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The Star Makers

Former rock icon Orlando Frank battles an occult conspiracy to put his famous band back together in this rollicking supernatural adventure.When former rock icon Orlando Frank returns from tour, the last thing he expects to find in his refrigerator is a hideous, insectoid sensing device. As much as he might try to deny it, that’s the sort of thing that happens when you hail from a family of mystic crimebusters, and your previous, much more famous band dissolved during a ritual attempt to trigger the apocalypse. Judging from the creature’s configuration, his old bandmate is back to his old world-ending tricks, triggering a road trip of arcane reckoning.This free short story of guitar-fueled supernatural adventure comes to you from gaming legend Robin D. Laws, designer of such games as Feng Shui and The Esoterrorists, and writer of such novels as The Worldwound Gambit and The Rough and the Smooth.
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New Tales of the Yellow Sign

In the dying years of the 19th century, a book changed the world—or worlds. A slim, sinister text called The King in Yellow drove those who read it to madness. Despite suppression by anxious authorities, it spread through global culture, and history itself, like a virus. Now the contagion bears hideous fruit. Disturbing, dissonant and riddled with negative capability. Simon Rogers, Pelgrane Press New Tales of the Yellow Sign expands the classic horror mythos of weird tales pioneer and Lovecraft precursor Robert W. Chambers into new vistas of unease and imagination. Over the course of eight troubling stories, writer and visionary game designer Robin D. Laws lures you into diseased timelines, impossible pasts, and the all-too-terrifying present. Poison and beauty lie before you, in any color you want. – Kenneth Hite, author, Tour de Lovecraft: The Tales Sterilize your suicide chamber, harken to the remorseless clicking of your black box, and whistle for the monstrous creature that lives in your basement. The pallid mask awaits.
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Beating the Story

Beating the Story describes in detail a system of narrative exploration called beat analysis for writers of fiction in any form or genre.
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