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Seers Stone (Hidden Alchemy Book 1)

My name’s Kaitlyn Felis, and I’m a treasure-hunting alchemist. I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to work for a mysterious elf called Fein Thyrin. Not only did he give me my dream alchemy lab, one that came with an assistant who’d be the end of me (in the best possible way), he’s also hired me as his personal treasure-hunter. To say I was excited is a drastic understatement. First on my treasure-hunting list? The Seers Stone – it’s a thing of legends, and I’m going to be the first hunter to get my hands on it. The Hidden Alchemy series is set in the same magic-packed world as the popular Ink Born series.
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Blood of the Wolf

Eight years ago, my world changed. Little did I know the rest of the world had changed with me.My name’s Niko, and I’m a made wolf shifter. Eight years ago, I endured a blood ritual that took me from a pretty normal guy and turned me into what I am today. Ever since then, I’ve been looking for ways to make the world a better place. I want to save people, to make sure they never suffer like I did.Someone has been murdering born wolf shifters and using them in brutal rituals. I was given the opportunity to stop them and save lives. I leapt at the chance to make a real difference, but of course it came with a catch. I have to work with a Guardian, one of the goddess’s chosen wolves. On one hand, he’s everything I look for in a man. On the other, if he finds out who and what I am, then death will be a sweet release from the torture I’ll endure.I have no choice but to hope the goddess is on my side as I rush to...
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