her present-day love, Sean. And though she finds romance with Major Patrick Halloran, she is unable to dismiss her love in a different time and place. First of the Windows trilogy. Contemporary/Historical Romantic Time Travel by Amii Lorin; originally published by Kensington
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Terms of a Texas Marriage

The contract says she must marry if she wants to save her ranch... Because of a two-hundred-year-old deed, modern Texas rancher Shea Hardin must wed wealthy landowner Alec Morreston to save her family home. She says yes--and swears this marriage will be in name only. But she underestimates Alec. One look at this suave billionaire and Shea knows staying out of Alec's bed will be the toughest challenge of her life. His hungry lips and skilled touch may seal the deal--and her fate. Will he take her heart and her land? Or, on the brink of losing it all, will Shea gain everything?
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The Game Is Played

Dr. Helen Cassidy had worked hard to get where she was. Beautiful and talented, she remained aloof from men. Then Marshall Kirk came into her life and made a proposal that stunned her. Though she responded to his passion, she could not forget the past. But perhaps this was how the game was played—and she could win without losing herself. Contemporary Romance by Amii Lorin; originally published by Dell Candlelight Ecstasy
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A Man Apart

Justin Grainger lived life by his own rules and they did not include settling down. So while at his brother's wedding, when he met the sexy maid of honor, he had only seduction on his mind. Laying on his notorious charm, he soon had a perfect bed partner for a week of unbridled passion. So why, when their rendezvous came to an end, did Justin suddenly feel he was missing more than a lover? Hannah Deturk was no match for Justin's rakish ways. She succumbed to temptation and followed him on a whirlwind tour of sensual delights, knowing it was only temporary wishing it could be so much more. But she played by Justin's rules to the end, never dreaming he'd want to take it further or that she'd be expecting his baby!
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Lone Star Baby Bombshell

Her baby's father isn't the cowboy he claimed to be--he's a Hollywood hotshot in hiding! Kelly Michaels was fooled once--when a sexy stranger seduced the socks off her. It wasn't until the rancher left her Texas town that she discovered he was Hollywood heartthrob Jace Compton--and she was pregnant with his baby. Now he's back, and Kelly won't be fooled twice. Jace bought a local ranch to escape the rat race. But when he runs into Kelly and finds out she's had his child--that settles it. He's ready to make Kelly his, no matter how many demons from the past are standing in his way...
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A Memorable Man

The Memorable Man: Adam Grainger had never met the beautiful woman named Sunny until now, yet she claimed they knew each other intimately.The Woman He Forgot: Strong, tough men from Wyoming didn't forget women they'd been involved with—it was the code of the West.Their Supposed Passion: She did seem privy to his every desire....If Adam Grainger had ever made love to Sunny, let alone ever seen her, he would have remembered. The lovely lady had delusions of a love that had never existed. Yet Adam couldn't deny she had impossible knowledge of his innermost soul....
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While the Fire Rages

As PA to Wolf Renninger, Jo Lawrence found herself in command after her boss was injured in a car accident. Then Wolf''s younger brother Brett arrived to take over...both the business and Jo herself.  Handsome, arrogant, nice one minute, impatient the next, Brett both confused and excited Jo.  She was tempted to quit—until he kissed her, lighting a fire inside Jo that threatened to consume them both.   Contemporary Romance by Amii Lorin writing as Joan Hohl; originally published by Zebra
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One Night with the Texan

From one-night fling...to the real thing? For wealthy real estate CEO Cole Masters, a weekend in New Orleans means meeting a beautiful woman and blowing off steam. No names, no strings. So months later when the same woman shows up on his doorstep, it's a shocker. Even worse, she's an archaeologist with a court order to access his property—and mess up his business plan. And yet he's still wild about her. For Tallie Finley, this mission is both professional and personal, and Cole could prove too tempting a distraction. Will her efforts to uncover her family legacy be derailed...especially when she discovers she's expecting? One Night with the Texan is part of the Masters of Texas series.
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Window on Tomorrow

Andrea Trask vowed to prevent more betrayal by indulging in romantic daydreams, instead of the real thing. But she is tempted by professor Paul Hellka, who is the most attractive man she’s ever seen. The professor, however, is a very passionate man—and he won’t settle for being Andrea’s pretend lover. Would Andrea dare to risk her emotions again—for something that might be amazing? Contemporary Romance by Amii Lorin writing as Joan Hohl; originally published by Berkeley
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Forever Spring

Now was the winter of discontent for Paul Vanzant. His children were grown, the wife he'd once loved--but who'd bitterly betrayed him--was gone. He felt rudderless on a chillingly cold sea... Then he met Karen Mitchell--a woman in the autumn of her life. Though she found passion in Paul's embrace, Karen claimed a momentary interlude was all they'd ever share. But Paul wanted more than a brief affair. He'd finally found true love, and he was determined to keep Karen--and the warmth of spring--forever in his life.
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Wolfe Wedding

MR. JANUARYWolfe Wedding:Whoa! It's not me, Cameron Wolfe, FBI agent known as the "Lone Wolfe," who's getting hitched. I'm not the marrying kind. It's my brother--the youngest of four who's tying the knot.Cameron's Date?: To unwind before the big family affair, I'm vacationing in a cozy cabin with sexy Sandra Bradley. If all goes well, I'll invite her to the wedding.So?: All went well enough for a little Wolfe to be on the way. And now Cameron and Sandra are on their way to a Wolfe wedding--a wedding Sandra wishes were her own!MAN OF THE MONTH: Will the biggest, baddest Wolfe say "I do" in a very special quadruple wedding ceremony?
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