Titanic, First Accounts

Fascinating firsthand accounts of the Titanic—in a deluxe package with gorgeous graphic cover art.Just in time for the centennial of the sinking of the Titanic, this graphic deluxe edition compiles first hand accounts, testimonies, and letters by notable Titanic survivors, including Archibald Gracie, Lawrence Beesley, Elizabeth W. Shutes, and the "unsinkable" Molly Brown. Full of historically accurate details and an afterword by the grandson of Lawrence Beesley, Titanic Survivors and author of The Loss of the S.S. Titanic, it will be the gift to give die-hard Titanic buffs. Authoritative, commemorative and in a striking, luxurious package with and introduction by Titanic enthusiast and expert, Tim Maltin, this will be the authoritative work on the disaster.For more than sixty-five years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,500 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global...
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101 Amazing Facts about Chocolate

Did you know that the Latin name for the tree from which we get the seed that we turn into chocolate translates as 'Food of the Gods'? Or that eating chocolate can in fact help prevent tooth decay? Separated into sections such as chocolate through history, chocolate around the world, the production process and more, this interesting read contains over one hundred facts. Whether you are a complete chocoholic or you just want to learn more about a hugely fascinating subject then this is the book for you.
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The Barn House

A rollicking yarn about a home-improvement project that took a man and his family to hell and back.In 1993, after Chicago lost many of its residents to the suburbs, Ed Zotti and his family gambled their future by fixing up a dilapidated Victorian home in a dicey neighborhood. Where most saw a shabby façade, the Zottis saw promise?even when it dragged and drained every resource. 'the Barn House? had a collapsed ceiling, wiring that shorted, and oak floors painted red, white, and blue. Unsettling discoveries included a box of .38 caliber bullets?with five missing?and the mere fact that the house was built on a bed of sand.Alternately harrowing and hilarious, this is a classic account of one family's private urban renewal project, featuring burglars, irate neighbors, and a lively cast of workers. From its grim beginning to its unexpected outcome, The Barn House is the inspiring story of what it means to live (and totally rewire) the American Dream.
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State of Terror

In the near future, there has been a series of terrorist attacks. With the War on Terror now a global conflict, the distinction between the war front and the home front has blurred. With the Homeland at war, the old rules of law and of war no longer apply. New enemies call for new tactics. Drone and satellite surveillance, warrantless search, universal electronic monitoring, internal passports, and abusive checkpoints and strip searches have become routine in the emerging National Security State. New enabling laws authorize secret courts and indefinite detention without charge or trial. Plunged headlong into a nightmarish world of “ghost” detainees in black-site prisons is Tom Benson, a banking executive and U.S. Army veteran. Growing distant from his wife, and with his son facing conscription, his troubles start when he is mysteriously unable to cash a check. Arrested and declared an Unlawful Enemy Combatant, he endures progressively harsher “enhanced” interrogation as he struggles to regain his freedom and strike back. State of Terror explores Benjamin Franklin’s timeless warning: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  **
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Titanic: A Very Deceiving Night

First publicised in National Geographic's 2012 programme Titanic: Case Closed and the Smithsonian Channel's Titanic's Final Mystery, Tim Maltin, Britain's foremost authority on RMS Titanic, here reveals precisely why Titanic struck the iceberg.  Maltin began his research initially to discover why the Californian did not come to the Titanic's rescue. His research led him to investigate the exact atmospheric conditions on the night, which in turn brought him in front of some of the world's experts in refraction and thermal inversion. Patiently logging together the details of the mirage effect created that night by the conditions, Maltin finally discovered what a hundred years of Titanic investigations have failed to prove: why the ship hit the iceberg.  Through vivid images, first person testimonies and forensic investigation, Maltin demonstrates how Captain Stanley Lord could not be to blame for the collisions, and also reveals why the nearby ship, the Californian, failed to come to her rescue, resulting in the death of 1500 passengers. Titanic: A Very Deceiving Night finally draws to a close the world's biggest maritime mystery. "Tim Maltin has shown that there was a strong superior-mirage display in the ice-field where Titanic sank, using both archival weather records and the logs of numerous ships in the area. The mirage and related refraction phenomena, such as looming, contributed to the confusion at the time of the accident. In particular, he has established that the crews of the Titanic and Californian saw each other's signals, but were unable to interpret them because of atmospheric effects acting in the unexpectedly large distance between the two ships." Dr Andrew T. Young - Atmospheric refraction expert, San Diego State University "Defenders of Captain Stanley Lord have long tried to rewrite the history books by claiming that Lord's vessel, the Californian, was well beyond visual range of the sinking Titanic on the night of April 14/15, 1912. Tim Maltin's groundbreaking research goes a long way toward explaining why these revisionist claims are untrue and why peculiar atmospheric conditions led the Californian's crewmen to mistakenly believe that the rocket-firing ship they were observing that night could not have been the Titanic...Starting from a completely fresh perspective and utilizing brand new sources of information, Tim Maltin has added crucial missing pieces to key puzzles surrounding the Titanic saga, and researchers everywhere should be grateful for his outstanding contributions to the subject." George Behe, author of On Board RMS Titanic, Vice President, Titanic Historical Society 1992-96 **
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Fact. Fact. Bullsh*t!

Think again. It's going to be a lot harder than you think to pick out the BS. Each entry hides one well-crafted fib among a pair of unbelievable truths. And it's up to you to figure out what's fascinating and what's fabricated on everything from koala bears to Confucius to high-fructose corn syrup. Was Cleopatra the last Egyptian pharaoh? Can you really make diamonds out of tequila? Is the platypus actually poisonous? A flip of the page reveals whether you're right or wrong as well as more information on the true trivia—and why you might've fallen for the fake fact. You'll really need to know your sh*t if you plan on correctly calling bullsh*t.
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Slenderman, Slenderman

A boy who makes up tall tales to scare his friends, but has the tables turned on him... A girl who should have been more careful what she wished for... A young know-it-all who is sure he knows how a magician's tricks work... These are just three of the terrifying tales featured in the fantastic collection from bestselling author Jack Goldstein. With three macabre short stories and three poems with unexpected twists, both adults and children will enjoy being scared out of their wits. A word of caution however - all of the stories feature mature horror themes, and may not suit the youngest - or most timid readers. If, however, the thought of Slenderman running his long, thin decomposing fingers through your hair sounds exhilarating, then you are sure to enjoy being truly terrified by this haunting anthology!
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10 Amazing Slenderman Stories

Just before Jack Goldstein and Jimmy Russell published their last book about Slenderman, 101 Amazing Slenderman Facts, they were both found dead in suspicious circumstances. The book was published in their memories. What was not known at the time however was that two packages were making their way through the Royal Mail service. One was from Jimmy and addressed to Jack, the other from Jack addressed to Jimmy. Both packages contained worrying documents detailing the history of Slenderman, and including some terrifying stories. This grisly collection of documents is offered to the reader in the hope they can make some sense of the killings, as well as finding out further information regarding the slim being. Proceed with caution.
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