The Fair Elf Princess

A young boy discovers he's able to take the splendors of his dreams into the real world. One night he finds a mysterious young girl laying with him.Sixteen-year old Confucius Clementine is a dreamer devoid of a social life and engulfed in the world of fantastical video games. But after suffering a concussion he discovers that he's been granted an unthinkable power... the ability to bring anything he so desires from his dreams into the real world. He creates a new persona called the dream savior to heroically transform the world, but upon awakening one night, he finds in his bed with him a mysterious girl, Rosewielder, the Fair Elf Princess. Confucius and Rosewielder learn that they're part of a magical but perilous world of vampires, elves, dragons, all the things of folklore and legend, veiled just beneath the commonplace. Rosewielder struggles to adapt to suburbia, slicing televisions in half with her sword and destroying giant serpents, whereas Confucius is mesmerized by the fair elf's radiant beauty, all the while, dark spirits forcing them to take up their arms as warriors to protect each other and the world.
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Dead Man's Hand

The first in a new series by debut author Mark Lock, for fans of Mo Hayder, Belinda Bauer and Mark Billingham. Detective Inspector Hal Luchewski's life is complicated. The stress of his job is getting to him – usually in the form of hard liquor. He's still living in his dead father's shadow, his relationship with his daughter is strained, and his love life is complex to say the least...although nearly 40, Hal's still reconciling himself to the fact he's gay... When teenager Danny Wiseman's butchered body is found in a squalid bedsit in South London, Hal and his team think they have a psychopath on the loose. When a second body is found – that of an ex-guard at Granton Young Offender Institution – Hal fears the worst. Is it a coincidence that Wiseman recently spent time at Granton, a place which has become a byword for corruption and scandal? Is Hal up against a former inmate's wrath, or something even more sinister? Soon enough, the case...
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The Mismade Girl

When Alice Seagrove is found dead, a name carved into her body, old memories are stirred up for DI Hal Luchewski. The name is that of a murdered sex offender – and the man who killed him, convicted in Hal's first ever murder case, has just been released from prison. As he digs deeper, Hal discovers multiple links between Dr Seagrove, the recently released killer Nino Gaudiano, and Nino's long-missing daughter Louisa. Hal must tread a fine line as he digs into the secrets of several people involved in both cases – and time is running out.  Meanwhile, Hal's convoluted personal life is strained, as his relationship with boyfriend Stevie is on the rocks and he has to deal with revelations about his world-famous father...
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The Storm on Our Shores

"Mark Obmascik has deftly rescued an important story from the margins of our history—and from our country's most forbidding frontier. Deeply researched and feelingly told, The Storm on Our Shores is a heartbreaking tale of tragedy and redemption." —Hampton Sides, bestselling author of Ghost Soldiers, In the Kingdom of Ice, and On Desperate Ground The heart-wrenching but ultimately redemptive story of two World War II soldiers—a Japanese surgeon and an American sergeant—during a brutal Alaskan battle in which the sergeant discovers the medic's revelatory and fascinating diary that changed our war-torn society's perceptions of Japan.May 1943. The Battle of Attu—called "The Forgotten Battle" by World War II veterans—was raging on the Aleutian island with an Arctic cold, impenetrable fog, and rocketing winds that combined to create some of the worst weather on Earth. Both American...
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