Love You Two

When life, love and family aren't what anyone said they'd be . . . Like Looking for Alibrandi, this coming-of-age story stars a girl trying to find herself within a strong family environment.'Then something shifted. I don't know when what used to make me content began to make me cringe; when my adoration of her turned to irritation. Was it adolescence? Was it a mother-daughter thing?'Pina's friends think she's lucky. How many families get along the way hers does - how many parents are as free-spirited and happy as hers? But sometimes Pina wonders who the grown-up is - her or her mother. Then a chance glimpse at an email unravels what Pina thought she knew about life and love. Can her family survive what she has discovered? And what does it all mean for Pina's own life? Two siblings, two boys, two cities, three generations, four friends. How many versions of the truth?
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