Kings Pinnacle

Alex Mackenzie was born in 1754 in the Scottish lowlands on the border between Scotland and England. Alex, his father, and his two older brothers were members of the last band of Reivers (outlaws) that operated along the border. A few years before the start of the American Revolutionary War, Alex ran afoul of the British authorities. His only alternative was to leave Scotland for America.Alex Mackenzie was a Scottish lad born in 1754 in the Scottish lowlands on the border between Scotland and England. Alex, his father, and his two older brothers were members of the last band of Reivers (outlaws) that operated along the border. A few years before the start of the American Revolutionary War, Alex ran afoul of the British authorities; they were on his trail and wanted him dead. His only alternative was to leave Scotland for Ireland and then from there to sail to America. The colonies in America were supposed to be a place where people could get a new start in life and explore new opportunities. America was supposed to be a place where people could put down stakes and put old feuds behind them, or was it?“Och, that tears it; it’s all gang agley” said Alex’s father. “Ye are going to hae to set aff from Scotland for a wee bit, Alex, laddie.”“Where should I go?”“Ireland,” said John. “Ye can find wark at the Plantation of Ulster and get back on yer feet there. Ye might hae t’ stay in Ireland quite a spell until this all blows oer.”“How am I going to get there?”“Weel,” Hugh chimed in, “the distance from Scotland to Ireland is less than fourteen miles at the closest point, we can probably swim o’er there, just like swimming across a loch,” said Hugh with a grin and a gleam in his eye.“We,” said Alex. “Who invited you along?”“Ye don’t think Robber and I would let ye go o’er the Sheuch alane, do ye, laddie?” replied Hugh.
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The Marshfield Vampire

Melvin, in a marriage he can't get out of, finds a vampire under his stairs and works out a deal that he hopes will unburden him from his obnoxious wife. What happens proves to be less than he'd hoped for.The Flip Side was born in the back isles of a retail store during a slow night at work. From there the series grew into a grand scale adventure that would take over a year to flesh out and create. This issue marks the close of the series and I want to thank all the people who gave their time to read the story. I hope that the ending to this adventure is found to be satisfactory!Summary:"It has all come down to this! Starla Knight and the other survivors of the Alliance shuttle crash must face off against Kujaens and corrupt Protectors as they fight for their chance at rescue, however, the news of an approaching comet means that living long enough to be rescued may not be possible. The final issue of The Flip Side series is a mad rush of action and a thrilling conclusion!!!"
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Second Chance Rose

Sally is 35 years old and has decided life's not worth living. She sits on top of a cold Chicago apartment buildings roof trying to gain the courage to throw herself off. A ghost from her past appears, and shows her not everything is as it seems. As the cold wind sighs, the apparition talks to her of the past, and of a supernatural alternative.Death guides usually have rather normal names like John, Mary, Harry, and Jessica. And even ones not quite so normal, like Bartholomew or Ambrosia. They also have the most interesting tales behind their deaths. But one particular death guide has a few problems: she cannot remember her name or the details of her demise, and thus has no story of her own. One fateful night, she meets a young girl that may change her death forever.Inspired by the works of Tim Burton and Neil Gailman, and in the style of Children's tales of old, The Death of Death is a tragic, yet sweet little tale about loss and acceptance. Suitable for ages 12 and up.
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Requited Love

A tale of how Mairie won back her man and her happiness, knowing, with certainty, they would be together forever.The last thing on prince Xander's mind was becoming king. He'd much rather explore the world, make new discoveries. Unfortunately, he gets his wish in ways he hadn't imagined. Upon Saphora's return, he finds himself infatuated with the idea of visiting Earth. And so he does. But what he finds is unexpected. Seems like someone's found use for Saphora even in her absence. And it looks like people are lining up to get a taste of it. But what does that mean for Earth? With him being called back for the war on Athena, what will Xander do to save his newly beloved planet?
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After a horrific car accident claims the life of her husband and places her young son in a coma, Natalie is left alone in the house with her guilt. It was she who had sent them out that night, it should've been her behind the wheel. As she wanders the house, she begins to sense she has to answer for that nights events, and she's not entirely alone...Bakalor, the demon of the Underworld, plans to resurface and rule the world. Nearing the final stages, he deceives land-dwelling leaders into waging war upon each other, making it easy for his victory.Ergrauth, the demon lord of the Del’Unday, leads his army of Altered Creatures to the final battle in order to seize the world before Bakalor claims it for himself.Learning of the pending war plans, Thorik attempts to prevent the demons from succeeding, while searching for a way to save his grandmother, Gluic. Unaware that he is being used as a pawn by those of great power, his desire to revive her inadvertently puts his life, and the lives of everyone he cares about in great danger.
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Island on the Edge

Anne Cholawo was a typical 80s career girl working in a busy London advertising agency, when in 1989, holidaying in Skye, she noticed an advert for a property on the Isle of Soay – 'Access by courtesy of fishing boat'. She had never heard of Soay before, let alone visited it, but something inexplicable drew her there. Within ten minutes of stepping off the said fishing boat, she had fallen under the spell of the island, and after a few months she moved there to live. She is still there. When she arrived on the remote west coast island there were only 17 inhabitants, among them the legendary Hebridean sharker Tex Geddes and his family. Today, including Anne and her husband Robert, there are only three. This book describes her extraordinary transition from a hectic urban lifestyle to one of rural isolation and self-sufficiency, without mains electricity, medical services, shops or any of the other modern amenities we take for granted. Anne describes the history of Soay and...
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Hope and Other Stories

MAKE YOU CRY.FUCK OFF AND GET CANCER.I HOPE YOU DIE. Urban tales of despair and dysfunction are Laura Hird's trademark and she does not disappoint in Hope and Other Urban Tales. Set in the low-rent areas of Edinburgh, Hird's slices of reality are gritty, bleak and often darkly funny. Yet the possibility of hope, always just out of reach, unifies this collection, conveying that just as circumstances can reveal the morally obscure darkness in 'good' people, so can seemingly irredeemable characters harbour well-hidden pockets of humanity.
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Born Free

Punchy, acerbic, sharp-witted and above-all, acutely observed, Born Free tells the story of an ordinary family who are all trying to escape from something - and each other. The interactions between Jake, Joni, Angie and Vic reveal a hellish cocktail of adolescent and mid-life crises; the savagery of sibling rivalry; the waking nightmare of a marriage gone cold - and, naturally, the unbridgeable, infernal chasm between the generations. It's a story of everyday life.
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