How to Break Up With Anyone

Not all relationships are made to last forever. Sometimes what starts as a beautiful friendship or productive partnership turns toxic, or one-sided, or unhealthy – and the best solution for both parties is to end it. In How to Break Up With Anyone, relationship expert Jamye Waxman has written a much-needed guide to every step of a non-romantic breakup. Drawing from her own experiences, Jamye provides strategies for disengaging from a friend, family member, community, or even former version of oneself, addressing both practical and emotional concerns. While ending a relationship can be painful, Jamye's positive message focuses on the ultimately liberating aspects of putting unhealthy relationships to rest.Chapters include:Breaking Up Versus Taking a BreakBest Friends Forever No MoreBreaking Up With FamilyKissing Community GoodbyeRelabeling Your Sexuality and GenderBreaking Up With Your CareerBreaking Up With Anyone ElseBeing...
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Demisexuality and the Asexuality Spectrum

This short essay examines demisexuality, its place on the asexuality spectrum, and media representation of these identities.Evanna is struggling through her turbulent life with a mom who doesn't pay any attention to her, a new school, and a fake friend who is sure to turn on Evanna as soon as possible. But her crazy life is going to become even more so as she is thrust into the dangerous and terrifying world of the Land of Au. There, she learns that a murderous villain named Arachne is taking control of Earth, and everything Evanna has ever known is in mortal peril. She has only a month and mysterious powers to defeat Arachne. She also meets six people, Holly, Kae, Stephanie, Eli, Phillip, and Mallory, who are going to help her. If she doesn't manage to defeat Arachne. . . well, we don't want to go there. Follow Evanna's adventures as she and her friends learn to work together to try defeat Arachne and save the world.
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A Feminist's Response to the Antifeminist Movement

This accessible, opinionated essay is an attempt to respond to some common antifeminist arguments.Journey Through the Planets is a hilariously funny one act play suitable for children to perform. The plot follows a crew aboard a star cruiser shuttling a vacationing collection of comical passengers on a trek through the solar system. You'll laugh as each performer brings their interpretation and energy to the script in their own interpretive way. The story is imaginative and funny and is definitely okay for children of all ages. There is no fee for downloading or performing. You'll love this one.
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