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The Black Witch

Isolde dreams of heroic deeds and yearns to live the life of a shield-maiden. When the wanderer Skaldi turns up at her doorstep, he brings horrific news. The Black Witch has returned and she is calling out to Isolde. With no other choice, Isolde must put her trust into the mysterious Skaldi as she is plunged into her worst nightmare... but this is only the beginning.The Black Witch has returned and she is whispering for Isolde...Isolde dreams of heroic deeds and yearns to live the life of a shield-maiden. However, in the sleepy town of Eyndale, those dreams may as well be dead. She envies the stories of her long-deceased mother and wishes that her father might see her for the grown woman she has become.When the wanderer Skaldi turns up at her doorstep, he brings horrific news. The animals have been rotting in the fields and the barbaric armies of Ravenscar are flooding down from the north. Something dark is being whispered on the wind. It hisses and laughs as it seeps down through the ancient forest. The Black Witch has returned and she is calling out to Isolde.With no other choice, Isolde must put her trust into the mysterious Skaldi and chance the foreboding woods. But they soon find themselves being hunted when ancient curses come back to life. Isolde is plunged into her worst nightmare, but this is only the beginning.The Black Witch is for fans of The Witcher, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Narnia, Maleficent, Seventh Son, Merlin, Snow White and the Huntsmen, The Dark Crystal, and Dungeons and Dragons.
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An Interview with God

Paul Asher, an up-and-coming journalist, returns home from covering the war in Afghanistan to find his life is falling apart. His marriage is near collapse, and he's in the grips of a personal crisis he struggles to understand. And more pressing, a soldier he befriended on the front lines is waging his own battle after discharge and Paul is desperately trying to rescue him. But the young reporter's life takes a strange turn when he is offered an opportunity too intriguing to resist—an interview with someone claiming to be God.Based on the critically acclaimed film "An Interview with God" starring David Strathairn (The Bourne Legacy) and Brenton Thwaites (Pirates of the Caribbean), the story connects our conflicts of faith to the miracles that can occur when we are confronted with a living hope.
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Jak Phoenix: Paid in Full (A Short Story)

An all new Jak Phoenix space adventure, set before the events of the first novel! Jak and Baxter are asked to pull off a seemingly simple grab – for a big payout. Unfortunately, shady dealings frequently end in space shenanigans.The story revolves around a simple phrase, ‘Love one another.’ Of how complex it became when benevolent aliens, only thirty-six, stranded on our planet sought help from us humans to refuel their ship to save their civilization. Aliens who believed in one almighty and benevolent God. Aliens whose society flourished on a firm and deeply rooted abidance to their God’s greatest tenet, ‘Love God and one another.’ Of how ‘helping and loving each other’, deeply etched in the alien’s nature and character, clashed with human’s attitude to seek power, by whatever means, that when pushed to a corner, the ‘everyone for himself’ mentality in human’s prevail. In contrast, the aliens would rather die than rise at other’s expense. This irrational behavior, this instinct for survival is inherent in us humans. The aliens, faced with such inherency, went their way to get help as they advocated, ‘help and love one another.’ Wary of the temptation to humans to acquire the power one can hold in their technology, the aliens pushed on to save their civilization through this prevailing human attitude. Thus, the story in four episodes, four points in time, four scenarios.An excerpt from the novel best describes the alien’s predicament through Amo Obib’s, the Alien leader, dilemma. A dilemma that holds true to us intelligent humans today when he concluded: “In all the years I observed humans, I never understood them. Power, greed, and mistrust are things that shaped their destiny. Never in history have they thought of themselves as one, Earthlings. Countries, races, tribes, families, and even within their own family, they compete against each other. I do not understand,” he paused, as he struggled to make sense of it. “It’s sad for it is within the Human’s power to make this planet a wonderful place to live. If they only knew the value in loving and helping each other, they could make their world a paradise.”Accessed for its story, a professional concluded, “This is a formulaic and unique sci-fi novel that fans of aliens, philosophy, and sociology will find engaging.” A conclusion drawn as embedded within the story are philosophical, theological, and sociological issues. Issues true thousands of years ago as it is today! Issues that will make one pause and consider. It will make you wonder and think.
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Jak Phoenix

Jak is a pilot who would rather kick back with a cold drink than stick his neck out to save the galaxy. But, as we all know, life often gets in the way of these ‘big dreams.’In the spirit of space operas of old, comes a light hearted, action packed novel following the exploits of the best low quality pirate in the galaxy - Jak Phoenix.Jak Phoenix is a pilot who would rather kick back with a cold drink than stick his neck out to save the galaxy. But, as we all know, life often gets in the way of these 'big dreams.' Jak and his longtime friend Baxter once again find themselves on the verge of bankruptcy. A last minute salvage mission delivers more than they bargained for when Jak's old enemy shows up and steals their haul out from under them. When it is revealed the cargo is more important than any of them realized, Jak decides, against his better judgment, that a retrieval is necessary. His pursuit leads him right past his enemy and into the hands of the most feared pirate in the galaxy. In the spirit of space operas of old, comes an action packed novel following the exploits of the best low quality pirate in the galaxy - Jak Phoenix. “Perfectly paced to keep science fiction fans absorbed and engaged." - Eloise Michael, Feathered Quill Book Reviews“This space opera chuckle-fest is just plain fun to read.” - Tracy Falbe, Author of the Rys Chronicles Fantasy Series
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The Further Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

"The true sequel to Twain's masterpiece." —The Christian Science Monitor At the start of this exuberant adventure story, Huck Finn's life is back to normal in St. Petersburg, Missouri: The Widow Douglas expects him to wear clean clothes and eat with a knife and fork, and Jim now gets paid two dollars a week for the same chores he did as a slave. But when tragedy strikes and Huck is framed for the murder of Judge Thatcher, the two old friends have no choice but to finally "light out for the Territory"—and straight into the chaos of the California Gold Rush. With tenacious lawman Bulldog Barrett in hot pursuit, Huck and Jim zigzag west, encountering a colorful cast of con artists, vixens, outlaws, and Indians along the way. Huck's dastardly Pap even makes an appearance, rising from a watery grave to menace his son once again. When the adventurers visit a rowdy San Francisco theater, they find their greatest surprise yet: A...
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Deadline Y2K

On New Year's Eve 1999, a chain reaction of computer malfunctions turns what was to be a global gala into a catastrophe. When computers begin to fail along the international dateline, the infection moves westward, causing massive power failures, train and airplane wrecks, and general havoc. As the "Millennium Bug" passes hour by hour through each time zone, it moves inexorably toward the epicenter of the global economy, New York, and the thousands of computers that control the world's monetary systems.The Midnight Club, a group of cyberpunks led by Michael "Doc" Downs, has the solution—but they also have an adversary: energetic venture Capitalist Donald Copeland, who has designs on using his technological prowess to "capitalize" on the impending disaster. Around 10:30 A.M. on December 31, a Safeway in New York is hit by the Bug, sent all the way form Guam. All systems freeze, and what begins as a simple malfunction snowballs into looting and rioting....
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To Kill the Potemkin

The Barracuda, the most advanced attack submarine in the U.S. undersea arsenal. The Potemkin, a shattering breakthrough in Soviet underwater weaponry. Facing each other in a deadly contest, vessel against vessel becomes man against man. Jack Sorenson, the sonar genius,against Nikolai Federov, the beleaguered Soviet captain. The hunter and the hunted. Who would win and who would lose? And would the world survive the lethal reality of two nuclear-powered predators...?
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Power for Life: Keys to a life marked by the presence of God

Product DescriptionMany Christians today are hungry to experience God's power. They often look for it in outward demonstrations of the supernatural, such as signs, wonders, miracles, and prophetic words. But there is a desperate need for all believers to realize that true power is the result of the lives they live before God every day. This book will show people how to dwell in real, authentic spiritual power--not just the outward power sometimes visible in church meetings, but power from within that transforms their daily lives. People will learn that they can live an extraordinary, supernatural life in God Monday through Sunday. Each chapter will deal with a principle, or key, that is essential for living an abundant life. Applying these principles--pursuing an intimate relationship with God, developing a strong identity in Christ, walking in the truth, and so on--will enable people to overcome issues from their pasts, develop fresh vision for their futures, and walk in victory on a continual basis. The core theme of the book is that real power for life is found in the lifestyle one embraces on a daily basis. Choosing to follow certain key principles will release the supernatural power of God into a person's life so that he will exhibit God's character and experience His blessing in every area. About the AuthorMatt Sorger is a prophetic and practical-life minister, healing evangelist, and the head of Matt Sorger Ministries. He travels nationally and internationally, ministering the Word in the power of the Holy Spirit, and hosts a weekly television program titled Power for Life. Many have experienced healing and freedom during Matt's meetings. He holds a degree in Biblical Studies and has ministered in over 25 nations of the earth.
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Reclaiming Hope

When Kollin's best friend Riley reappears after a four year absence—having completed his transition from female to male—they discover there's more than friendship between them.
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On My Worst Day

The Cure... for your Worst Day. Many of us stumbled into Jesus and discovered the one we'd been searching for all our lives, whether we knew it or not. He told us everything was going to be alright. He was a best friend who whispered that he loved us to the exact extent his father loved him. He saw everything we did yet refused to condemn us ever. He was an incredibly powerful and supernatural God who could actually change the outcome of our horror into beauty. Then enter shame, time, failure, disappointment, and bad teaching. We learned to see him as disgusted that we haven't shaped up by now. We now have a hard time reading the words of Jesus without feeling he's telling us we're not enough and we should be better, after all he's done for us. And we pull back, not as easily daring to trust him with us, less willing to trust his plans, life and destiny for...
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