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Justice at Morgan Mesa

Her father's killer is back...And now he's after herAttorney Vanessa Ford was only a child when her father was murdered, but now she's returned to her hometown, determined to find answers to the unsolved case. When the attacks start, she knows she's close to the truth...too close. But with policeman Levi Hawk volunteering to work with her on the investigation, can Vanessa finally find answers...or will deadly trouble strike them first?
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The Man in the Next Bed

In this heartbreaking and extraordinary first foray into fiction by Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Arab and the Jew and The Working Poor, David K. Shipler has delivered a miniature masterpiece.Gibson has learned to keep his spirits up as he receives care from his many doctors, nurses, and attendants. He likes to watch the bustling goings on in the ward from his hospital bed, crack witticisms, and make his caretakers smile—even the news isn't good. Gibson is an engineer, and he likes to understand how people work. When a young man gets placed in the bed beside his, hidden behind a paisley curtain, Gibson becomes privy to the intimate, private pains of his young neighbor's life and forms with him the kind of fleeting human connection that will reverberate to the depths his memory and soul. A Vintage Shorts Original. An ebook short.
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The Stream & the Sapphire

Conceived as a convenience to those readers concerned with doubt and faith, Denise Levertov's 34 selected poems originally were published in seven separate volumes.The poet presents a selection of thirty-four of her own poems culled from previously published volumes, tracing her movement from agnosticism to Christian faith and her oscillation from doubt to affirmation along the way.
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Lost Rodeo Memories

With a stalker in the shadows... She needs a protector at her side.After Melanie Graham awakens in the woods injured and with no memory of what happened, she quickly learns someone wants her dead. Now she must rely on deputy sheriff Luke Baxter to protect her. But while there's a spark between Melanie and the handsome veteran, they can't afford a distraction...because if Luke doesn't stop the mystery assailant soon, it may be too late.
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No More Lonesome Blue Rings

Incurable prion disease eating your nervous system?Abandon everyone you love. Go to a clinic in a universe where prions can't replicate.When aliens attack, prion disease patient Sherry Rogers finds herself behind enemy lines.Nobody can save Sherry. Except herself.And nobody at all can keep the aliens from massacring everyone... except -- maybe -- Sherry.Incurable prion disease eating your nervous system?Abandon everyone you love. Go to a clinic in a universe where prions can't replicate.Sherry Rogers fills her days as best she can with her rattletrap nervous system. When aliens attack the clinic, however, she finds herself behind enemy lines.Nobody can save Sherry. Except herself.And nobody at all can keep the aliens from massacring everyone... except -- maybe -- Sherry.
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New and Selected Essays

"Denise Levertov fulfills the eternal mission of the true Poet: to be a receptacle of Divine Grace and a 'spendor of that Grace to humanity.'" —World Literature TodayDenise Levertov's New & Selected Essays gathers three decades' worth of the poet's most important critical statements. Her subjects are various––poetics, the imagination, politics, spirituality, other writers––and her approach independent minded and richly complex. Here in a single volume are recent essays exploring new ground broken by Levertov in the past decade as well as the finest and most useful prose pieces from The Poet in the World (1973) and Light Up the Cave (1981). This is a book to read and reread. With their combination of sensitivity and practicality, the New & Selected Essays will prove enormously helpful to the writer and reader of poetry. As Kirkus Reviews remarked about her prose: "This is humanism in its true sense––her attitude as evidenced...
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A beautiful and talented ballerina rises through the ranks to stardom as prima ballerina only to find herself struggling to maintain her status, grappling with tempestuous choreographers, ambitious agents, and other dancers.
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The H-Bomb and the Jesus Rock

It's Saturday, october 27, 1962, the darkest day of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Two children, Ralph and his little sister Lou, are searching for empty bottles in a vacant lot when they discover a rock which—to them, at least—looks quite a lot like Jesus. Ralph immediately declares it a Possible Holy Object. And, since his fondest wish is to be a "boy-in-a-story," he earnestly places himself and Lou—now his "sidekick"—in a tale featuring the "sacred rock" as the key to nothing less than saving the world from nuclear annihilation. But there's another boy, Toby—older, shrewder, and quite a bit larger—who has very different plans for the rock, intending to use it as a lucrative sideshow exhibit, complete with fliers: Is it Jesus? Or just a rock? You decide! Hovering over the children and their small-scale war is the general anxiety and dread attending the most perilous moment in our history. As we approach the 50th anniversary of the...
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Deja Vu

Marisa Sullivan has a chance meeting and decides to have a one night stand, but the man she has a one night stand with could change her outlook on life. Very explicit sex scenes.
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VC01 - Privileged Lives

In this classic thriller, bestselling author Edward Stewart weaves a complex tale of sex, money, and murderIn a private suite at a New York hospital, Beatrice “Babe” Vanderwalk Devens awakens from a seven-year coma. The socialite and fashion designer is stunned to learn that her husband, Scottie, was brought to trial twice—and acquitted—for her attempted murder.Across town, the naked, mutilated body of a young man wearing a black leather bondage mask is found in an empty apartment in the Beaux Arts Tower, high atop the Museum of Modern Art. Seven miles away, off-duty NYPD lieutenant Vince Cardozo is relaxing on a Brooklyn beach with his twelve-year-old daughter when he gets the call.Cardozo’s investigation into the savage murder of the Beaux Arts John Doe takes him into the exclusive lairs of Manhattan’s elite. Babe Devens is part of that world. When Cardozo uncovers a shocking connection between the two cases, it could topple more than just high society.A Book-of-the-Month-Club featured selection.From Publishers WeeklyHeiress Beatrice "Babe" Vanderwalk Devens wakes one morning to find herself, not in her own bed at home with her pillow from Altman's, but in a hospital room. More confusing, it is not the next morning, but seven years and seven months later: Babe has been in a coma. Meanwhile, in an exclusive new building high atop the Museum of Modern Art, the real-estate agent showing an apartment to a prospective buyer discovers the bound and mutilated body of a handsome young man. Attractive widower Vince Cardozo, the detective investigating the grisly murder, also pays a hospital visit to Babe. Since her ex-husband had admitted attempting to kill her with an insulin overdose, the police have an interest in whether she regains consciousnessor dies. Cardozo is taken by Babe, a charming woman quite unspoiled by her wealth and social position. But more terrible events are in store for her, as the two separate strands of Cardozo's investigations eventually become unpleasantly entangled. What might seem farfetched to some will be familiar territory to readers of New York tabloids. Deftly using notorious scandals and murders, Stewart creates an immensely readable portrait of the privileged lives of his cafe-society cast of characters, most of whom are riddled with greed and corruption. His spellbinding, witty thriller does a first-rate job of showing that truth is stranger than fiction. 150,000 first printing; BOMC main selection. Copyright 1988 Reed Business Information, Inc. From Library Journal$18.95. f Babe Vanderwalk Devens, beautiful blonde heiress, awakens from a seven-year coma to learn that her adored husband was twice tried and finally acquitted of attempting to murder her by administering insulin. (Known parallels to the Von Bulow case end here.) Across town, in a luxury condo, the mutilated corpse of a young man wearing only a black leather mask with slits for eyes and zipper for mouth is discovered. What is the link between these two events? Parts of this book are completely compelling. Unfortunately, what promises to be a thrilling denouement turns out to be a mishmash of perversion for kicks. BOMC featured selection. Patricia Y. Morton, State Lib. of Pennsylvania, HarrisburgCopyright 1988 Reed Business Information, Inc.
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