Little Honour

Life should be good for Gina Gray. She has a job she loves, she is just about to move into a small but perfect flat in Bloomsbury and DCI David Scott has come back into her life. But a family crisis brings her daughter and son-in-law to share her flat and, in the rash of hate crimes that follow the Brexit referendum, a young Indian woman is strangled just doors away from Gina's new home. David Scott wants Gina's help with an investigation which takes her into the world of barristers' chambers in Gray's Inn, a production of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure, and a clash with her difficult younger daughter. Meanwhile, her granddaughter, ten-year-old Freda, has been sent to stay with her grandfather and his second wife in their imposing and isolated house in the Kent countryside, where a missing dog gives her a mystery of her own to solve. Moving between London and Kent, the book disentangles two mysteries as, for the first time, Freda is given a voice of her own.
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