Troy: A Brand of Fire

Greece is a land of unruly kings and warriors, always hungry for glory. In the days after the last heroes, they are even hungrier for practical things - land, and most of all wealth.Troy has plenty of both. One brand and the whole Aegean could catch fire.The world is about to learn that the age of heroes is not over after all.The fractious, bickering Greeks have a High King now. There are fewer wars. Men say the Age of Heroes ended when Theseus leapt into the sea.But far afield there are heroes still, not all of them Greek. Eastern islands have been conquered and settled, towns founded on strange shores in the west. Crete itself has fallen, mighty Minos thrown down. Greek eyes begin to range wider, to powerful Egypt in the south and the rich trade routes of the east, watched over by the Topless Towers of Troy.Greek kings long for that wealth. The Trojan king longs for the return of his sister, abducted years before by a Greek raiding party. Perhaps the Greeks can be forced to bargain, in exchange for one of their own noble women... if Troy can steal one away.And the Fates begin to weave a new, rich thread into their endless tapestry.
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Blood and Gold

Sarténe is a land of culture and beauty. It is also about to be invaded, its people accused of heresy and awful crimes. Defending it are four friends, famous for their exploits in war in the desert far away. Behind them stands the Hidden House, and the ancient powers it is said to command. But against them comes a vast army, larger than any they can raise, and the cruel general who leads it.Calesh Saissan is a captain of the Hand of the Lord, a military Order fighting in Tura d’Madai. But he has no faith in the God he seems to serve. The purpose of the Hand is to distract attention, so the All-Church will not notice the heresy growing in its homeland of Sarténe.Now word has reached Calesh that the charade has failed. The heresy has been revealed, and the All-Church will turn its next Crusade west, into Sarténe. So Calesh comes home, back to the land he left eleven years ago to escape the sorrows of his youth. Back to another war, this one for survival. With him come the soldiers of the Hand, ready to defend their homes.With him too comes his mixed-race wife, the half-Madai Farajalla. Waiting are his old friends, three men with whom he made legends once, and also the Lady of the Hidden House behind her veils of mystery. Together they must stand against the All-Church, or see their country burn.
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Sly: MC Biker Romance (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club Book 2)

An Outlaw. An Assassin. A passion hot enough to consume them both. Sly - Outlaws. That’s all the Great Wolves M.C. were ever supposed to be. But that’s the thinking of a lost generation and I’ve finally brought my club out of the darkness. We’re headed for a brighter future and it only cost me my soul. A small price to pay until I met Scarlett. She came out of nowhere to stir my body and blood. Her dark yearnings equal mine. I can’t get enough. I know she’s hiding something from me and before I’m through, I mean to make her bare everything to me...her body, her heart and her secrets. Because she doesn’t realize she’s met her match. Scarlett - I want Sly Cullinan in every way that’s wrong for me. Getting close to him was just supposed to be part of the job. I know he’s a killer. Because you see, I’m a killer too. For his past sins, it seems everyone wants him dead. But when he touches me, my body craves more. When he whispers my name in the dark, I can’t breathe. I could say I’ve lost my soul in him but I lost that long ago. I should walk away except this time I may already be too far gone.*This is a standalone, full length romance novel involving the men of the Great Wolves M.C. Each book is interconnected and part of a series, but they can be read in any order and DO NOT contain cliffhangers. They DO contain dark themes and elements*Book Themes MC Biker Romance Dark Romance Romantic Suspense Standalone Full Length Romance Novel **
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Bittersweet Deceit

Lainie is a thirty year old, full-figured woman entrenched in a love affair with a married man. Although Lainie loves Mason desperately, she vows never to say those three little words while he remains with his wife. Stayman, an enigma in Lainie’s close-knit group of friends, has been circling her with interest, trying to garner her attention. When circumstances make it clear who’s blocking his way—Mason—Stay goes full-court press in pursuit of Lainie. Lainie doesn’t see Stay as relationship potential because she is blinded by her love for Mason. However, the more she learns about Stay, the more she comes to realize she never really knew him in the first place. An unexplainable mystical connection evolves between Lainie and Stay and she has to choose between a man she so hopelessly loves and a man who offers her everything she needs.
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My Body-His

One night at a party, Jane Stiles meets an intense and compelling stranger named Luke. This fateful encounter prompts her predictable life path to veer into uncharted territory, sweeping her along on a frightening erotic journey into the world of bondage, domination and submission. How far down this dark path is she willing to go?
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