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Murder and Mistletoe

A killer has struck again in this small Texas townthis time at Christmas...For fourteen years, Dalton Butler has believed his high school sweetheart's death was murder, not suicide. So when another young girl is killed in the same manner, the handsome rancher partners with beautiful and determined detective Leanne West. Together, they work to expose the predator in their midst. Then their investigation takes an even nastier turn. Can they bring this killer to justice before Christmas is ruined—for good?
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Cornered at Christmas

He'll do whatever it takesTo keep his family safe.Mitch Kent is shocked when he sees his wife, Kimberly, just before the anniversary of her supposed death. He learns she faked her own death to protect her family from an ominous threat and came back to see her husband and her young twins one last time. But she was followed, and now she's desperate for her husband's help. Mitch will need a miracle to reunite his broken family...if Kimberly's dark past doesn't kill him first.
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Ransom at Christmas

He'll do anything to protecta mysterious woman from an unseen foe. Minutes after finding an unconscious woman on his land, bullets whiz right by rancher Will Kent. Who is this woman? Who's targeting her? Before long, Kelly Morgan's secret past emerges and they discover she has a fiancé she's afraid of...but can't remember why. For her safety, Will takes Kelly into hiding. But with time ticking down and a Christmas deadline just around the corner, how can he stop an unknown enemy?
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Bulletproof Christmas

Where there's a will...there's murder.Crisis: Cattle Barge reaches its exciting Christmas finale!When the Butlers gather for the Christmas reading of their murdered father's will, tracker Rory Scott is focused on finding the killer targeting his ex, Cadence Butler. He's shocked to find the ranch heiress pregnant...with his twins. Wild spirit Rory has never "done" love, but keeping Cadence safe on the run threatens to tame his untamable heart.Crisis: Cattle Barge
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Ambushed at Christmas

A killer is at large.And she's next on his holiday hit list.Someone is killing women in Detective Leah Cordon's town—women who jog the same trail as her every day. Leah will do whatever it takes to ensure the case is solved by Christmas. But when details of the crime eerily resemble what's been happening on cattleman Deacon Kent's own ranch, he shows up looking for answers. It quickly becomes obvious that the killer has his sights set on Leah. Can Leah and Deacon discover the criminal's identity before he strikes again?
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One Tough Texan

Small-town Texas with high-stakes risks Alice Green lives with ghosts. A rogue cop whose mistake led to the loss of a young girl's parents, Alice is haunted by the decisions that halted her sterling career. And now the same girl who lost her parents has been abducted. And Alice will stop at nothing to find her. Joshua O'Brien doesn't want to tell his brothers—fellow inheritors of his deceased parents' ranch—that he has bigger plans. Applying to work for the FBI brings the possibility of an exciting and illustrious career. But when he meets Alice, whose beauty is only surpassesd by her brain, it doesn't take long for things to heat up. And while helping her crack a case might save a life...it could also cost him his own. Cattlemen Crime Club
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Delivering Justice

A sexy cowboy comes to the rescue of a beautiful woman who has no idea who she is... When Tyler O'Brien finds a woman lying helpless after an ATV accident on his ranch, nothing adds up. Especially his real, sudden attraction to "Red." But aiding the amnesiac only compounds the rich Texas cowboy's doubts. How can he unlock the truth? Learning that Red is desperately searching for her twin sister who may have come to harm, Tyler—who doesn't "do feelings"—promises help and protection. Soon he's also burning with desire. As the two race against time to find Red's sister, they're drawn deeper into a complicated mystery. Tyler will have to draw on every ounce of strength to keep this stranger safe...and resist taking her to bed
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Atomic Beauty

"You wouldn't call me angel if you really knew me," Erika said.Erika Nile knows her devastating beauty always leaves men begging for more, but her lust for Jace Mitchell is raw and powerful. And although she's just obeying orders when she cozies up to the rogue agent, giving in to temptation is the worst possible idea. Still, how can she ignore what her body craves: to be with Jace, no matter the cost. And that cost will be high. Because there's a lot more to this case than anyone is telling her--including Jace. Trust and feelings have no place in her work, or in her life. And yet there's no denying Jace is a distraction. They're perfectly matched as adversaries--and as lovers--and if this mission goes wrong, it could be Erika's undoing. Especially once the kill order comes in and it's clear only one of them will get out alive...
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Rancher Rescue

When a little boy goes missing, rancher Caleb Snow steps in to help...and winds up falling for the child's beautiful - but mysterious - aunt in Barb Han's Rancher Rescue  Getting tangled up with another woman in crisis is the last thing rancher Caleb Snow needs. The handsome cowboy has been badly burned too many times. But this one feels different - Katherine Harper is injured and reeling after an ambush in which her nephew was kidnapped. Caleb wants nothing more than to protect the beautiful, headstrong woman and help her find the missing child. If only he could ignore the feelings she stirs in him.  But as they search together, it's clear someone wants Katherine dead. Soon the two are running for their lives, dodging bullets, not knowing who to trust...or if they'll survive long enough to bring a little boy home.
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Sudden Setup

Someone desperately wants her dead. A stranger is her only hope.Alone and on the run for the past two years, Holden Crawford knows helping Ella Butler will only bring him trouble. But not rescuing one of Cattle Barge's wealthiest daughters isn't an option and now he'll risk everything to protect her. Once her would-be killers are caught and Holden knows Ella is safe, will revealing his darkest secrets bring them closer...or force her out of his life forever?
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Texas Grit

He must face his own demonsTo rescue his childhood friendDade Butler's father ruled with an iron fist. Carrie Palmer was bounced around the foster system. But they found solace as childhood friends. Neither imagined their grown-up reunion would involve the six-foot-four handsome rancher rescuing Carrie from a would-be assault. But when a stalker nearly kills Carrie, Dade will stop at nothing to save her—and turn this friendship into a permanent relationship.Crisis: Cattle Barge
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Seduced by the Billionaire

Seducing AveryAvery McAdams believes in order to truly be herself she needs to keep her head down, her guard up, and her focus on her career. When she's hired by sexy, charismatic Ryker Li to pull off the event of the century, a piece of her wants him to see her as attractive, which goes against everything she's convinced herself she believes. Rich, powerful Ryker has made an art form of getting what he wants, when he wants it, and then moving on. But something about Avery makes him want to stick around. Can the billionaire playboy commit to the biggest deal of all? Or will a lifetime of mistrust and suspicion turn them forever into rivals?The Billionaire BargainBy choice or by force, everyone eventually walks out of Rae Stevens' life. Wealthy, powerful, and sinfully gorgeous Daegen Tan has it all.
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Kidnapped at Christmas

This Christmas brings the revelation that he's a father.Now he needs to keep his little family safe when they become a target...When the blonde beauty who shared his bed a year ago tells him he's a father, Wyatt Jackson is stunned. But the attempted abduction of their newborn daughter drives the Texas cowboy to uncover the dangerous secrets of Meg Anderson's past. Can Wyatt crack a twenty-year-old cold case before Meg's Christmas becomes her last?Crisis: Cattle Barge
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Texas Showdown

To protect the love he lost, this rugged Texas rancher will risk everything When FBI agent Maria Belasco is mysteriously attacked, her soon-to-be ex-husband, Austin, is instantly on the scene. Problem is, she can't remember what happened or the case she was working on. Or how, months before, tragedy had driven her and the reserved rancher irrevocably apart... Now Austin must pretend that nothing has changed between them to help Maria get her memory back—and discover who wants her dead. But protecting her 24/7 is reigniting desires even more explosive than before. Austin will do whatever it takes to expose the enemy on their trail. But putting his heart on the line a second time could prove the most lethal risk of all... Cattlemen Crime Club
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Texas Takedown

He’s facing trouble as big - and unpredictable - as the Texas terrain For security expert Dylan Jacobs, his little daughter is a light against the shadows of his past. But when the sexy ex-soldier locates missing Samantha Turner, the shadows return. Samantha is convinced their childhood nemesis - the Mason Ridge Abductor - is back. And that he’s hunting her. Amid a hail of gunfire, Dylan commits to keeping Samantha safe - then nearly crumbles when his own child disappears. So when the villain poses a vicious ultimatum - turn over the woman he loves or never see his beloved toddler again - Dylan knows what he has to do. Put plan B into action.
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