5 More Perfect Days

The companion novella to the dystopian nightmare, 25 Perfect Days, which IndieReader named as one of the Best Indie Books of 2013. Through five interlinked stories, each written from a different character's point of view, 5 Perfect Days goes deeper into a world gone wrong, the first signs of resistance, whistleblowers, drones, and a population so under control they're not even aware.Baumgartner P.McMasters III, is an executive business-man's caveat. Having a large office, a Condo and other riches, only one thing, he is a druggee. He'd sell his blood for a nickel bag. Then one day, he has to make a decision, when his drug-seller threatens to go public for not paying him on time. He decides to cut all ties, and leave it all behind. He shows up, a year-later in worn and tattered-clothes, and sits alone in a diner somewhere in AZ with a nap-sack full of his own old-mementos. Then, he reads.. What will become of him, and what if anything will save him.
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Every Precious Second

A short story about an old man who tries to slow down time for his dying wife.A blog by the author trying to understand life.Dave Roberts is ex-army, forced out of the job he loved after a Friendly Fire accident in Iraq. He contemplated becoming a British Jack Reacher and chancing his luck on the open road, until a phone call from an old army friend put him right back where the action is - Iraq. What they found would blow their minds! What was under it could blow them away?Join the team on their “Scavenger Hunt”. The trouble is who do they trust not the police. To die was not an option! Or so they thought…
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Program 29-us89n4x

This is the first short story in 5 Perfect Days, the companion novella to 25 Perfect Days. It's 2039 and times are tough, the President has claimed the country needs controlling. Walt Jaworski, a dedicated Controlling Force Agent, is the man they call upon.From best-selling author Stephen England comes NIGHTSHADE, a new stand-alone short story in the Shadow Warriors series, predating the events of Pandora's Grave by several years."He wasn't supposed to be here. None of them were. That wasn't unusual--he'd spent well over ten years of his life going places he wasn't supposed to go, doing things he wasn't supposed to do. "CIA paramilitary operations officer Harry Nichols had brought his team to Ciudad del Este for a single purpose: eliminating Jean-Claude Manet, aka Ramzi bin Abdullah, the former head of al-Qaeda operations in Europe.It was supposed to be simple. But there's nothing simple about killing a man.
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30-Day Program

A short story from the companion novella, 5 Perfect Days. The year is 2048 and 15 year-old, Gabriel, is one warning away from being taken to a Retraining Center and forced into a 30-Day program.King Arthur and Sid the dwarf from The Crying Pennant appear in the time backwater (they even have a Time War.) Experts are needed to stop the whole of time collapsing, however only Sid and Arthur are available.(Didn't I just say that?)
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As a result of finding her soul mate (Christopher), Ellie has broken her curse, and awakened from her death to find that she has become something mystical, an ethereal Other. A being, whose story has yet to end, where who one is before their death, leads to what they become after … kindness or violence follows in their wake.
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Prelude (An Alec Winters Series, Book 1)

Alec Winters, age sixteen, discovers the truth about his dysfunctional New Orleans family. His shock and anger sends him spiraling into a supernatural transformation. Some see him as an angel who protects innocent victims, while others see him as the most horrifying demon imagined.
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Gables Court

Age 24, Samuel Baas is a romantic and virgin who wants love and marriage before sex. After moving from staid New England to the hothouse world of Miami, he falls in love with Kate, the college girl he wants to marry. She isn’t interested in becoming anyone’s little wife. For her, sex is recreational.A lawyer, Bass represents an accused Nazi war criminal and Haitians who, if deported, face retribution from the murderous Tonton Macoute. Head of a crime family, his father takes a special interest in his son’s legal career. In this complicated world, Baas dates and tries to answer the central question in his life,“Is love for someone else?”Loneliness isn’t gender specific nor is alienation just a phase.Over a span of ten years, Samuel Bass journeys toward intimacy—and his people.
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