Coffee Break Story - Unfinished Business

A short, romantic tale about a woman who meets an old boyfriend at the most unexpected of timesRosie meets an old flame when she least expects it. But Rosie's married now, so how can she even start to explore feelings for someone else?
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Awakening His Lady: Novella (Norfolk Knights Book 3)

'She would never be married...But she remembered the cravings of her body for this man... She felt them still as he touched her, awakening within her feelings that she must forever suppress if she were to be in control of her life. Should she submit to this one weakness, this one night? One night in which to indulge herself, to explore herself, before closing down that side of her forever...'It is the year 1213 and Lady Angelique Gresham is a wealthy widow who is determined to remain free of the cruelty and control of marriage. Angelique has arranged to buy her freedom from the King and is awaiting his envoy to pay the last installment when her first and only love returns, wanting to marry her.Sir Guy, a noble but impoverished knight, wants three things: land, peace and Angelique. But it's Angelique he wants the most. She refuses to marry him but he tempts her with a night of passion in which she can realize her fantasies for the first and last time before she leaves for a remote northern castle. But is one night enough for Angelique to find the strength to trust not only Guy, but her own heart?Passion, hot enough to scorch the icy flints of a medieval castle, contained within.Awakening his Lady was previously published as Awakening, book 3 in the Gresham Chronicles.
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Claiming His Lady: Novella (Norfolk Knights Book 1)

After her father's death, Lady Rowena Gresham wants nothing more than to be left alone to run her estates and live a life free from the destructive passion that had ruined her mother's life. But the year is 1207 and her father bequeaths the estates to a distant relative.Sir Saher de Bohun fought alongside her father for the King and has been rewarded with the wealthy Gresham estates, and the feisty Lady Rowena. But he will not take her by force and is determined to woo her into his bed.But will Saher's courtship be enough to allay her fears, enough to stop her from putting into action a plan, the discovery of which would incur both his displeasure and the King's wrath?Passion, hot enough to melt the heart of the iciest maiden, contained within.Claiming his Lady was previously published as 'Claiming', book 1 in the Gresham Chronicles.
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The Strategos

This first novel in the trilogy charts the rise to power of Parmenion, one of history’s greatest generals, who was instrumental in helping Philip II to conquer Greece and Alexander the Great to conquer Persia.Parmenion is the second son of a minor noble who sets out as a mercenary to make a name of himself. After a disastrous expedition to Egypt ,Parmenion overcomes assassination plots, treachery and betrayal at home and as well as battling against Macedon’s external enemies, who endanger the very survival of the kingdom. Eventually Parmenion helps Philip to secure his throne and to win a stunning victory on the plains of Illyria.
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