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Under a Different Sky

My life is a mess.I'm walking around with a black eye. My position on the hockey team is questionable at best, and if that's not bad enough, I think I'm falling for my dead girlfriend's best friend.Every day, it's a fight to feel alive, and yet, I drink to numb the pain. Everyone is standing back, watching me fall apart.Everyone except Hannah. No matter how many times I push, she's there to pull me back. She refuses to let me spiral any deeper. And after one kiss—she's impossible to ignore.Unfortunately, it seems she and I aren't the only thing being kept a secret.
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For Erica and Cole, the bond of friendship was forged in childhood. Now, torn and broken by grief, that bond will become paramount as two friends look to one another for comfort, strength, and hope in the aftermath of loss. On a journey taken both together and alone, Erica and Cole search for healing and life born anew. Although when mistakes, secrets and betrayal are revealed, the two must each learn to accept that even saints and some angels are human and people aren’t always who they appear to be. But in the age old struggle to forget and forgive, realization dawns. And with it, so does the understanding that sometimes, the sturdiest foundation for the future lies buried in the dust of the past. Because, for some people… …love is friendship caught on fire.
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Forever (Destroyed by Love #1)

She's hiding from the girl she once was. He's just trying to get through another day. Marley Fallon doesn't believe in attachments, not after her world was destroyed by those she trusted the most. She's put on a new face and is ready to bury the past. Nothing good can come from remembering the pain. What she doesn't count on is Wyatt Hensley. The silent stranger manages to get under her skin in ways she can't explain. Wyatt doesn't want anything to do with the mysterious new girl. He has bigger issues to worry about. However, you can't fight what's right in front of you. Wyatt and Marley find themselves sharing their deepest, darkest secrets. It's not long until they're immersed in the other's life and heart. But as soon as they find each other, they also find that forever isn't as long as they think.
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Fake (A Pretty Pill)

Mature content (New Adult): Recommended for readers 18+ due to sexual content, harsh language and adult themes.For Silas Tayte, aged 19 and a Mixed Martial Arts fighter; life itself has been the biggest battle of all. An orphan at 12; then raised by his sister Jade, after recovering from life threatening injuries; he continued to struggle further through his teenage years with mental illness, until he was properly diagnosed as bipolar and treated effectively. However, his illness is only stable when his medication is properly managed, and it’s hard to care about that when life is happening all around him. When his girlfriend Shae walks away, his world implodes.Isobelle Mulligan, aged 25, was raised in a life of privilege that she was desperate to escape. Drawn to a military life, she participates in two tours of duty in Afghanistan as an Army medic... before it’s all cut short by an IED.She keeps to the fringes of society, trapped in the confines of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Cleaning at a transitional age youth division of a private mental health facility; Isobelle’s withdrawn nature is challenged by Silas... and because of her employment; their growing friendship must remain a secret.Despite pain, heartache and interference, the two eventually fall in love.However, life is rarely that helpful, and the two are consistently tested to prove that they deserve their chance at happiness. "I’m perched over the top of her, and I’m breathing hard, and I have this confusing moment where I almost move in to push her shirt up and begin kissing her under it, but I stop myself; and I mean, I literally just stop myself and look at her giggling underneath me.My brain is analyzing this moment in extreme detail.I’m aroused; seriously and unquestionably aroused.I want to bury myself in this woman.I want to tell her what she’s doing to me, but I don’t want to ruin the friendship we’ve started.I’m finding her laughter intoxicating like a siren’s song.I think she’s not only beautiful, but seriously hot.I find her scent intoxicating.I have yet to discover any serious flaws in her.I’m not sure how I feel about Shae anymore… it’s just pain. I can’t even feel regret for not trying harder.I’m scared."~ Silas Tayte
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