Spare Parts

This book sheds light on “extraneous" human body parts – parts of our bodies that can be removed with little or no consequence. Over millennia humans have evolved to the point where these parts may no longer be needed for survival, and in her wry, witty style, bestselling health writer Carol Ann Rinzler explains in lay terms their purpose. She sheds light on such “bonus" body parts as:Recent studies show the appendix plays a role in our immune system, so it behooves us to not remove it unless it's infectedThe Coccyx – the last remnant of a tail – is a useful part on the boney frame on which we sit and the place where pelvic and leg muscles are anchoredWisdom teeth are an extra set of molars that are little used and frankly in the way, as human diets evolved from eating hard foods such as leaves and rootsEach body part essay includes an intro from a noted department chair at a major NYC hospital. There will even be a section on parts...
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The Three Thorns

Three brothers born to a powerful fallen king were abandoned at birth and cast out as orphans. By order of the false king, three of the most lethal assassins have been sent to kill the children before they come of age and plot to avenge their father's throne. No one knows where the children are, and the children have no knowledge of one another. But that all changes when Benjamin, Tommy, and Sebastian join together to face adversity, an unspeakable evil, and the temptations of magical powers. This is the first installment of an exciting children's fantasy series about the power of family.
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Leonardo's Foot

A Selection of the Scientific American, History, and BOMC2 Book Clubs“An in-depth look at the anatomy and history of feet reveals their often overlooked importance in human evolution, medicine and art." —Science News“Stylish, informative, entertaining, and pleasantly personal . . . Whether Rinzler is exploring how our feet explain or illuminate such topics as evolution, disability, racism, diet, or desire, she maintains a fascinating perspective on the peculiarities of being human." —Rain Taxi Review of Books“This neat little book draws a clear picture of our feet, providing understanding that extends far beyond the obvious. Readers often like to walk away from a book feeling they learned something—that the author left them with a new way to look at an old idea, and this book fulfills that need." —City Book Review“Rinzler lifts the lowly human foot to new heights...
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