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A Mail Order Bride for the Fur Trader: Joy & Henry (Love by Mail 3)

Joy, a young lady with grand aspirations, faces her worst nightmare - she's about to be married to a man she despises. There's no turning back, her Ma has made sure of it. Now Joy regrets hastily turning down all the other suitors.When no one listens to the truth about her fiancé Joy takes matters in her own hands and runs away to become a mail order bride. After all, a good natured, Christian husband with references from the local pastor could just be her salvation… and he's the owner of a successful fur trading post to boot. Her friends will be so jealous when she writes them back about her catch and sends a photo of herself in a fashionable fur coat and hat!But to her dismay the trading post is a fledgling business, and the owner is a handsome, but hardy pioneer, rather than the wealthy proprietor she had imagined. Worst of all Henry's unlike all the other men falling at Joy's feet. When he refuses to marry her without a waiting period despair sets in Joy's heart. Will she be able to earn Henry's love and trust before her old fiancé shows at the doorstep?Follow Joy and Henry as this unlikely couple searches to find love and happiness. Lessons will be learned and tears will be shed when two different worlds those two come from collide. Along the way you'll meet some familiar faces from Angel Creek, as well as some new ones.
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A Mail Order Bride for the Undertaker: Mercy & Cole (Love by Mail 1)

Mercy feels eternally grateful to the orphanage that gave her a place to live, and raised her into a humble and generous young lady. Between the pastor and his wife who run the establishment and the nuns next door who help out in many ways Mercy had no shortage of great role models.That's why it breaks her heart that once she is eighteen she'll have to move out. And with no suitors or jobs available in town outside the orphanage how can she keep helping those who gave her everything, those who need her help now more than ever?When she prays to God for answers a most unusual solution lands in her lap. From there on Mercy's determined to find not only financial help for the orphanage, but love as well, when she travels West as a Mail Order Bride.Join Mercy on her emotional journey into a new town, where she marries a man she only knew through letters. Her faith will be tested, and new friends will be made. But can she build a strong marriage when her new husband seems to harbor a secret that turned the whole town against him? 
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A Mail Order Bride for the Sheriff: Mary Ann & Warren (Love by Mail 4)

Mary Ann loves the ranch she grew up on and the horses she races with her sister, but will she ever find a husband who won't ask her to change her ways? The long list of fancy suitors offering her 'better' life seems to indicate otherwise.Thankfully the Lord blessed her with an understanding father and after yet another misguided marriage proposal she decides to look for love in the West. An ad from a young Sheriff brings her hope for a simple, honest life in a small town.But when she arrives, straight away her dreams are shattered, as her future husband constantly reminds her to be a 'proper lady'. And on top of their personal issues the town seems to be plagued by bandits.Follow Mary Ann and Warren as they struggle to reconcile their expectations in this sweet Christian romance. Can they find a compromise through love and prayer and with the help of new found friends? Along the way you'll meet some familiar faces from Angel Creek, as well as some new ones.
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The Christmas Angel: Prequel (Love for Christmas 1)

Julia loves singing, hot chocolate and snow, but most of all she loves Christmas, even if she doesn’t get gifts like other children. Her father might be a wealthy man, but he knows the true meaning of Christmas.When young Julia meets Tim she’s suddenly confronted with a different world. The strange, always smiling orphan boy intrigues her, but his lack of faith pushes them apart, even if he does sit outside the church to hear her sing.Yet, while her father’s kindness extends to those less fortunate, her mother is less eager for Julia to mingle with the poor. Especially a boy. So when God calls upon Julia’s father she fears she might never see again the boy that makes her heart sing.Follow the beginnings of this sweet love story, as two childhood friends embark on the path to young love despite the harsh reality of the 1800s. 
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Maude's Trials (Widows of Virginia 1)

Maude Lafayette still grieves for her husband even though he's been dead for five years. But as a single mom of two, this simple seamstress struggles to put food on the table. With no suitable suitors around, it seems becoming a mail order bride is the only way to find a responsible father for her children.Join this brave mail order bride as she puts faith in the Lord to get her through all the trouble life throws at her in the tough world of 1800s Wild West...After exchanging letters with Raymond Garett, a rancher on the other side of the country, she moves to the West to meet her future husband. But while Raymond turns out better than she had hoped, not everyone seems to approve of their union. She gets a cold reception from Raymond's sister and a mysterious woman claiming to be Raymond's intended shows up uninvited.Maude struggles to decide if she should stay or go. But as she tries to put Raymond's happiness first and save his ranch, things go from bad to worse. 
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A Mail Order Bride for Thanksgiving: Betty & John (Love by Mail 5)

Betty, an amazing cook, struggles to find a man to marry despite her mother always saying the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. But with plenty pale and waif-like young ladies, no one in her home town seems to be interested in the curvy and hard-working Betty.Desperate, she becomes a mail order bride hoping to find a man that will love her for who she is. But when she meets John, her Christian, part-Lakota husband-to-be, it turns out she might not be as open minded as she had thought.
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Sarah's Journey (Valentine Mail Order Bride 4)

February, 1898 - New York CitySarah Jones had been a governess all her life - a short while in England, and then, after travelling with the family she worked for, in America. Living her life through books and Catherine, her rich charge, she never experienced love herself. But Sarah has read enough romance novels to know what true love looks like!Time goes by, Catherine marries and Sarah is free from her governess duties, yet even on Valentine's Day, a fancy new holiday devoted to love, she's left without a suitor. Not even an anonymous card! So she and her bible study friends decide radical change is needed and all become mail order brides.But the West isn't quite like what Sarah had read in her stories. And the man she's about to marry isn't quite like the hero from her books. On top of everything not long after she arrives calamity strikes the peaceful town of Ragged Pass. 
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Laura's Second Chance (Widows of Virginia 2)

Meet Laura Bennet, a widow haunted by memories of her late husband. Surrounded by constant reminders of her one true love she can barely find the will to live her daily life, let alone move on after just a year of mourning. But there is one thing that gives her strength - a poem from an old friend.Follow this kind-hearted window on a journey to a second love in the tough world of the US frontier in the 1800s.Content with her situation she doesn't expect the poet to actually show up on her doorstep. Yet he does, and with him comes a once in a lifetime chance for a fresh start in the West. But can she really escape her past?Once there Laura struggles to forget her beloved Anton. There's also the matter of her host's odd behaviour that makes her question whether she really knew the man who once was her suitor. 
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A Mail Order Bride for the Miner: Sarah & Hank (Love by Mail 2)

Sarah always prayed she would one day find true love but deep down she felt she didn't deserve it. After all the physical and emotional scars from a childhood accident she had barely survived made her less than ideal wife material. Or so she thought.Yet, with her sisters and her friends all happily married, and some with their second or third child on the way, Sarah finally gives into the pressure and heeds her sister's suggestion to become a mail order bride. And to Sarah's surprise the man wants to marry her, even after she mentioned the scars in her letters.But as soon as she arrives in the town of Angel Creek and is greeted by the handsome, but strangely silent miner, Sarah starts having second thoughts. Where is the eloquent, funny and charming man from the letters? Was it all in her mind, did she read too much between the words? Or is her presence that displeasing?What Sarah doesn't know is that her intended has a secret (or two) of his own and that he too had needed some help in finding love. Can these two broken souls find comfort in each other's arms? Will they find strength to overcome their weaknesses? Follow the sweet journey of Sarah and Hank, as they find love neither thought would ever deserve and as they find strength in God to overcome their daily struggles. Along the way you'll meet some familiar faces from Angel Creek, as well as some new ones.
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