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Blackbeard: Buccaneer

Blackbeard: BuccaneerBlackbeard: Buccaneer
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The Enormous Room

Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel is "Sinbad: Through Time and Space," written by a very underrated science fiction and fantasy author, Chester S. Geier. American Singleton Bade would have never imagined that gigantic bird-like creatures could exist in the cold, hard reality of the 20th Century. Furthermore, Bade never would have dreamed that one of these creatures would take him on a roller coaster ride back through time, to a place reminiscent of the fanciful worlds of “The Arabian Nights.” Was he hallucinating or was it real? He soon realized that not only was this new world real, but that his winged companion, a mythical creature known simply as a “roc,” had brought him there for a purpose—there was only one man who could thwart the plans of the evil prince, Meznir—and that man was Singleton Bade, known to his comrades simply as “Sinbad.” Before long Bade found himself caught up in a web of deadly intrigue—an intrigue that would pit the forces of good against evil and send him hurtling into the depths of outer space. The second novel is “The Enormous Room” by science fiction icons, H.L. Gold and Robert W. Krepps. “The Enormous Room” was first published in Amazing Stories, the November issue, 1953. Howard Browne was the editor, having taken over the position from Raymond A. Palmer at the beginning of 1950. Browne was given the job of taking Amazing away from the pop gun style of sci-fi that had been Palmer’s stock and trade for many years. “The Enormous Room” was a fine example of the new direction the magazine had taken. Here’s his original blurb: One big name per story is usually considered to be sufficient. So when two of them appear in one by-line, it can certainly be called a scoop; so that’s what we’ll call it. H. L. Gold and science-fiction go together like a blonde and a henna rinse. Robert Krepps is also big time. You may know him also under his other label—Geoff St. Reynard, but a Krepps by any name can write as well.
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No Charge for Alterations

Leopold Classic Library is delighted to publish this classic book as part of our extensive collection. As part of our on-going commitment to delivering value to the reader, we have also provided you with a link to a website, where you may download a digital version of this work for free. Many of the books in our collection have been out of print for decades, and therefore have not been accessible to the general public. Whilst the books in this collection have not been hand curated, an aim of our publishing program is to facilitate rapid access to this vast reservoir of literature. As a result of this book being first published many decades ago, it may have occasional imperfections. These imperfections may include poor picture quality, blurred or missing text. While some of these imperfections may have appeared in the original work, others may have resulted from the scanning process that has been applied. However, our view is that this is a significant literary work, which deserves to be brought back into print after many decades. While some publishers have applied optical character recognition (OCR), this approach has its own drawbacks, which include formatting errors, misspelt words, or the presence of inappropriate characters. Our philosophy has been guided by a desire to provide the reader with an experience that is as close as possible to ownership of the original work. We hope that you will enjoy this wonderful classic book, and that the occasional imperfection that it might contain will not detract from the experience.
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The Old Die Rich

It's the kind of news item you read at least a dozen times a year, wonder about briefly, and then promptly forget about. The real story is the one that an actor turned sleuth is able to uncover - to his peril! The story is a unique combination of mystery and time travel by one of the giants in the field of sci-fi. An actor and a policeman investigate when a number of elderly people are found dead of starvation. The strange things is they all had large bank accounts and a great deal of money in their pockets. The investigation is complicated by the appearance of a beautiful but evil woman who tries to thwart their efforts to find the truth. A clever and creative tale.
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The Death of Politics

The New York Times opinion writer, media commentator, outspoken Republican and Christian critic of the Trump presidency offers a spirited defense of politics and its virtuous and critical role in maintaining our democracy and what we must do to save it before it is too late. "Any nation that elects Donald Trump to be its president has a remarkably low view of politics." Frustrated and feeling betrayed, Americans have come to loathe politics with disastrous results, argues Peter Wehner. In this timely manifesto, the veteran of three Republican administrations and man of faith offers a reasoned and persuasive argument for restoring "politics" as a worthy calling to a cynical and disillusioned generation of Americans. Wehner has long been one of the leading conservative critics of Donald Trump and his effect on the Republican Party. In this impassioned book, he makes clear that unless we overcome the despair that has caused citizens to abandon hope in the...
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At the Post

Horace Leonard "H. L." Gold was a science fiction writer and editor. e was most noted for bringing an innovative and fresh approach to science fiction while he was the editor of Galaxy Science Fiction, and also wrote briefly for DC Comics.
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The End Is Always Near

A journey back in time that explores what happened—and what could have happened—from creator of the wildly-popular podcast Hardcore History and 2019 winner of the iHeartRadio Best History Podcast Award.Dan Carlin has created a new way to think about the past. His mega-hit podcast, Hardcore History, is revered for its unique blend of high drama, enthralling narration, and Twilight Zone-style twists. Carlin humanizes the past, wondering about things that didn't happen but might have, and compels his listeners to "walk a mile in that other guy's historical moccasins." A political commentator, Carlin approaches history like a magician, employing completely unorthodox and always entertaining ways of re-looking at what we think we know about wars, empires, and leaders across centuries and millennia. But what happens to the everyman caught in the gears of history? Carlin asks the questions, poses the arguments, and explores the facts to find...
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An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States

The first history of the United States told from the perspective of indigenous peoplesToday in the United States, there are more than five hundred federally recognized Indigenous nations comprising nearly three million people, descendants of the fifteen million Native people who once inhabited this land. The centuries-long genocidal program of the US settler-colonial regimen has largely been omitted from history. Now, for the first time, acclaimed historian and activist Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz offers a history of the United States told from the perspective of Indigenous peoples and reveals how Native Americans, for centuries, actively resisted expansion of the US empire.In An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States, Dunbar-Ortiz adroitly challenges the founding myth of the United States and shows how policy against the Indigenous peoples was colonialist and designed to seize the territories of the original inhabitants, displacing or...
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A Promise of Forever

Billionaire business tycoon Gianfranco Broccolini swore he would never return to New York but his past needed to be reckoned with. He was back this time, to claim what he gave up seven years earlier. He had his reasons for letting her go then, but he wouldn't make that mistake a second time.Gianfranco fell in love with his best friend's sister seven years ago. The one woman he couldn't possess.Single mother and successful journalist, Katelyn Donavan thought her life was going exactly as she planned and she was happy. She had no interest in marriage. That was until the dark Italian, once her shining armor, came barreling back into town. Would the scorching, sexual chemistry they felt in the past resurface? She couldn't afford to have her heart torn apart a second time; Gianfranco Broccolini had to be off limits to her, especially, if she wanted to protect the secret she kept hidden from him and everyone else all these years.
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The Revelation of Gabriel Adam

Seventeen-year-old Gabriel Adam is used to relocating a lot. When a mysterious assassin burns his home to the ground, Gabriel's father reveals the truth of why they are always on the move: Gabriel is one of four archangels, born human and sent to stop Armageddon. Now Gabe must set aside dreams of attending NYU to try to fulfill his newly discovered role.Racing against time, Gabe and his father travel to the English university town of Durham, hoping the last surviving member of an ancient religious sect can guide them. With the assassin in pursuit, Gabe must shoulder the weight of his new life and an impossible destiny as protector of the entire human race.
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The Coming of Dragons

Edmund, a king's son in disguise, and Elspeth, a sea captain's tomboy daughter, are the only two survivors of a terrible shipwreck. They just want to go home, but fate has other plans as they are drawn into the fight against an evil warlord terrorizing their homeland. Accompanied by a mysterious minstrel and haunted by magical powers they did not seek, Edmund and Elspeth journey across a savage land of wild boars, fierce rogue knights, and black magic. Fantasy fans will devour this dramatic tale of mystery, wonder, and the power of friendship.ReviewFrom CurledUpKids.comThis is an extraordinary adventure. Swordplay, guns, helicopters, fast cars and a striking conclusion make for a headlong, interesting read for teenagers. --CurledUpKids.com About the AuthorA.* J.* LAKE is a former teacher with a lifelong interest in the period of British history known as the Dark Ages. She is inspired by mountains, storms, and places of ice and snow. And she secretly hopes that dragons are real.
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