Not Far From Aviemore

A thirty-foot tall ghost, a faceless rapist and a hag who exists for no other reason than to witness torment. Two scientists are lured into a landscape of supernatural chaos where they encounter the legendary Big Grey Man of Ben Macdui, are pursued by a psychotic stalker and unearth secrets unheard of in this age of mankind.A thirty-foot tall ghost, a faceless rapist and a hag who exists for no other reason than to witness torment. ‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’Adam Forrester is a London scientist with a very unprofessional secret; he is a victim of Old Hag syndrome, a cruel and humiliating visitation he has endured since a child. Having lost hope his torment will ever leave, Adam undertakes an expedition to the Scottish Highlands, entering the realm of the legendary Fear Liath Mòr, a giant spectre known for terrifying climbers on Ben Macdui. His task is to learn more on the dark side of the spirit world, desperate to manufacture a scenario of chaos that might break the hold his abusers have over him. But is his arrival on the cold and perilous heights of Britain’s most remote national park really his idea, why is his American colleague Becky involved, and what does it all have to do with M Theory?
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Dragon Fly

Rel is in the hands of the Separatists. Pevan has committed herself to rescuing him, in spite of orders not to. With only Chag to help her, she must make her way through the treacherous Second Realm to the Separatists' lair and find some way to defeat its powerful guards on their home ground.In this sort of prequel to IT'S OVER, Dwayne and Scott are headed to an out of the way place to make a score on a hot Texas afternoon in 1977. Dwayne is in dire need of a fix and as the day wears on he's not entirely sure if the hallucinations he's having are brought on by the sickness or if there's something about his friend Scott he doesn't know.IT'S OVER: CHRONICLES is a multimedia online series in tandem with the IT'S OVER film trilogy, created by Snout Productions. For more information on the three films, the graphic novel, IT'S OVER: TRIBULATIONS, and all Snout music, film and multimedia content, visit
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I Can See Clearly Now

Clearsight allows you to look into the future. Rel's had a Clearviewing that might allow the little town of Federas to capture an infamous master thief. But the Clearviewing shows Rel will have to do something to make sure Van Raighan is captured, and it doesn't show what...Jeep Muldoon has the amazing power to find missing objects like silver dollars, diamond rings, and cold hard cash! But, can he save the miniature golf course from a smarmy developer? Or, locate a Pharoh's death mask stolen from the children's museum? Join Jeep and his middle school pals in their biggest adventure yet: The Mystery of Merlin's Magic!Join the only gang of 7th graders with night vision googles, a tree house on the Internet,a secret bat cave clubhouse and way too much fun to tell their parents about!“ the Mad Scientists Club for a new generation” – American Homeschooler
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The East Anglian Bombardiers And Grenadiers

The East Anglian Bombardiers And Grenadiers, we first met them in Sid and Arthur's Steampunk Adventure. Now they are in a story of their own, with a few new or newish characters. Can they regain the code book before the Hoo (who?) use it to take over the world of Thera?Pirates! Aliens! Cannibals! Brain-squid-things-whatever-the-hell-they-are! Mythological vaginas! Psychopomp brings you a festering sack of seasonal genre fiction in time for Hallowe'en! Your ebook reader will literally putrefy as you load this file, your throat will fill with vomit, your excrement turn to water.* You will find yourself losing the will to live as you thumb through these eighteen tales of pure gonzo oddity and you will not thank us for it.You will wish you had downloaded a haunted Pokemon ROM, you will wish you had thought about Slender Man too much. You will wish you had not downloaded this ebook - and that's a Psychopomp promise.Make yourself miserable this Hallowe'en, download Psychopomp Volume Eight today!* actual reader experience may vary.
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Kelly's Bar

A gentle Mexican chef and his favorite waitress cook a loudmouth customer’s goose. That's all I'll tell you. Click the blue below to see why. Here it suffices to say that the story is short and free. Why read a summary when with little more effort you can read the whole thing? If you can't spare a moment more, you shouldn't be wasting time reading fiction anyway. Go back to work!"One can not judge a book by its cover." So we are told. But a cover is usually the only thing a reader has to base a judgment on. Smashwords tries to aid readers by providing summaries, one short, one long, for each book it distributes. For non-fiction this works well. But this, it seems to me, defeats the whole purpose of fiction. After all, one reads a story to find out what will happen. It’s the uncommon twists and turns that make a story interesting. But if a summary has told all this beforehand, what fun is to be had in the reading? Therefore, no summary of the present short story is given. It's short and it’s free! So read the whole thing and see if you like it. I ask you to do this because I think it is the best book judging method. To find fiction you like you must first read around enough to learn something of the style and stories of different authors. Then you can judge books, not by their cover, but by the your opinion of the writer. I'd like to help you do this. The present short story is one of several which I will make available free at Smashwords. Read a few (or all of them) and decide if you like them. It won't cost you a dime. If you like them, you can then purchase some of my not free (but still inexpensive) longer stories. All these stories are of one particular kind. To reflect this similarity all have the same cover picture, the Kitty & Rose shown above. So after you’ve read a few, you can, in fact, judge them by their cover. The common theme of the Kitty & Rose stories is human sexuality. This is not unusual. Most fiction concerns sex in one way or another; ranging from romances so sedate and demure an extraterrestrial could never know sex is at the root of everything described, to erotica so unrestricted even an extraterrestrial might blush. Kitty & Rose stories are in the middle of this range. All deal with human sexuality, but none do so explicitly. Rather, they are seemly. The dictionary gives three meanings for seemly: Attractive or agreeably fashioned; Decorous or conventionally proper; and Appropriate or suited to its purpose. With respect to appropriateness, seemly sex stories range from the humorous to the inspirational, but all concern human sexuality. So they are clearly appropriate. These stories are also seemly in the decorous and conventionally proper sense. For, while they treat sex candidly, they do not do so graphically. There is nothing pornographic nor erotic in any seemly sex story. Of course, different persons’ opinions about this may differ. A few consider frank pornography decorous. At the opposite extreme are those like the abbot of the monastery where the great biologist Gregor Mendel did his epochal research. This abbot thought Mendel’s studies were decidedly indecorous because they involved the sex of pea plants! Finally, there is the principal sense of seemly, attractive and agreeably fashioned. Like every author I exert my every effort and ability trying to make these stories seemly in this regard. But like every author, I must await your determination of the degree of my success. Since both of us will be pleased if you find them attractively seemly, I very much hope you do.Happy reading!BobbyBP.S. This is free Kitty & Rose short story #13, uploaded 3-2-17.
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The Sins of The Brother

To the people of Vessit, Pevan's brother is a pariah, responsible for the Realmquake that ruined their town. Dozens are dead, hundreds injured, but Rel is the only one who might have an idea what happened. To find him, Pevan will have to face the hostility of the townsfolk and somehow recruit a Guide for a journey to the Second Realm...Zombies - ravening, mindless monsters? Or just misunderstood?Zombie Variations collects three short stories from the zombie's point of view, and three very different types of zombies.2795 words
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Kendra (Flash Fiction)

Dark he was and olive eyed. Fierce as the sun and white as the moon. He led an army of 10,000 men all trained in the arts of war. He lived in the Bosom of Abraham with his wife and children, but warred upon the earth to satiate his battle lust and need for adventure. A half angel saved from the flood and, because of his home, an immortal. This is the story of Kendra the Nephilim.Kyle Foster's summer starts off in an interesting way when he encounters a space object that crash-lands in the forest. Kyle goes off to investigate, and the UFO zaps him with incredible power. As the weeks go by, Kyle learns that he now has control of this power, and it changes everything, including his relationships with his best friends. On top of the usual worry of a teen, Kyle becomes aware that there is another UFO related to the first heading toward Earth. Kyle's caution proves true when the alien attacks, and on top of all of this, other humans are also taking an interest in Kyle, with their own ideas in mind for his power.
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Wolves at the Gate

The Separatists have abducted Taslin from the heart of the Gift-Givers' fortress. Pevan is sceptical of Rel's rash plan to get her back, but she only has Chag to back her up. And Chag confesses to a whole new crime: giving the Separatists the ability to read the future. Pevan will have to choose whether to give the thief a second chance, or write off Taslin for dead.15 year-old Axel lives happily with his mother until he is kidnapped and taken to places unknown and he must find his way back home.
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Catch Me When I Fall

Pevan's rescue mission finally arrives at the Court of the Children of the Wild, where the Gift-Givers are about to put Rel on trial for almost destroying the First Realm. Chag, distracted by the mixed messages Pevan's sending him, needs Rel to stay true to their Separatist masters, but the Clearseer may have other ideas, and Taslin is determined to see Chag face his own reckoning.Have you ever out of anger wished someone dead or hurt in some way?This is exactly what happened in the town of Deadington. Sarah Phillips was teased by the townspeople because of her hideous face from a fire that destroyed her family. Sarah was placed in a foster home where she was abused on a constant basis by the sons of the family she was living with. Sarah finally reached her boiling point, and one late night when she was running from her foster brothers fearing for her life. Sarah came upon a cabin in the woods and fell to her knees out of breath knowing in her heart this was probably the last time she would take her last breath. The brothers were hot on her trail and wanted her dead because their parents were spending more time with her and the boy’s jealousy took over and they both snapped and planned for this night to be Sarah's last. Just as the two brothers were ready to pounce on Sarah and do her in an old woman stepped in front of the two boys and said "Is there something I can help you with?"The two boys laughed and said "Don't you have some knitting to do?"The old lady looked over at Sarah and said "What would you like me to do with these two boys?"Sarah replied "I want them dead!!"
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6cndluo (and Other Flash Fiction) Anthology

Comedy Flash Fiction Anthology comprising of 6cndluo, The Goblin Adventures, Goblin Space Marines, The Black Goblin, a sample of The Crying Pennant and Interview with the Author.Every Christmas Eve, Eile and Sunny of Team Girl spend the day at Pastor Sjauken's homeless shelter for single mothers and their children, preparing and serving meals, handing out presents, and generally helping everyone to make merry. In their own way, they like to remind his charges that miracles can happen.But tonight they will be involved in another miracle, as a force greater than themselves manipulates them without their knowledge, only this time it could mean the difference between life and death.
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Wild Hawk Down

From behind bars in Federas' jail, master thief Van Raighan shows Pevan a vision of her as his lover. Before he can explain, his allies among the Children of the Wild attack the town to rescue him.Pevan is left with the choice: protect her home, or chase the truth.INSIDE — HAPPY GAY PRIDE SPECIAL STARRING GAY ICON NADIA BJORLIN — Exclusive Interview: Beautiful Bjorlin Joins THE GROVE; Life With Fary; What’s Up With Brandon Beemer; Her Post-DAYS Life (“I Would’ve Written Off Chloe, Too!); VENICE and More! Is Salem About to Become A Bopeless Place? It Looks Like Peter Reckell IS Leaving DAYS! Fearless Summer Predictions! Michael Easton Exiting GH After Explosive Sonny-McBain Showdown! Another Y&R Actor Out? Plus: Is Ted Shackelford Bolting Y&R for DALLAS? Cameron Mathison’s New Soap Job! Twat Blog: Was PORT CHARLES Alum Brian Presley Set Up? And Why Did The Media Take The Bait? Controversial Y&R Pairing: Paul and Emily?! Judith Light Wins a Tony! Last Week's Reviews, Unbelievable Blind Items, and Next Week's Cheat Sheet!
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Souls by the Sea

Held for ransom in a town made of dreams and memories, Burlie McLauren must take down Fisk Iping, the criminal witch that holds her and her family. He thinks a girl without a spark of magic is helpless. He's so painfully wrong.Held for ransom in a town made of dreams and memories, Burlie McLauren must take down Fisk Iping, the criminal witch that holds her and her family. He thinks a girl without a spark of magic is helpless. He's so painfully wrong. 'Souls by the Sea,' a fun ongoing paranormal fantasy series with an unexpected, but very effective, young heroine. The Great Recession has its hooks in the McLaurens but a new start in a new town comes with new problems. Souls by the Sea has a larger Dissimilar community than the family would like. Still, the monsters make for a great distraction. Until something, or someone, goes wrong. When that happens, Burlington 'Burlie' McLauren shows everyone what real strength looks like. 1 - 'Souls by the Sea'2 - 'Souls by the Sea: Without' - Burlie McLauren is the first victim of a dark force that sends normally decent townspeople running wild. No one, not even the strongest witch, is safe. And who's safe from that witch? Here's a hint...nobody! Burlie, without any power at all, must step up to save the town from itself. Without a prayer. 3 - 'Souls by the Sea: The Glorious Fourth' - Billions of lives are on the line as an insane, elemental threat targets the world...because of what Burlie McLauren did. What did she do? And how can she fight an Ultimate Power with no magic of her own? With the Earth doomed no matter who wins?4 - 'Souls by the Sea: The Visit' - COMING SOON
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