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A Fatal Romance

Fixing up homes can be tricky. Finding true love can be even trickier. But finding a killer can be plain old deadly . . . Twin sister divorcees Sunny Taylor and Eve Vaughn have had their fill of both heartaches and headaches. So when they settle down in the small Louisiana town of Sugar Ledge and open a remodeling and repair company, they think they've finally found some peace—even though Eve is still open for romance while Sunny considers her own heart out-of-business. Then their newest customer ends up face-down in a pond, and his widow is found dead soon after. Unfortunately, Sunny was witnessed having an unpleasant moment with the distraught woman, and suspicion falls on the twins. And when an attempt is made on Eve's life, they find themselves pulled into a murder mystery neither knows how to navigate. With a town of prying eyes on them, and an unknown culprit out to stop them, Sunny and Eve will have to depend on...
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Deadly Reunion

On a trip that will make readers recall reunions they didn't want to attend (but went to anyway), widowed Cealie Gunther gets a call to join friends from high school for a get-together during an Alaskan cruise. She hasn't seen them for years, but jumps in when she learns a good female friend who's attending has a major problem to solve. There are other good reasons to get away too. Cealie can visit her son who lives in the area and at the same time put distance between herself and Gil Thurman, who wants commitment, but she doesn't.Tragedies begin on day one of the cruise when people start dying. Stunned by altered appearances and personalities of former friends, Cealie soon discovers their view of her has also changed. The brief visit with her son is a disaster and Gil's appearance on the ship adds to her anguish. Soon Cealie knows she'll need to uncover secrets of the friends she'd thought she'd known, before more people from the class die.Including Cealie...
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A Manor of Murder

Home renovation, like romance, can cause its share of headaches. And in Louisiana's Bayou country, the path of love can be strewn with murder . . . Between maintaining a home renovation business and patching up their personal lives, twin sister divorcees Sunny Taylor and Eve Vaughn are too busy to meddle in their aging mom's romantic affairs. That is, until the strong-willed senior makes plans to marry her retirement community's newest resident. Her cadre of buddies at Sugar Ledge Manor are worried that Mom's beau is only after her money. But when the groom-to-be's nephew, Edward, is found dead in the house he'd hired the sisters to remodel, the situation gets even stickier. Everyone knows Edward and the twins disagreed about the upcoming marriage. The crime hasn't just thrown a wrench in their professional reputations—now the killer seems to be taking aim at Mom. That discovery, along with a second sudden death, sends Sunny and Eve...
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Approaching Menace

Josie Aspen gladly gave up a career path to move to the Gulf Coast to help with her sickly little brother. Her phobia of bad weather means being ever-fearful of hurricanes, but possible storms aren't as scary as a killer who is attacking young women in the area.As Josie's brother's condition worsens, their mother reveals she is much more erratic than Josie ever imagined, and the man Josie plans to marry shows signs that he may be hiding something terrible.As a powerful storm turns toward their coast and the body count rises, Josie will need to face her terrors if she is to keep her little brother alive.
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Relative Danger

Spunky widowed Cealie Gunther is a woman of a certain age whose zeal for adventure keeps her in the thick of things—like trouble. She pops up in town early to watch her motherless granddaughter Kat graduate, only to discover that because of a custodian's death—accidental—or murder?—graduation might not take place. Determined to find the truth, Cealie snags a job as a substitute teacher, exposing much violence, lurking menace and more disturbing questions than answers. The only thing certain is that a killer has decided Cealie and her grandchild need to be expelled—permanently. "Best Mystery of the Year nominee" - Deadly Ink "Suspenseful" - Publishers Weekly "An absolute winner!" – Author Hailey North "Keeps you guessing" - Kirkus "Refreshing twists" - Romantic Times "Way fun!" – Author Alice Duncan "Sexy" - Armchair InterviewsFrom Publishers WeeklyAt the start of Shaw's promising first mystery, Cealie Gunther, an independent woman of a certain age, finds her granddaughter, Kat, in tears on a surprise visit to her widowed son in a Chicago suburb. Kat, a high school senior with excellent grades, is so upset after the death of a school custodian (the police, who at first ruled the custodian's balcony fall an accident, now suspect Kat's Spanish teacher of murder) that she insists on staying home and missing final exams and graduation. When the interfering Cealie pushes her way into Kat's high school as a substitute teacher, further violence and mysterious accidents, not to mention rude students and eccentric staff members, can't deter her from finding answers. A former lover, restaurant owner Gil Thurman, lends romantic interest. While Cealie muses too much on matters irrelevant to the main plot, humorous dialogue, a suspenseful climax and good character development should please cozy fans. (Dec.) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. ReviewRelative Danger gives the reader absolute delight."" --- Haily North, USA Bestselling author of Love: Undercover humorous dialogue, a suspenseful climax and good character development --Publishers Weekly
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Killer Cousins

Spunky widow Cealie Gunther flies into Tennessee after receiving frantic messages from her cousin Stevie Midnight that she needs Cealie’s help, or she’ll die. Cealie and Stevie never got along when they were young, but Cealie can’t refuse Stevie’s cry for assistance.Cealie finds murder has touched her semi-psychic cousin’s life. Resolved to discover the killer, Cealie uncovers secrets about a young mother, Stevie’s hairdresser, and members of her Quitters Group, including a priest and the hookers who pair up with him. Cealie must learn who is murdering people close to her cousin who she’s staying with—or is her strange cousin the killer herself? “Killer Cousins is great! In the mode of Agatha Christie” Heather Graham, N.Y. Times Bestselling author“Sexy Cealie is back with new and old friends. It's a keeper!" Lorna Barrett, N.Y. Times bestselling author“Cealie makes me laugh out loud! I highly recommend this book!” Reviewer Dawn Dawdle“A fun romp. Highly recommended!” I Love a Mystery Reviews“Interesting characters and life issues that women of all ages can relate to” Armchair Interviews“Cousins must try to unite in their struggle against smoking and flab” Publishers Weekly“A gumbo of wry wit. Rollicking good fun!" Ken Wells, Pulitzer-nominated author
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