Lost: Saved by Love #1

The last thing Derek expected to find on the dirt road to his cabin, is an unconscious, beaten and bloody woman. Trying to keep her safe and help her regain her memory, takes him on a different life course than expected.Lost is an erotic suspense novel, an intense non-traditional love story that will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.Erotic version is also available.TRAPPED IN TIMESTRANDED IN THE FUTUREIn the year 6421 AD, reasons for humanity’s extinction remain unknown to the government and future historians alike. In an era where time travel is possible, historians and journeymen have been forbidden from exploring that time period for any purpose whatsoever.Nobody knows what will cause human extinction, and nobody has a clue.But with only a thousand years left to humanity’s existence, an frenetic kind of curiosity spurred the constabulary's highest officials to agree that the future has to be known. No matter how proven it is that nothing in the events of the past can change the future, historians cling onto the fact that a theoretical Zeta Disruption may exist.The Zeta Disruption, according to temporal theory, is a person—or animal—capable of changing the future. The Zeta Disruption can change the entire course of humanity.Savannah Proehl and Kenneth Yardrow are pulled forward into the year 7245 to do exactly just that. They are given the rare chance to make a positive change to the world by discovering the causes of human destruction and answering a mysterious riddle.But as young as they are, even they themselves are unsure if they can fulfill this gargantuan task. Still, the fate of humanity lies in their hands and it is up to them to save humanity from its demise.Will they be able to unearth the truth? Will they be able to save the humans from obliteration?Only one way to find out….If you wish to read more, download now!BONUS PREVIEW FOR NEXT STORY IF YOU BUY THIS BOOK!EXCERPTEven after hearing the riddle, Savannah Proehl hadn't been able to make much sense of it, other than to figure out the number fourteen was important to her mission to save the world. After getting the Soonseen's Lonnan Nation to cease firing at a ship from their Kinnan Nation, President Kunan Slaan had asked her to stick around in the future for a while.The problem of the human race dying out as a result of Hinjo Junta's actions had remained. Though the immediate danger from deflected energy beams striking the planet had passed, Savannah found that she could not return home as soon as she wanted.She sat in the president's mansion in Jakarta. President Slaan had placed her in a room with three walls and several panes of glass connected to each other to form one great transparent wall. The evening sun streamed in through the glass, shining upon her braided hair which lay over one shoulder.An empty white can lie before her on a glass table. The can had once contained the same kind of gray nutrients she had eaten in Alexandria. She wouldn't call it food, not since she had come to regard it as little better than puppy chow.President Slaan had promised to bring her food from the Temporal Constabulary. The nearest constabulary base lay in Okinawa, which was further away from Jakarta....Download and discover why readers follow CARL JOHNSON.Scroll up and get the book now!
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Red River Song

When Lorelei first sees sparks coming from her hands, she worries it's all in her mind. She tells her best friend who seems more interested in separating her from Patrick, a classmate she can't keep off her mind. After being nearly killed by a succubus, Lorelei learns she and her closest friends are Gifted, or sorcerers, and it's up to her to unite the factions of Others to slay the Succubus QueenLorelei Abrahms knew she’d never be famous. She’d never change the world. Lorelei’s just an introverted college student losing faith in her dreams as her life plods onward with no meaning. That is, until she discovers she has strange powers and someone wants her dead. When Lorelei first sees the sparks coming from her hands, she worries it is all in her mind. She tells her best friend Heath, but he seems more interested in separating her from Patrick, a classmate she cannot keep off her mind. After being nearly killed by Thea, a succubus disguised as a college student, Lorelei learns she and her closest friends are Gifted, or sorcerers, and Patrick and his family are Sang, also known as vampires, though no one uses the common terms. Somehow, she must control her new powers and unite the Gifted, the Sang, and the Dark, the Gifted’s opposing faction of sorcerers, to defeat Thea. Unfortunately, Thea is much more than just a succubus and no faction is safe on its own.
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