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Sarah Pig

This story is about a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig who lives in Henderson, Nevada, and her special quest.Upon realising their vampire and werewolf heritage Connor and Jacob are drafted into a war between humans (with vampires and werewolves) and demons. The two soon meet original vampire Yuuku Excrucio, who happens to run the organization that served as the front lines in the war. The two accept the offer of becoming soldiers in the war, however there are complications. On their first mission they fall in love! Demons continue to grow stronger, but so do the vampires and werewolves. Who will win? The Earth? Or the Demons? Read and find out...
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A Free Range Wife

The author of The Man at the Wheel brings back Scotland Yard's Inspector Peckover in this "valuable addition to the classic British detective" (The New York Times). A femme fatale . . . or a female Jack the Ripper? It's springtime in France—the season of love in the country of romance. But Scotland Yard Insp. Henry Peckover has murder on his mind. The local police have asked him to make some inquiries about Mrs. Mercy McCluskey, a Frenchman's lusty American wife. It seems a former boyfriend of this most-liberated lady has turned up dead. Then a second . . . and a third! Before long, Inspector Peckover has uncovered an IRA connection, a gin-swilling gunrunner, a mysterious killer with a very French twist, and another potential corpse—his own . . . "With bits of Peckover's naughty light verse, a tad of slapstick, and lots of French food: a jaunty, somewhat silly black-comedy." —Kirkus...
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Drop Dead Gorgeous

Imogen's marriage has hardly been an exciting affair, but when her husband Edward dies she's alarmed to discover that he hadn't been nearly as predictable as she'd always thought. Still reeling from the shock of his death, Imogen is mystified when she finds a photograph of a seductive-looking young blonde among Edward's papers. Could it be that the seemingly reliable (and actually quite boring) Edward was having an affair?Imogen is desperate to learn the truth but her best friend, Jude, thinks she should leave the past behind and join her in her search for the perfect man. Should Imogen throw off her widow's weeds, don some war paint, and join the battle to find a single man who isn't bitter, twisted, or still living with his mother? She isn't sure she's ready for trial-by-dating agencies and lonely hearts columns. But though everyone keeps telling her that all she needs is time, could it be that what she really needs is a date? With her characteristic...
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Potions Are for Pushovers

It may have been a ghost that led Eleanor Wilde to set up shop in a quaint English village. But now that she's established herself as the town witch, Ellie's contentedly casting spells on anyone desperate enough—or gullible enough—to request her mysterious potions... Selling mystical elixirs and tantalizing tonics is a pretty good way for a fake medium to earn a living. Or at least it's Ellie's main source of income—until a villager turns up dead. The cause? Murder by poisoning. And though Ellie's concoctions don't include anything worthy of a skull and crossbones, suddenly she's the prime suspect. Her only recourse is to find the culprit who did do away with Sarah Blackthorne. No one liked the mean old battle-axe. But did anyone hate her enough to kill her? It's enough of a mystery to make Ellie hang up her witch's hat and take millionaire beau Nicholas Hartford up on his offer to keep her afloat. Except...
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Travellers May Still Return

A young couple escapes Vancouver and takes a meandering trip down to Panama. In a dreamlike tale, ambiguous in setting and period, a girl child is lost. And Charles Darwin, whose historical namesake found his life work's inspiration in South America, finds his purpose in studying village life. Through two novellas bridged by a story, Michael Kenyon reads the imperatives of biological diversity into inner human life and asks: what happens when we do not accept parts of ourselves? what happens when genre and classification engulf "freedom" and spirit? New storytelling requires acknowledgment of the implicit paradoxes of the unconscious, journeys as much into the psyche as into the world. Kenyon's people often find outer form in their lives through inner exploration and vice versa. This book is full of expressions of escape and commitment, knowledge and acts, introversion and extroversion, feminine and masculine.
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Starship Doi

Who answers for Earth? A sci-fi novel about a third-century Dacian, a young girl from year 1111, a modern-day Englishman and a mysterious starship. "...a wonderful composition, with an interesting plot and lots of details that create a terrific world... well written and with fabulous images." -- goodreads.com **
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Brothers Jackson and Frank live on the margins of a big urban sprawl. From abandoned tower blocks to gleaming skyscrapers, their city is brutal, beautiful and divided. As anti-government protests erupt across the teeming metropolis, the brothers sail in search of the Red Citadel and its promise of a radical new way of life. A striking portrait of the precarity of modern urban living, and of the fierce bonds that grow between brothers, Patrick Langley's debut Arkady is a brilliant coming-of-age novel, as brimming with vitality as the city itself. 'Thick with smoky atmosphere and beautifully controlled – this is a vivid and very fine debut.' — Kevin Barry, author of City of Bohane
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Broken Ghost

A Welsh community is drawn together and blown apart by a strange vision in the mountains: the huge spectre of a woman floating over a ridge. The people who live here in these mountains already have their own demons – drink, drugs, domestic violence, psychoses – but each character has a different experience of this strange apparition, a different reaction, and for some it will change everything. Is it a collective hallucination? A meteorological phenomenon? Whatever it is, they all saw something, early one morning on the shores of a mountain lake, something that will awaken in them powers and passions and, perhaps, a possibility of healing these broken people in a broken country.An examination of modern humanity's desperate need to live meaningfully and vividly in a mediated world – where individual autonomy is lost and the collective heart is atomised and exploited – this is a novel that gives voices to the marginalised, the dispossessed,...
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Menace In Malmö

On a late summer evening, the train from Malmö to Ystad is involved in a crash. The deaths at the scene seem straightforward until one of the bodies is identified as a well-known conman. It's someone who had crossed swords with Chief Inspector Moberg in the past and he is keen to find out what the dead man was up to. Before long it develops into a far more sinister investigation for Inspector Anita Sundström and the team at Skåne County Police. Yet Anita is finding it difficult to keep her mind focussed as a new Cold Case Group have reopened the first murder she was ever involved in. Twenty-one years before, the young and eager Anita and her colleagues were sure of the murderer's identity, but were unable to find the conclusive evidence for a conviction. Her nemesis, Alice Zetterberg, is heading up the cold case and is determined to prove Anita wrong. While watching helplessly on the sidelines, her own case takes an ominous turn with a brutal murder and a new menace on the streets...
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