Mirrors of Death

This memoir from the son of notorious gunman and career criminal Ray Chuck Bennett is more than a recitation of one's lifetime. It is the journey of a man carrying a dark secret, unknown even to himself.Mirrors of Death is a tribute to the friends and family of Mark Lee Bennett that lost their lives over the years, through tragedy and bad circumstance. It's a story of one man's constant experience with death and tragedy. And it is also a glimpse at the underbelly of Victoria as seen from a man who emerged, scarred and changed forever, from the legacy of the Great Bookie Robbery.
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Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV

Like Bill Carter chronicling the late night wars in his classic The Late Shift, star New York Times reporter Brian Stelter reveals all the dish and dirt behind the polite smiles and perky demeanors of morning television in his much-anticipated...TOP OF THE MORNINGWhen America wakes up with personable and charming hosts like Matt Lauer, Robin Roberts, and George Stephanopoulos, it's hard to imagine their show bookers having to guard a guest's hotel room all night to prevent rival shows from poaching. But that is just part of the intense reality New York Times staff writer Brian Stelter reveals in TOP OF THE MORNING--a gripping look at the most competitive time slot in television, complete with Machiavellian booking wars and manic behavior by the producers, executives, and stars.Stelter is behind the scenes as Ann Curry replaces Meredith Vieira on the Today show, only to be fired a year later in a fiasco that made national headlines. He's backstage as Good Morning America launches an attack to dethrone Today and end the longest consecutive winning streak in morning television history. And he's there as Roberts is diagnosed with a crippling disease-on what should be the happiest day of her career.Featuring exclusive material about current and past morning stars like Katie Couric and all the major players of the 2000s, TOP OF THE MORNING illuminates what it takes to win the AM, when every single viewer counts, tons of jobs are on the line, and hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake. Among the questions Stelter answers for the first time: Why did NBC really decide to oust Curry from her chair? What was her replacement Savannah Guthrie's reaction? Was Matt Lauer really at fault?So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and discover the dark side of the sun.About the AuthorBrian Stelter is a media reporter at The New York Times, where he writes about television and the web, both for the newspaper and for the blog Media Decoder. He was a subject of the 2011 documentary Page One: Inside the New York Times. Before joining the Times in 2007, he was the founder and editor of TVNewser, the preeminent blog about the television news industry. He sold TVNewser to Mediabistro in 2004 and ran it until his 2007 graduation from Towson University.
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Horizons of Deceit, Book 1

It was meant to be the best day of her life...Little did Annabelle Somerset know that the occasion of her marriage would be the start of a series of events that would change the destiny of mankind forever. An attempt on the life of Queen Victoria sets into motion an epic journey that spans the entire globe, from the frost-bitten wastelands of the Russian tundra to the dangerous back alleys of the Calcuttan slums. With inhuman killers lurking on the streets of Dublin to the mysteries buried deep beneath the Arizona desert, a plot begins to unravel which will reveal a terrible betrayal at the very heart of the Empire.The game-changing Season Two finale!
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The Curse

The Great Bookie Robbery of 1976 wasn't just one of the biggest heists in Australian history.It was also a curse. On the robbers and their families; on the law enforcement unit that sought answers; on the victims the aftermath left in its wake.Following on from the story of the Great Bookie Robbery as written by Mark Lee Bennett, the illegitimate son of career criminal Ray Chuck Bennett, this is the follow-up of what happened to the survivors, and the families of notorious criminals now known for pulling off one of the biggest heists in Australian history.Where the Great Bookie Robbery itself is a story of criminals and record-breaking heists, this is a story of the tragedy and bloodshed that can come as a result of crime.
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Food Network Star

An all-access pass for fans of television's most challenging food fight . . . and the Food Network stars it has createdFor seven delicious seasons, Food Network Star finalists have endured weeks of grueling and complex cooking challenges to compete for the biggest prize in television: their own Food Network show. Each finalist is put to the test to determine his or her culinary competence and on-screen star potential, and the stakes are high. The last finalist standing is launched into food and television celebrity.Now, for the first time ever, go behind the scenes with the finalists as they compete to win a life-changingspot on Food Network. From the drama of the challenges to the delicious winning recipes, Food Network Star: The Official Insider's Guide to America's Hottest Food Show showcases hundreds of photosand stories from the finalists and celebrity judges, including the selection committee:Susie Fogelson Giada...
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