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Three Sisters Series: Ringside

Has she found answers or just more lies? Atlanta’s life was spiraling out of control, until she read a self-help book by an older woman whose words could have been her own life story. But she needed to talk to the woman for herself and tracked her down.  Hank Gaines former middle-weight boxing champion had seen it all and done most of it.  Finally walking away from his fame, he thought he could help others, but no one wanted to read about life choices from a man’s point of view.         Certainly not the women who could benefit most. Hank had no choice but to use a pseudonym, a female one. He never regretted it more than when the brown eyed beauty walked into his bar one night, one look in those soulful eyes, and he was knocked out for the count. Will Hank’s deception cost him the love of his life? 
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Believe: A Single Title from Dreams & Desires, vol. 4

After all this time, Anna's dream of finishing college was coming true, but she was lonely. She had close friends but no one special in her life. Then she began to have strange dreams. For hundreds of years, Killian, one of the al Ral fae, searched for his mate, never imagining she'd be among the human race. But when he finally finds her can he convince her to leave the world as she knows it behind, and join him in a place that doesn't exist? This is part of the anthology Dreams & Desires v. 4. All net proceeds from the sales of this story individually or in the anthology benefit A Window Between Worlds, a non-profit organization that provides art supplies and training for art as a healing tool free of charge to battered women's shelters.
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