Adam The Office Ninja

Adam is the world's only (self declared)Office Ninja-skilled with the ancient art of Ninjutsu, and also using 6 copying machines concurrently. Can Graham, the manager from the office temp agency Office Lenders, teach Adam the Noble Way of the Office Temp, and more importantly- keep Adam from ruining his career?Graham, local manager from Office Lenders, has a problem that most Office Temp managers don't have to deal with at all. One of his workers thinks, in all sincerity, that he is a ninja. See, most people don't get reports on their desk from clients complaining of being hit with paper throwing-stars. They also don't hear that someone is breaking dress code at their job- not by wearing a Hawaiian shirt, but by wearing a black mask and frightening old ladies at a flower shop. But that's OK, Graham will make Adam into an ideal office worker,even if he has to trick him into it. After all, its what a ninja would do.
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The Guardian

A dark and disturbing thriller of one man's deadly rampage to rescue a young girl from human traffickers by the author of Lakeside Murders. A former mercenary and paramilitary in some of the most terrifying organized fighting groups in the world, Harry Carver stops at nothing to hunt down those who do him wrong. Born American but living in Britain, Carver is protecting Lynn, his vulnerable ward and her daughter, Irene. But when both go missing, he learns the shocking truth: Irene, young and beautiful, has been sold into modern-day slavery. Sigmund Dark is the illustrious and Machiavellian owner of an elite prostitution ring, with syndicates in London, Paris, and all other major cities of Europe. Sitting atop his constructed throne in an elaborate Carcassonne palace, Dark thinks he is impenetrable and infallible. But he hasn't planned for the fury of Harry Carver. An expert fighter and detective, Carver skates his way around...
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Cinematic Overtures

A great movie's first few minutes are the key to the rest of the film. Like the opening paragraphs of a novel, they draw the viewer in and set up the thematic concerns and stylistic approach that will be developed over the course of the narrative. A strong opening sequence leads the viewer to trust the filmmakers. Other times, opening shots are intentionally misleading as they invite alert, active participation with the film. In Cinematic Overtures, Annette Insdorf discusses the opening sequence so that viewers turn first impressions into deeper understanding of cinematic technique.From Joe Gillis's voice-over in Sunset Boulevard as he lies dead in a swimming pool to the hallucinatory opening of Apocalypse Now, from a stream-of-consciousness montage as found in Hiroshima, mon amour to the slowly unfolding beginning of Schindler's List, Cinematic Overtures analyzes opening shots from a range of Hollywood and international films. Insdorf...
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The President Takes Over

A time has come when any intelligent and patriotic citizen of India has a right to be alarmed about our political system. This novel is about a President of India who is patriot enough to be alarmed at the state of political and economical situation in the country. He declares emergency, dismisses the government in power, and tries to rejuvenate the political systems.A time has come when any intelligent and patriotic citizen has a right to be alarmed at the state of our political system. As of September 2012, our political system has reached a nadir. Our political leaders from Pandit Nehru to Sonia Gandhi have never been able to put the interest of the nation above that of self, their dynasty or their party. Most political parties, there are about 40 of them, are controlled by dynasties or individuals. The Prime Minister, Finance Minister and the Chairman of the Planning Commission are Western educated neo-liberal economists who care more for big business and foreign investors than the ordinary citizen. The level of corruption in the country is simply mind boggling. There is vote bank politics. The Government stands paralyzed by internal contradictions and conflicts of sectarian interests. The law and order is so bad that the ordinary people, particularly women and children, are unsafe. Looting of Government treasuries, misappropriation, favoritism, nepotism, encroachment and destruction of government property continues unabated. There is no accountability. Government servants, even in essential services like transport, airlines and banking go on strike and hold the country to ransom. Agitators block trains, burn government property and police vehicles and beat up police personnel. The Government just refuses to act. It is indeed a sad state to be in the 65th year of independence. Parliament has become a farce.It is not that people do not know what is wrong. Millions of words have been written and said on the media about corruption in high places, about the nexus between politicians and criminals, about dividing the country on caste and religious lines in search of votes that would allow a party to rule the country or a state and enjoy perks of office. Anna Hazare and his India Against Corruption have been agitating against corruption and for political reforms. Baba Ram Dev and his followers have been agitating for bringing back Indian "Black Money" stashed in banks abroad. Can anything be done about it? Can the politicians be expected to forego their personal and party interests and work for the benefit of the country and its people?In this book the President declares emergency, dismisses the government, introduces new laws, holds fresh elections and cleans up the mess. It is a dream. But unless we dream, we will have no goals and no progress.
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Shaping Glass: A Reality Zero World Story

Tal is the prince of Elwar, or at least he was until his total jerk of a brother tried to have him killed. Luckily, he totally swiped the magic Shaping Glass before leaving.Unluckily, his brother sent some bounty hunters after him. Is this a scrape Tal and his bodyguard will walk away from? Or can Tal master the Glass fast enough to tip the scales in their favor?All you need is a Shaping Glass and the right Relic, and you can change the world however you please.Provided your enemies give you enough time to model every object and person in the room with clay, of course. Oh, and you also have to use the Relic to add in whatever effect you want.Tal, the Prince of Elwar, is freshly on the lamb after being attacked by his brother the King. Next thing you know, him and his bodyguard, Carmine, have been tracked down by some nasty bodyguards. Tal doesn't have enough sword skills to skewer a lump of cheese, but he can use the Shaping Glass and Blue Ice enough to maybe make your drink a bit colder.Which may not especially intimidate bloodthirty bounty hunters looking for Tal's head.Escape is the order of the day, but some violence could maybe happen first.And some totally unfair beard commentary.If they do both make it, what will Tal and Carmine do next? Where will they go? Why do weird things keep happening to them? Why don't people appreciate the noble goatee beard anymore?**Shaping Glass is set within Level Three of the world of Reality Zero.
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