The Retreat (A Clean and Sweet Romance Novella)

She is a calm, health conscious yoga instructor. He is a wild, party loving, drunken, billionaire celebrity. Their lives are perfectly mismatched… or not?If you love a clean romance with a warm and inspirational sizzle you will love this novella.Buy this sweet and clean romance novella today!!She is a calm, health conscious yoga instructor. He is a wild, party loving, drunken, billionaire celebrity. Their lives are perfectly mismatched… or not?Tamara Hope, health food specialist and yoga instructor, is all about living a balanced and healthy life and has recently opened her very own health retreat, where she meets Thomas. Thomas Winter is a party-loving billionaire, who lives his life to the extreme – boozing, sex, and socializing. He can think of nothing worse than going on a retreat, but his agent promises him it will do his media image good. Tamara and Thomas are like oil and water. He’s everything that she hates in a person, and he’s constantly teasing her about her lifestyle. She cannot wait for the week to be over. And yet… there’s something about him that makes her want to change him. But can someone like Thomas be changed? Does he even want to change? Should he be changed?If you love a clean romance with a warm and inspirational sizzle you will love this novella.Buy this sweet and clean romance novella today!!
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Lizzy and the Lord of Frogs

A fun twist on the Frog Prince and Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice Fitzwilliam Darcy is missing! The day after the Netherfield Ball, Darcy rode into the forest for some peace and quiet. Only his steed returned. Elizabeth Bennet is warned by her mother not to walk alone in the woods for fear that whatever fate has befallen Mr. Darcy will also happen to her headstrong daughter. Stubborn and unwilling to cower in Longbourn, Elizabeth continues her daily walks and drops her father’s pocket watch down a ravine. She is approached by an enchanted frog willing to return it to her—for a price. Join Elizabeth and Darcy as they find their path to a happily ever after means overcoming a familiar villain and unpredictable magic.
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The Reconciliation

Winter in Southern Maryland's Amish country brings brisk winds, crisp snow, and evenings spent nestled by a warm fireside. For one prodigal daughter, it may also bring a new beginning . . . On her baptismal day, Rebecca Zook ran from the church, leaving her stunned Amish community behind. She only wanted to see something of Gott's vast world, but city life didn't turn out as planned. Tricked into a sham marriage, Becky has come home humbled, wiser . . . and pregnant. Her mamm and daed are welcoming, and helping an overburdened young widow gives Becky a new sense of purpose. But after creating such scandal, Becky feels unworthy of a loving husband—let alone a wunderbaar man like Atlee Stauffer. Atlee knows Becky's situation—and understands why his mother advises him to be careful. Still, this once flighty, flirty girl has become a thoughtful, kind young woman. He's drawn to Becky like a magnet to a...
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Rosanna's Gift

In Southern Maryland's serene Amish country, one young woman's life is changed by an unexpected request . . . "She's yours." Until now, Rosanna Mast's hopes for the future have all revolved around handsome Henry Zook. But when a young Englisch girl places her newborn daughter in Rosanna's arms and utters those words, shock quickly turns to fierce, protective devotion. Between helping her midwife mamm and caring for her own siblings, Rosanna has plenty of experience with babies. And who wouldn't love a sweet-natured boppli like little Mollie? Yet to her dismay, Henry has no intention of ever taking on another man's child. Instead, it is steady, thoughtful Paul Hertzler who becomes Rosanna's staunch supporter. Paul knows he should have acted sooner on his feelings for Rosanna. Now, as her dream of adopting Mollie meets unexpected hurdles, he sees a way to help. Rosanna would do anything to keep baby Mollie—perhaps even agree...
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The Surplus Girls

After the loss of war, can there be hope for the future?Manchester, 1922.Belinda Layton is a surplus girl. One of the many women whose dreams of marriage perished in the Great War, with the death of her beloved fiancé, Ben. After four years of mourning, she's ready to face the future, even though Ben's family is not happy to see her move on, and her own only cares about getting hold of her meagre factory wages. Then, Belinda joins a secretarial class and a whole new world opens up to her as she quickly finds herself drawn to beguiling bookshop owner Richard Carson. But after all the loss and devastation she has experienced, can she really trust him with her heart?
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A Gift for Lizzy

Christmas Eve has come to Pemberley, and Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy is in her fifth month of pregnancy with their first child. Fitzwilliam Darcy will grant his lovely wife any wish she desires, yet a request for him to host a houseful of Bennets quickly turns to disaster.
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A Gift for My Mr Darcy

Christmas Day has come to Pemberley, and Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy has fretted over what to give the man who has everything. Even after a disastrous Christmas Eve spent with her family, she’s determined to make this a holiday to remember.
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Bullwhipped (A Cowboy Romance)

Olivia Hayes is a good girl – she doesn’t go out, she doesn’t drink, and she doesn’t mess around with bull riders. Her focus is on barrel racing - until a handsome cowboy crosses paths with her one random night. He’s the person her father warned her about – a womanizing, fast moving man who has left his share of women broken-hearted. He has an immediate power over her, killing her ability to say no – his sexual charm proving to be her kryptonite. Cale Warren is aware of his reputation as the bad boy on the rodeo circuit. With his bad past haunting him, he knows he has to overcome it to fight the stigma placed over his head. When he spots the beautiful cowgirl in the crowd, he’s faced with a new challenge – capture the heart of a lady that doesn’t fit his usual interests. There’s something about her that he can’t explain and the mystery inspires him to pursue her. As the attraction grows, they learn things about themselves, strengthening the bond they once thought was impossible. Olivia’s hidden desires are awakened and her sexual hunger grows for the man she once avoided. Cale opens his heart to love for the first time, longing for more than just a physical release with Olivia. With the dangers of rodeo lingering, their relationship is put to the test. Olivia doesn’t want to lose Cale, and they are faced with a decision – is bull riding worth losing everything, or is the love they share what matters most?
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The Mending

With autumn's golden glow, marriage season comes to Southern Maryland's Amish country. But is such joy meant for all? . . . Malinda Stauffer is happy that her gut frienden Phoebe Yoder may soon be married. Of course, Malinda can't help wondering about her own future. She hopes someday to find the same contentment as a wife and mother that she has helping her own mamm care for Malinda's father and five brothers. But a challenging health issue has her convinced no man wants the burden of a fraa who needs rest when there are farms to tend and businesses to run. Adding to her stress is the unwanted attention of an aggressive big city doctor smitten by her—an unsettling distraction she has kept to herself. Timothy Brenneman works alongside Malinda's brother, Sam, handcrafting the finest Amish furniture in St. Mary's County. He can't recall when Sam's little schweschder blossomed into a beautiful young...
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You Don't Know Me

A deeply personal memoir of the private Ray Charles - the man behind the legend - by his eldest son.Ray Charles is an American music legend. A multiple Grammy Award-winning composer, pianist, and singer with an inimitable vocal style and a catalog of hits including "What I Say," "Georgia on My Mind," "Unchain My Heart," "I Can't Stop Loving You," and "America the Beautiful," Ray Charles's music is loved by fans around the world.Now his eldest son, Ray Charles Robinson Jr., shares an intimate glimpse of the man behind the music, with never-before-told stories. Going beyond the fame, the concerts, and the tours, Ray Jr. opens the doors of his family home and reveals their private lives with fondness and frankness.He shares his father's grief and guilt over his little brother's death at the age of five -- as well of moments of personal joy, like watching his father run his hands over the Christmas presents under their tree while singing softly to...
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