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The Rebirth of Sin (Wicked Trinity Book 2)

Keaton Mara once lived through a hell created by the most detestable malefactor she has ever known. Ready to put the worst behind her, she returns to the life she once abandoned with Noah, the man who arguably broke her and saved her simultaneously, at her side. Noah Oliver is on what he believes to be an ordained mission. Purging the evil from the world is a crucial element of his personal vendetta. The seduction of the tormented souls, enticing them to give in to their temptations, accompanies his central mission. Without Noah's sanctuary to keep his more depraved desires satisfied, and with Keaton attempting to adopt a normal life, Noah faces an inescapable conflict. Can Noah keep the devil off his back, or will the individuals he has the grandest plans for witness his wrath when they fall from grace? Content contains descriptive violence, coarse language, graphic sex, minor horror elements, and scenes that most readers would find objectionable. Reader discretion is strongly advised **
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Unnaturals tried to kill Mason Douglas and his family.Big mistake. He became The Butcher, a cold relentless Hunter with a vendetta that took him across the world.And now, on his return home to Australia—to mend his heart, soul and family—his destiny collides with a millennia-old struggle between strange Gods. Their prize is Earth. Their warriors are warring races of Unnaturals: the Bloodells and the Darkells.As an unlikely alliance forms between Natural and Unnatural—between the Douglas clan and the Darkells—Mason's family grows in unexpected ways...not all of whom are human.Sparks fly, lust inspires, and love ignores all the boundaries as the very definition of family changes.Prepare to push your boundaries.
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