The Pedestrian and Other Poems

A collection of poems on various themes relating to today's times, such as individuality, nonconformity to societal norms, pursuing a dream, family relations, and others.When we made it to the top of the hill, we came down hard on our brakes.What are you …“Marty! No!” I called out, powering down on the pedals again.“What is he doing?” Kalisha screamed, riding right behind me.Marty didn’t even turn to look at me. Instead, I saw him step up casually into Bob’s van behind a little girl. Then the doors to the back of the van slammed shut. The van began to take off down the street, the music pounding.In our effort to catch up, we passed Marty’s scooter; it was lying on the footpath along with a skateboard and skipping rope.It was then that I realised the truth.When Andy and his brother Marty move to Pine Ridge, they notice strange things about the town: the playgrounds and local pool are deserted, and there’s the mysterious disappearance of a boy thirteen years ago. Then there’s Bob the ice cream man. He appears when they least expect it and disappears just as quickly. Marty might be happy about Bob’s speedy service, but Andy knows something isn't right. Then Marty is kidnapped. It’s up to Andy and his new friend Kalisha to stop Bob and save Marty and the others from his terrifying plan. The closer they get to saving Andy’s brother, the more horrifying truth is revealed about Bob and the missing boy from long ago...
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Man Camp

Four short stories about family love, discovery, revenge. A working class father tries to maintain a connection with his family over a very long distance. An unlikely explorer on Mars stumbles upon what may be the greatest discovery in history. A widowed mother gets an unusual second chance at love via a time machine. An angry man seeks revenge on a system which wronged him.Are all ghosts on Halloween or can some be left over for Thanksgiving? One family found out to their surprise.The Thanksgiving feast was delicious and everyone, except for Missus Gob, was having a wonderful time, a cozy family get-together. The weather wasn’t good, a ‘dark and stormy night’ just right for November.But what was that? I thought I saw something….
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The Charismatic One - A Saint or a Devil?

Who is Lucien, the new rock & roll sensation who has captured the hearts of the younger generation? Is he a saint or a devil? Kate & her friends set out to rescue her daughter, Ashley from this charismatic & dangerous young man. An exciting tale of a popular, charismatic figure who one day may sway the nations into darkness! Plus, a brief explanation of this forewarning! A Beacon of Light Book
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