King Of Shadows: The Shadowcrown Duet

She's been nurtured, controlled, molded into the perfect queen, ready for the Lord of Shadows to claim her when it's time to fulfil the prophecy.Daughter of an archangel and a mortal, Allianna is no ordinary woman and her powers defy even the realm of her betrothed.Kian has more on his hands than he realizes,
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Monsters & Guardians

Five Irish brothers exiled from their pack in Galway in order to find their mates and continue the line discover a young mortal female in Colorado - one who is chemically compatible but wants nothing to do with mating with five wolf shifters in order to breed. But the estrus is upon her, and Raine has no choice but to fight or submit.
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The Joe Brennan Spy Thrillers

Three incredible missions. Two full-length spy novels. One thousand thrilling pages! Find out why one Amazon reviewer called Clandestine Operations Agent Joe Brennan "tougher than John Clark on steroids" in his first three spy novels.  In  Bangkok Deadly , a 150-page prequel novella, Brennan retires from the U.S. Navy SEALs and is sent on a mandatory vacation to recover and unwind. But it doesn't take long before a woman he meets goes missing. Brennan is drawn across the country to Chiang Mai and Bangkok. There, he realizes there's more to the mystery woman than he first realized... and it seems everyone wants the two of them dead.  In  Shadow Agenda , a 520-page conspiracy adventure, Brennan tracks a political sniper across the globe. He uncovers a deeper conspiracy tied to a missing nuclear weapon, a rogue Korean agent and an American presidential campaign. With help from intrepid magazine reporter Alex Malone, Brennan must pit his considerable skills against a deadly array of opponents, as the clock towards nuclear annihilation counts down... In  The Ghosts of Mao , a 388-page spy novel, a Chinese sleeper cell is reawakened, promising bloody vengeance on the west. Accompanied by a Chinese counterpart, Brennan will criss-cross Asia, South America and the U.S. as he tries to learn the secret of Madame Mao's final vengeance. At stake? The life of the President of the United States...
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Friends and Lovers

DOUBLE OR NOTHINGAfter a job assignment in London, Stacy Washington is heading home. Home to her cozy apartment . . . and the two hot studs who share her bed. Picking up where things left off with Evan and Justin is exactly what Stacy needs, that is, until she finds herself caught between them-literally, figuratively, and in all the ways that feel insanely good.She realizes she's falling in love with them, and they're both completely crazy about her. The only problem: Evan and Justin no longer want to share. Now Stacy has to make the hardest decision of her life-choose between the two . . . or accept the possibility of losing them both. Approx. 25,000 words.
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Intrigue at Haven's Crossing

Myka Lambert visits Haven’s Crossing so she can be at her best friend’s wedding. On the very day she arrives, she is kidnapped by a serial killer and saved by Blake Lawson, who owns the local BDSM club, Intrigue. Immediately, he takes her breath away and she turns his world upside down. Myka is unsure of Blake’s lifestyle, which proves to be a bit of a challenge for the Dom/Master. She struggles to keep her independence and tries to find a balance between that and submission. She wants to submit, she thinks, but doesn't want to lose herself in the process. Can she really give him what he wants while still being true to herself? It takes several spankings, lots of sex, and a car accident before Myka learns to trust Blake fully. Only then does he prove to her that not only is she his submissive, but he is also her Master.
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