Wink Poppy Midnight

The intrigue of The Raven Boys and the "supernatural or not" question of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer coalesce in this young adult mystery, where nothing is quite as it seems, no one is quite who you think, and everything can change on a dime. Every story needs a hero. Every story needs a villain. Every story needs a secret. Wink is the odd, mysterious neighbor girl, wild red hair and freckles. Poppy is the blond bully and the beautiful, manipulative high school queen bee. Midnight is the sweet, uncertain boy caught between them. Wink. Poppy. Midnight. Two girls. One boy. Three voices that burst onto the page in short, sharp, bewitching chapters, and spiral swiftly and inexorably toward something terrible or tricky or tremendous. What really happened? Someone knows. Someone is lying. For fans of Holly Black, We Were Liars, and The Virgin Suicides, this mysterious tale full of intrigue, dread, beauty, and a...
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A dark poem whose origins are shrouded in mystery holds a riddle of Death and Eternal Damnation for all those who dare read it.Programming for kids. An introduction to programming for kids- new method: kids learn programming through stories.
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An average New Yorker stumbles upon a world he never knew existed.Zac Quinn's life has been touched by the darkside in more ways than one. His search for the truth about his brother's disappearance leads him to cross paths with a mysterious woman with a curse of her own. She is the sole remnant of a nearly defunct organization who hunted creatures of the night.
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Dancing in Darkness: The Damned

A mysterious man from Evelyn’s childhood appears after an accident on a snowy night on the road back to civilization. Driven to protect him, she faces dangerous opponents that are hellbent in condemning the young man to the tortures of the damned.Journey into the Darkside of the world with the hunters of Blackwood Paranormal Security Department as they unravel the mysteries of the night and protect the innocent.
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Triumph of Time

There are those who walk in this world ...and those who walk in the worlds of the past and present.One of the last remaining members of the Cartier family learns Time isn't easily defeated.
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The House on Cherry Tree Lane

In the 1930s, one family spent the summer watching over the grove of Cherry trees that gave the farm its name. Little do they know the price isolation carries and that some souls will not rest in peace.A lonely young man finds his world turned upside down after rescuing a biod in the form of a beautiful alien girl with an AI implant. Aidan soon discovers that living out an anime scenario in the real world is not what he had dreamed. When more of her sisters arrive he learns the entire world is under threat from one of their kind who was held in a lab on earth for over a century. Together they decide to take it upon themselves to save the space city as well as the Earth.Fantasy science fiction Suitable for mature teens or adults
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In the Mouth of the Bear

Young men with too much money and not enough sense in Cold War Berlin.A short collection of stories set in 1980's Berlin before the wall came down. Quirky, funny, thought provoking by turns, Ewan Alexander Lawrie's book tells how it might well have been, without falling foul of libel laws.
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Urban legends aren't real, they were created to terrify children and teenagers. Spread around campfires slowly embellishing the truth. For Naomi, her beliefs have always dwelt toward the rational side. She's about to find out that all legends have a ring of truth to them.In Lyarne, refugees are first pitied, then assimilated. For Mieshka, this means acting like everything is normal when it's really gone to shit. Why should she care about school? Mom's dead, Dad's useless, and the only thing stopping the war from hitting Lyarne is the fancy, Mage-powered shield that protects the city. With it around, things like air raids and fire balloons are little more than fireworks shows. Lyarne is safe. Secure. Normal. "Normal" was good. "Normal" was what they'd come here for. "Normal" is the best way to move forward. But things, in Lyarne, are far from "normal." And so, she discovers, is she.About 56,000 words. Contains mild swearing and violence.
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A Story a Week

40 short stories written at one a week over the course of a ten-month period. From the Andes to Andalucia and many places in between: As varied a selection of short stories as will ever be read.40 short stories written at one a week over the course of a ten-month period. These stories tell tales from the Andes to Andalucia and many places in between: as varied a selection of short stories as will ever be read. Stories by the author of soon to be published Gibbous House.
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Brother Dearest

The Andersons seem to be the average American family living the dream, but their daughter Cindy knows only too well the dark secrets even the most perfect of veneers, can hide.Five short stories taking a darker look at the Christmas period. In this time of overwhelming Xmas cheer, constant barrage of festive music & films, television filled with adverts demanding the perfect Christmas, these stories offer an alternative. Take a break from the festivities, settle down by the fire, and read these five stories. Ideal for a cold, dark, silent Christmas night. THE SNOWMAN Peter is a troubled young boy, the victim of a merciless bully. The only escape is the yearly visits of his brother at Christmas. His brother won't be coming home this Christmas. Killed in action. Facing a bleak future alone, Peter has only one option left. Continue the tradition, in memory of his brother. Build The Snowman. THE CHRISTMAS REVOLUTION Kap is an elf working nightmare shifts in Santa's workshop. Unable to take it any more, Kap sets in motion a plan to escape from his slavery. Can he lead a revolution that will free the elves from their evil oppressor - Father Christmas? A DOG IS FOR LIFE A deadly new flu epidemic hits Britain. Transmitted by man's best friend. The message goes out. Kill your dog or you will die. Can Fred, a miserable old alcoholic, murder his only friend to save his own life? THE CHRISTMAS TREE An ancient being awakens to find itself imprisoned by an inferior race. WINTER'S BRIDE In a village of eternal summer, a young girl discovers the horrible price paid to keep winter at bay. Can she escape the fate chosen for her that leads only to a cold, dark future?
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Siren's Call

A girl who believes in fairytales goes in search of her sister who was shipwrecked off a cursed isle. In the wilds of the deep blue sea, she soon discovers that some legends have a ring of truth to them.The twenty-two poems in this collection are, with two exceptions, recent compositions. The poems tackle a variety of subjects, including: nature at it's best and worst; the retrograde loss of memory in the aged; theology; the circular nature of history; and the problem of whistling mailmen.The poetic forms range from tightly controlled meter and rhyme to free verse and even experimental forms, such as those used in "Mine Enemy Sleep" and "Writing a Poem".The author has found inspiration in many poets past and present, but is not tied down to a particular type of poetry. He prefers, rather, that the form should emerge from the theme and the narrator's voice.
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Dancing in Darkness: Witch

Evelyn investigates a possible case of a modern day witch-hunt in upstate New York.Journey into the Darkside of the world with experienced hunter Evelyn Blackwood and ordinary New Yorker Zac Quinn as they unravel supernatural mysteries and save the innocent from the terrors of night.
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A mirror reflects my empty expression...If I am filled with sadness, won’t you stay with me?A promise made, now kept decades later.
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