River of Bones

★★★★★ "River of Bones, and the whole Anna Kronberg series for that matter, is a definite must read for fans of historical mysteries." Ponder the Page A boy is found huddled up to a decomposing body. No one knows where the two came from. And neither will talk. Inspector McCurley of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation consults Doctor Elizabeth Arlington, hoping she can reach the catatonic boy, and help shed light on this mysterious case. As she and McCurley are drawn deep into a world of corruption and murder, they uncover a chilling past still chasing the boy. But now it's chasing them. ___________ If you enjoyed The Alienist by Caleb Carr, and dark mysteries and thrillers by David Penny, Anne Perry, Louise Penny, Jo Nesbo, Alex Grecian, Nelson DeMille, Daniel Silva, Lee Child, and Ken Follett, odds are you'll enjoy my mystery & thriller series as well.
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Silent Witnesses

Only two people in this world know my name. I am one. The other is believed dead. Dr Elizabeth Arlington keeps her past buried. But when a woman is killed in a train accident, she falls into old habits and examines the body. All evidence points to murder. Soon, a second victim is found, and a photograph left at the scene incriminates Elizabeth. Now the prime suspect, she must hurry to catch the killer before the police arrest her. But when he strikes again, Elizabeth discovers a terrifying truth.
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The Devil's Grin - A Crime Novel featuring Anna Kronberg and Sherlock Holmes (Kronberg Crimes)

How far would you go to stop a crime so cold-blooded it outshines the deeds of Jack the Ripper? Anna Kronberg, masquerading as a male medical doctor in the late Victorian London, joins forces with the one man who can land her in prison for years to come. While struggling to solve a case of organised murder and abduction, Anna must gamble with her career, her life, and her sanity.
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The Lion's Courtship: An Anna Kronberg Mystery

London, 1885. Anna Kronberg hides in the city’s most notorious slum, offering medical treatment to prostitutes, beggars, and criminals of all kinds. None of her neighbours knows her true identity and she makes sure it stays that way. When the Irish thief Garret O’Hare breaks into her home in the dead of the night, bleeding profusely from a gunshot wound and collapsing on her bed, her life begins to take a deadly turn. Prequel to the bestselling Anna Kronberg Thriller series. This book is not for the faint-hearted. Explicit language, explicit medical scenes, violence, poverty, and prostitution are depicted without prettifying.
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How far will you go to change a failing system?Welcome to the era of a beautiful regime: Gregor Lange is the man at the top, manipulating the world under the guise of peaceful prosperity. His one weakness — he cannot control his own daughter, Kay. She runs away from home and is abducted by Alex — anarchist, alleged cop killer, and public enemy number one. He tells her outlandish stories of conspiracies and imminent climate disaster, and warns her that western society will collapse if she doesn't help bring down her own father.But Kay is not the gullible girl Alex believes her to be. In the Lange family, ruthlessness is a virtue...
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Remnants of humanity are scattered high in the mountains, far from the deadly disease that wiped out ten billion lives. While everyone claws for survival, Micka cuts lines and numbers into her skin. The day she decides to press the blade deeper, a stranger steps into her life and makes an offer she finds hard to decline. *I would like to thank everyone who has joined me on my wild ride as an indie author. The most rewarding gems I found on this journey are your emails, and your comments on my webpage and Facebook page. You have encouraged me to write more than one book (The Devil's Grin), and with that, you helped me become a full-time author (I'm almost there). But I also have to apologise. If you expected a fifth Anna Kronberg thriller, you might be disappointed by this SciFi that's very far away from the Victorian London we roamed together. But it's just as stinky, dirty, and disease-ridden. So maybe, you'll enjoy it anyway.***
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Keeper of Pleas

On December 10, 1880, Coroner Sévère makes a gruesome discovery: Nine newborns, buried in flowerpots, and hidden in plain sight in Whitechapel. A mortician receives the bodies and vanishes. Clues for the two seemingly unconnected cases are scarce.When Police and Coroner learn that the missing mortician might have spent his last moments at the bosom of the infamous prostitute Miss Mary, a series of events is nudged into motion. Lies are unearthed, rumours spread. Yet, the killer remains a faceless phantom.His secret seems buried forever.Until the night Sévère requests Miss Mary's services...Warning: Post-mortems and prostitution are shown un-prettified.
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Spider Silk

Coroner Sévère has it all: a beautiful young wife, money, influence, and...secrets...Not only is a disease slowly crippling him, but his wife, Olivia, is also a former prostitute who used to serve the Chief Magistrate himself — a man with cruel appetites.When Sévère and Olivia begin to investigate the heinous crimes of Chief Magistrate Frost, more than the Coroner's career is at risk.Sévère might just end up at the gallows.
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The Devil's Grin - a Crime Novel Featuring Anna Kronberg and Sherlock Holmes

In Victorian London's cesspool of crime and disease, a series of murders remains undiscovered until a cholera fatality is found floating in the city's drinking water supply. Dr Anton Kronberg, England's best bacteriologist, is called upon to investigate and finds evidence of abduction and medical maltreatment. While Scotland Yard has little interest in pursuing the case, Kronberg pushes on and crosses paths with Sherlock Holmes. The detective immediately discovers Kronberg's secret - a woman masquerading as a man in order to practice medicine - a criminal deed that could land her in prison for years to come. But both must join forces to stop a crime so monstrous, it outshines Jack the Ripper's deeds in brutality and cold-bloodedness.Review"The story is fast-paced, engaging, enjoyably atmospheric, dark, and I'm really fascinated with Anna's character." The Stormy Petrels"Beyond being a fine CSI/Sherlock Holmes style mystery, this is a poignant novel at times almost poetic" ... "An unforgettable hero(ine)" Dan Andriacco, best-selling author of Baker Street Beat"You've created a truly fascinating character in Dr Kronberg and set her against one of the finest  characters in English mystery fiction. Dr. Kronberg is intelligent, passionate about what she does, assertive in a positive way, and compassionate and empathetic to modern readers. That she must masquerade as a man in order to do what she does best and achieve the success she so richly deserves speaks volumes about the history of women in Western society." Paul Negri, former editor-in-chief and president of Dover Publications"A terrific read!" Richard "RB" Botto, CEO of Stage32"Such an engaging voice" Cathy Jones, authorFrom the AuthorListen to The Devil's Grin Podcast: kronbergcrimes.comOther books by this author: The moon was watching
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The Fossegrimen Folly

Shy didn't want to go to summer camp. Beyond the cabins in the trees and the new friendships, he discovers that Camp Lac Igam is different. Adventures and mythical creatures abound.This first installment of the Camp Lac Igam series is a rollicking adventure at summer camp that forces young Shy to learn to deal with bullies, believe in himself, and be courageous for his friends. When he discovers his special ability to see through fairy deceptions, he finds himself face to face with the mythical fossegrimen. The treasure hunt begins, but can they survive the consequences of what they find?
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The Huldra Hostility

After his adventures at Camp Lac Igam the previous summer, Shy discovers both seelie and unseelie fey, watching... waiting. Excitement follows him through school and back to the northwoods summer camp on the shores of Lake Superior. He knows what needs to be done, and in the process of doing, Shy discovers the depth of his friendships. The plotting of the evil Huldra builds, and threatens Shy, his friends, and possibly humanity itself. Will they succeed in their mission to rescue and return?This thrilling sequel to The Fossegrimen Folly will leave you salivating for more!
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